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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Putin Shrugged Off West’s Portrayal of Him as “Villain”


In an interview with journalist V G Solovyov included in a documentary entitled World Order 2018, President V V Putin took no offence that some western experts depict him as a villain. When asked if it discouraged him to observe such beliefs, Putin answered:

No. Firstly, I got used to it long ago. Secondly, I have very good guidelines. The interests of Russia and its people are my guidelines. As long as I feel that I’m following those guidelines, I won’t abandon my path and I’ll care little about other things, they just won’t distract me from my efforts to achieve the goals that I consider paramount for my country.

In response to a question as to how it feels to be “a villain”, Putin said:

We should forward that question to the villains. It’s an opinion found in Western sources, but not everyone… even in the West… shares it.

7 March 2018




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