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Sunday, 8 April 2018

8 April 2018. British Chem War Accusations Fall Apart… Russia and China Loudly Back DPRK… Russiagate Falling Apart… Zuckerberg Caught Selling Personal Info For Big Bucks… Israel Murders More Palestinians in Gaza… Of Course, the Russians are Using Chemical Weapons in Syria!


The Western narrative is falling to pieces. The Skripsal fairy tale is unravelling as it becomes clear that Russia had nothing to do with it. China and Russia are making loud noises about their support of the DPRK and their opposition to American aggression on the Korean peninsula. Sucky Zucky got caught peddling people’s personal information to fatten his bankroll and he gave away people’s personal info to the Hillarybots (he’s a fanatical supporter of the Clintons). Israel is shooting down Palestinian protesters in cold blood. Now, of course, the MSM claims that Russia is using chemical weapons in Syria. If you look at the above statements, you can see that the Deep State apparat is in the deep kimchi and it’s trying to divert the peasants’ attention. However, no one’s buying it (except for clueless Hillybilly fanatics). The present brouhaha will end like all the others. Russia, China, and Iran will stay united and the Deep State will back off, knowing that it’s facing an unbeatable foe.

Yet, there’s a wildcard in the mixture, I’m afraid… Trump. If Clinton were in the White House, I’d wager that Her Stupidity would have us already in an unwinnable war. Trump is just as unhinged, just as greedy, and just as power-mad… but he’s not a war-bitch like Hillary. He could go off the deep end, but he’s also aware that if he did, he and his rich pals would saw off the limb that they’re sitting on. He’s not bright, but he has survival instincts that Hillary lacks. There’ll be more bootless accusations in the MSM. I’d only worry if Trump actually moved what’s left of the US forces (and there isn’t much, conventionally speaking, left) on to alert. The USA has run on bluff and bullying weak nations since 1991. Russia, China, and Iran (and maybe Turkey, too) are demanding that the USA show its cards. It doesn’t have much, does it? Reflect on this… it never did, it was all bluff, hype, and bluster. Payback IS a motherfucker and we’re going to see how the Yanks react to being shown up as liars and braggarts.



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