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Thursday, 8 March 2018

People Have Gone Completely Nuts!

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I was just on Twitter reading some of the comments about the latest Russia-did-it farce. I don’t recall in my lifetime seeing anything so ridiculous. It’s a massive group pathology. If humans somehow escape all this, honest, serious researchers will look back on this episode with fascination and disbelief. People quite simply lost their minds in their millions and are totally unhinged (and therefore potentially dangerous) with it. I must admit I find it fascinating too… obviously, just how easily you can make people believe bullshit is a recurring theme in human history. However, it’s damned annoying too. Even politely pointing out that it might be an incorrect analysis elicits snarls of derision and hate, along with the inevitable, “How’s the weather at the Kremlin” and other associated snark. Totally bonkers doesn’t come close as a descriptive term.

7 March 2018

Simon Wood


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