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Sunday, 11 March 2018

11 March 2018. Brother Ajamu Speaks on the Warmongers


The warmongers are attempting to undermine talks with the DPRK by taking the typical white colonialist position that the natives must make the boss happy; they’re demanding “concrete steps”. However, the USA should first demonstrate its willingness to atone for its aggression.

9 March 2018

Ajamu Baraka



Aleksei Zhuravko: “I Want To Write Particularly About My Motherland… About My Beloved Ukraine!”


Dear Friends!

Today, on International Women’s Day, I want to write particularly about one of my favourite women… about my motherland… about my beloved Ukraine! Yes, I’m perfectly aware that some of my readers read me just to make fun of her, to find out “What’s going on with the khokhols”, and if I write something good about my homeland, they attack me. However, your friends don’t choose for you your mother and motherland; I’ll always, no matter what, love my motherland and fight for it, for my beloved country! Nevertheless, it’s important to differentiate the country from the state. Moreover, the wild and bloody state that now rules my country has nothing to do with my motherland. Because when I talk about my Mother-Ukraine, I mean the bright, hard-working, light-filled, blessed, multinational Ukraine in which I was born.

Then, it was part of the USSR, but after the collapse of the union, my country wasn’t yet doomed. I, a loyal son of my motherland, and millions like me, fought to keep our motherland from forgetting its roots. I didn’t forget who her native peoples and countries were. We fought for the motherland and for truth, whereas others fought for money and darkness. All my life, both in politics and in ordinary life, I warned and beat the drum that we mustn’t forget our roots, and that our homeland could only be well and happy if it stayed in the circle of our fraternal peoples. Of course, it’s possible and necessary to develop links with other countries and peoples, as you wish to be friends with your neighbours, but you should never forget who your brothers and sisters are!

Some people laughed at me, calling me a vatnik and a sovok. Others didn’t care; they were bagging cash, taking it from the patrimony of our Mother Ukraine. In the end, what happened was what we saw. Somehow, through cowardice, through stupidity, a despotic state with a totalitarian and misanthropic ideology seized our country. Sorry for the analogy, but it’s relevant, they drugged, beat, dazed, and allowed our native Ukraine, our motherland, to spin directionless. It was tough. White trash beat up, drugged, and dragged away our native woman, our mother! Millions of men who drank and were proud of their dingly-danglies on 23 February did nothing in her defence. Today, penniless Ukrainians try to congratulate our beautiful women; we can’t forget that punks continue to rape our mother! I won’t forget! I’ll yell, scream, cry, and fight with my one useful hand for my mother… for the bright Ukraine! I can’t do it myself… even though I’m not alone; we’re not enough. Anyhow, those who understand are many, but those who actually do something to save the country from the ghouls aren’t enough.

As they say, you can forgive me for using such an allusion on a holiday like this, but you might as well just get it done, because as long as our allegorical Mother Ukraine dies and moans from the fangs and dirty hands of the white trash ghouls, very real girls and women die in the Donbass. They die from the shelling of a Ukrainian state (ugh) on our Ukrainian land! Moreover, as long as the thugs allow our allegorical Mother Ukraine to spin directionless, more of our girls will leave in despair to other countries, where non-allegorical traps ensnare them. Our daughters, and after them our granddaughters and great-granddaughters, will have to celebrate International Women’s Day in Poland or Romania because we’re silent and won’t intercede for our mother!

This is a sad 8 March… just like each of the 365 days in which the beasts hover over my country.

Aleksei Zhuravko


Something tells me that after this post, they’ll ban me from Facebook for the next 30 days…

8 March 2018

Aleksei Zhuravko


11 March 2018. Some Advice on Facebook Tactics

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Don’t engage idiots, especially, those who self-identify as “liberals” or “progressives”. They could go running to Sucky Zucky… who’s a Hillarybot fanatic. Stay cool. Lurk. Don’t engage “liberal” asshats… they’re the sort to turn you in to the FB KGB. “Conservatives” are a pain in the ass, too, but they don’t tend to run to Zucky. Block both kinds of shits and keep them off your wall and out of your life.


11 March 2018. It’s How You Say It That Counts…

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Писать is a dual-meaning word in Russian. It depends on which syllable you stress. If it’s писать (stressed syllable in bold), it means “to write”. If it’s писать, it means “to pee”. That’s QUITE a difference. In English, we have dual-meaning words and phrases that trip up foreigners. I remember a local market owned by two Greek brothers over 30 years ago. They painted on the side of the building, in BIG BOLD letters:


That became grist for the jocular, as the phrase is slightly scatological… meaning “to play with our (male) genitalia”. The poor guys didn’t realise that and became the laughing-stock of the town. I can assure you that I’m WRITING now and not PEEING (I know what syllable to stress)…


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