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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

20 February 2018. American-Backed Terrorists Murdered These People in Syria… You Helped to Kill Them If You Support Clinton or Trump


American-backed terrorists killed these people in a mortar attack near Damascus. Innocent blood soaked the earth. Terrorist slimers took innocent lives. The USA backs the terrorist scumbags. Donald Trump supports them. Hillary Clinton supports them. Bernie Sanders supports them. I’m glad to say that Dr Jill and Brother Ajamu don’t support the terrorist shitbirds. If you support neoliberal pols, you support this, too. Their blood is on YOUR hands. As we Russians say:

They all had faces; they all had names.

Think on that. Think on this, too:

Nothing is forgotten… no one is forgotten.

That’s another thing we Russian people say. We have a job of work to do; we have to start by opposing the madness. I’ll leave you with what Yugoslav people used to say:

Death to fascism! Freedom to the people!

Remember… Hillary the War Witch cackled as Serb children died from American bombing. She and Trump still cackle at the spilling of innocent blood. I stand against such evil. What about you?



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