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Friday, 26 January 2018

26 January 2018. A Thought from Comandante Che



26 January 2018. FB Vox Pop on Rod the Clod Dreher

This still has tread and cred… Rod the Clod wants the same Nazi jackboot on our necks as Pence does. A loser in every which way but loose… it IS time to take out the trash and clean out the house!


Let’s think about Section 8 housing. If word got out that the government was planning to build a housing project for the poor in your neighbourhood, how would you feel about it? Be honest with yourself. Nobody would consider this good news. You wouldn’t consider it good news because you don’t want the destructive culture of the poor imported into your neighbourhood. Drive over to the poor part of town, and see what a shithole it is. Do you want the people who turned their neighbourhood [into] a shithole to bring the shithole to your street?

Of Sh*tholes and Comments, Rod Dreher

If I was feeling less charitable, I’d call Rod Dreher a mean-souled, dough-faced, shit-for-brains bastard, and damn his eyes. However, I’m feeling charitable, so I’ll just say this… Rod Dreher’s professed Christianity is a complete and utter sham; there’s nothing of Christ in a man who could make a statement like this. He worships at the altar of “Middle-Class Respectability” and empty moralism, nothing more. It’s perfectly clear that the heart of the Gospel has no meaning whatsoever for Dreher and his cohorts.

Radoje Spasojevic

Rod Dreher is such a dumbass and a vile little man. I only take things seriously enough to engage when they come from intellectually honest thinkers, not self-promoting bullies. If he doesn’t want to be dismissed as a crank, perhaps he shouldn’t have made a career out of being one.

 Julio Gurrea


Like so many, I’ve been on the receiving end of Rod’s inimitable charity and wit. I’ll content myself with saying that no one who traffics in as much personal vilification as he does can call themselves decent, let alone a Christian. I prefer to let it be. Dwelling on this idiot and his (publicly-expressed) bile does no good. I’m only one of his minor victims… he’s hurt others in more major ways. He’s typical of konvertsy… ignorant, loud, self-centred, smug, and arrogant… with a refusal to learn anything from anyone. Leave him be… but do oppose him and those like him. They’re a toxic danger to the Church here in the diaspora. God do preserve us…


DPRK Sends Rare Announcement to All Koreans, Calls for Unification


On Thursday, after a joint meeting of DPRK government and political leaders, state media outlet KCNA sent a rare announcement addressed to “all Koreans at home and abroad”:

We should make a breakthrough for unification without the help of other countries. All Koreans should promote contact, travel, and cooperation between the DPRK and the ROK; Pyongyang will smash all challenges against reunification of the Korean peninsula. Koreans should wage an energetic drive to defuse the acute military tension and create a peaceful climate on the Korean peninsula. Military tension on the Korean peninsula is a fundamental obstacle for the improvement of inter-Korean relations and unification. Joint military drills with outside forces have been unhelpful for the development of relations between the DPRK and the ROK. This year is meaningful for both Koreas as it’s the 70th anniversary of the founding of the DPRK whilst the ROK will host the Winter Olympics next month.

The DPRK didn’t provide details why the meeting occurred, but the statement said it aimed to support leader Kim Jong-un’s remarks regarding unification in his New Year’s address.

24 January 2018



26 January 2018. Brother Ajamu on FB and Censorship


If FaceBook’s move to kick TeleSUR English offline doesn’t outrage you, then, you deserve the fascist state that some wish to impose on the people of this country. While Trump’s theatrics diverted you, liberals collaborated with the state and corporate sector in an ideological war to make sure people believe that there’s NO Alternative to the capitalist order. All the powerful states are now engaged in censorship because of their fear of democracy and the people. Moreover, they should be because we’re coming for them.

24 January 2018

Ajamu Baraka



Has it ever occurred to you that Trump’s antics are DELIBERATE? Did you ever think that they’re a smokescreen behind which neoliberals can rob this country of its remaining freedom? The Clintons made a good start of dismantling democracy in the 90s… Hillary wanted to complete the job. Now, it’s clear that Trump has the exact same agenda… all power and money to the already-rich… no power to the people… the Establishment speaks and all others must listen. Note well that the “liberal” proponents of Hillary were all “peace n’ love” sorts back in the day. It tells you much about their character, doesn’t it? “Conservatives” such as Rod Dreher are merely crude and grasping… one can see their evil. The “liberal” cover their greed and grasping with a smarmy and “nice” exterior… that makes them twice as evil. As Ted Rall put it so well, Trump gives us clarity. His crudity and open mendacity make his agenda obvious. Note well that Hillary is a more-polished item… her evil wouldn’t be as glaring… but it’d be twice as rancid and dangerous. Keep focused… the times aren’t good.


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