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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

7 March 2018. Putin’s Bots are After You! BE AFRAID!


I’m a bit tired of this whole “Russiagate” business. It’s so obviously a puffed-up phoney put-up job. Did Russian intel “interfere” in the 2016 election? I do daresay that the evidence says, “No”. However, did Russian intel try to influence its outcome? It did… just as the CIA does in virtually every foreign election! Therefore, if Russian attempts at influence were bad, the even-greater American interference in foreign political processes are even worse. It’s laughable and pathetic how American intel officials condemn the very thing that they engage in daily and on a far-larger scale! Note well that the media is silent about the Israeli efforts to influence the election… efforts that were far more pervasive and major than the puny Russian attempts (one needn’t buy into anti-Semitic fairy-tales to notice that Israel spends a great deal to influence American politics and public opinion). I wonder why…

Nevertheless, have a care with Hillarybots… they’ve drunk the Kool-Aid and fanatically defend Hillary and her sleazy crew of cutthroats. I agree with Ted Rall… Trump gives us clarity… Trump and Hillary are equally evil… however, Trump is more obviously so, which means that there’s a chance of people waking up and doing something about it. What a fucked-up world we live in…



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