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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Isn’t It My Country?


I’m Ukrainian. Explain to me why I should praise Bandera if my grandfather died in Rovno at the hands of the fascists and their Banderovtsy running-dogs. Why should I have to go to kill my brother in the Donbass just because he protects his family from bandits who seized power in an armed coup, who sicced the army against our brothers? Why should I believe the “Ukrainian” media If I know that they lie? Why should I be silent and be afraid of SBU prisons or ultranationalist thugs in my country just because I know the truth and see their lies? Why should I have to go to Europe? I want to live in the Ukraine, in a Russian Ukraine, and teach my children in Russian… the language of my ancestors since the time of Kievan Rus. After all, why do I have to hide and be afraid to say that I’m a Russian Ukrainian? Why do I have to pay for rent and utilities more than I earn, even though no one asked me if I we should have these IMF loans on such terms and if we should have this association with the EU?

How will our fathers and grandfathers survive? Why do the oligarchs who stole everything that our parents created have so much? Why am I a foreigner in my own country? Why am I an outcast in my country and persecuted for my beliefs? I’m Ukrainian… yet, they can cheat, terrorise, humiliate, and kill me, and I can’t even strike back. If it’s the Ukraine, then, why do I, a Ukrainian, find it unbearable to live my life in my country? Isn’t it my country? Aren’t I the master of it? Why are Georgians, Americans, Jews, Balts, and Poles telling me how to live in my country? Hey… you politicians in Georgia, the USA, Israel, the Baltic states, and Poland! This is my country… it’s my Ukraine! I’m Ukrainian… a Russian Ukrainian. I’ll clean up my house if it needs it. Be good.

12 January 2018

Yuri Kot



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