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Friday, 2 February 2018

2 February 2018. HOW Does God Judge Nations… Jean Calvin Offers a Plausible Answer


Jean Calvin is better-known as “John Calvin” in Anglophone circles. If this submission is correct, then, God has really put America and neoliberalism under the most severe judgement… He sent us Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, two objectively evil people with objectively evil actions and ideologies. It doesn’t speak well of the Almighty’s opinion of capitalism and neoliberalism (both “conservative” and “liberal”).

By the way… it also speaks volumes of the Alt-Right filth trying to take over the Church… none of it good. Remember… HH is a Red… Dreher, Damick, Trenham, and Paffhausen aren’t… fancy that. You know where I stand… what about you? Also… those rightwing slimers slobber their support of Trump the Chump… if Trump is objectively evil, what does that say about their “Christianity?” Interesting question, no? The same is true of the lockstep Hillarybots, unfortunately…



2 February 2018. A Scots Opinion of Trump… No Comment Necessary


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