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Sunday, 4 March 2018

Aleksei Zhuravko… Another “Record” of the Kiev Junta

The “missing” are either dead or in secret prisons (the CIA is famous for those, isn’t it?)… but the junta can’t admit that, can it?


Dear Friends!

In 2017, there were 3,496 reported missing persons in Kiev. It’s about three (!) times more than such were before the Maidan. Representatives of the junta told us to calm down; they can account for most of the missing persons. “Only” 537 people are missing. Apparently, they’re gone forever. These are terrifying statistics, 537 tragedies for families and loved ones, a terrible price that shows the mess that our country’s become.

In Respect,

Aleksei Zhuravko

3 March 2018

Aleksei Zhuravko


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