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Saturday, 14 April 2018

14 April 2018. A Point to Ponder… “Conservative?” … “Liberal?” … They Use the SAME Methods


Ponder this…

Naturally, the common people don’t want war, neither in Russia nor in England nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany. That’s understood. You can always bring the people to the bidding of the leaders. That’s easy. All you have to do is to tell them that they’re under attack and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.

Hermann Göring at the Nürnberg Trial of the Major War Criminals 1946

This is what both Trump and Clinton believe. Yes, both of them… they both love the system and don’t want any changes to it (except those fattening their personal bankrolls). You see, old Herman just spoke out what all crapitalists believe… the common folk are rabble… an inert mass for the “master race” to manipulate. We saw this in the recent “attack” on Syria. No one wanted it… not the right; not the left… but the “masters” decided for us. Well, I’d remind them that many of them CAN be voted out in November. Trust me, the people will unseat more than one of them.



14 April 2018. Full-Spectrum Opposition to Trumpkin/Clinton Aggression in Syria


The opposition to the Deep State aggression in Syria cuts across all ideological divides. People on the left hate it… people on the right hate it. Bernie is against it… Michael Savage is against it. Professor Cohen is against it… Patrick Buchanan is against it. In short, Donald Trump pulled off a perfect hat-trick… he united people who normally are at each others’ throats. No matter what the disagreement on other matters, most people are against further aggression and want it to end.

Trump is for aggression… Hillary is for aggression. Trump never had any intention of “draining the swamp”… he was a happy denizen of that swamp. Hillary never even lied about her allegiance to the swamp… she, like the Donald, was a happy pig in shit in the crapitalist wallow. Here’s the rub, though… many Trump supporters DID expect him to at least take some action about the corrupt system in place. He didn’t. Not only that, he made it clear that he favoured the swamp over the interests of ordinary folk. He forgot that the little people do have long memories… it’s why they rejected Hillary. They remembered her rapacious actions in the 90s. They’ll remember his fibs in November, I’ll wager.

In my own personal sphere, I know people who supported either Trump or Hillary. Well… they were all wrong. Both Trump and Hillary proved themselves to be haters of the interests of common folk. Neither one was any damned good. For the record, I voted for Dr Jill and Brother Ajamu… no, it wasn’t a “protest vote”… they were the best choice out there, and I stand by that decision. As for those who supported either Trump or Clinton… we should be charitable… they fell for the mainstream media lies (which bombarded them day and night… trust me, there’s not a tuppence of difference between CNN and Fox… both are propaganda outlets that would make Goebbels proud).

We have a royal mess to clean up. Note well that Paul Ryan abandoned the SS Trump. What does he know that we don’t?


14 April 2018. Western Media Reports Fairy Tales… Nine Civilians Injured… Negligible Damage


The reports from Syria state that the Western attacks were rather puny. There were only some nine civilians injured and infrastructure damage was minuscule. Most of the Tomahawks didn’t hit their targets and most Western aircraft fired standoff weapons at the max range, so most of them went awry too. In short, the Russian SAMs did their job by simply existing… the big brave Westerners simply avoided them, which meant that they couldn’t attack the juiciest targets. In fact, the biggest bozo was Bo Jo (Boris Johnson)… “The whole world stands united”… what a maroon! The only countries involved were the USA, France, and the UK, with applause from their amen-corner in the KSA and Israel. That’s it. Germany refused to join in, as did Italy, the Netherlands, and Canada. There’s going to be a lot of noise from the Brits, Americans, and French… much smoke, but all too little actual fire, and no real damage done to Syria or to the Russian and Iranian forces in Syria.

It’s a farce. God do spare us…


14 April 2018. Trump Slams Dick in Door… Fails Publicly and Spectacularly… The Situation is Twice as Dicey Now

00 ed wexler. trump's swan dive. 2017

This is why Trump tried to bomb Syria… Israel and the KSA wanted it. He failed utterly. Shall he seek “revenge?” We’ll have to see…


Trump fucked up publicly and spectacularly. Metaphorically, he slammed his dick in the door for all the world to see and laugh at him. Most of the Yank “missiles” missed their targets. As per usual, Russia is mum over whether it shot them down or fried their guidance. In short, this was GIGO on a massive scale. It was a public cocks-up without any saving graces. In short, Trump made himself an ass… which is dangerous, as this man-child may choose to strike out to cover his failure. Trump wanted to be the Grand Poobah dictating terms to all the world… instead, he turned out to be a global 90-Pound Weakling embarrassment (he wanted to be I M Weasel but turned out to be I R Baboon). Americans are sore losers in general, and Trump isn’t only no exception to that rule, he seems to be an extreme embodiment of it. This isn’t over yet, I fear. Russia will keep its options open and not respond rashly… they’ve called some reservists back to the colours… that’s a hint…
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