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Thursday, 1 February 2018

1 February 2018. After This I Beheld, And, Lo, A Great Multitude



1 February 2018. A Thought from Comandante Che


1 February 2018. A Point to Ponder from Vladyki Lazar


Many Evangelicals (and those of our people who ape them) have collapsed morality to “guns, gays, and abortion”… note well that those aren’t topics that Our Lord Christ dwelt overly much on. True Christians have more concern for the prisoner in his chains or the poverty-stricken in their debts than they do for the fatcat businessman in his Cadillac, the polished mega-preacher in his private jet, or the hypocritical anti-abortionist who winks at drone-bomb killings and impoverishment of the poor.

Ye did it unto me… have these so-called Christians forgotten that? Love IS the answer… but how many are asking the proper questions these days?


1 February 2018. How to Confound Sucky Zucky’s Hamfisted Attempt at Censorship

The FB wonks at work… denying people easy access to the material that they want to see…


Zuckerberg didn’t remove any pages from FB… he simply had his wonks come up with an algorithm that’d keep them from appearing on your timeline. There’s a way around his snarky attempt at censorship. I warn you… it’s tedious and it’ll take you some time to do. You must go to “Liked Pages”… then, you must go to “Followed” and click on that. Then, click on “See First”. You must do this for all your liked pages individually. They’re not making it easy for us, but we can get around Zuck’s snarky-ass attempt at telling us what we can see and what we can’t see.

DO NOT fall into anti-Semitism because of this. Yes… many of Russia’s enemies are Jewish… but more are not. Moreover, many Jewish people are sincere friends of Russia and the Russian people. Don’t be a Brother Nathanael or like Russian Insider. Most Jewish people are innocent… at worst, many are dupes. The number of actively hateful shits like Sucky Zucky isn’t large. Yes… they’re there… so’s Professor Cohen and those like him. Keep your bearings and don’t let hate win the day.


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