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Saturday, 14 April 2018

14 April 2018. Trump “Attacks” Syria… 28 out of 30 Tomahawks Fail to Reach Targets


Of 30 inbound missiles, we destroyed 28; only two reached their intended targets. The US Secretary of Defence says that their attack was a success? Syrian air defence units and our Air Force enforced an Anti-Access/Area Denial régime against the USA, UK, and France; good luck facing Russia… if we were you, we wouldn’t threaten Russia so much. Our air defences just cost US taxpayers over 500 million USD (31 billion Roubles. 3.14 billion Renminbi. 32.6 billion INR. 630.8 million CAD. 644 million AUD. 405 million Euros. 351.1 million UK Pounds) in destroyed Tomahawk missiles; it was the most expensive target practice ever. At least, we weren’t the ones paying. Hey, good move Donald Trump, how big are your hands now? You embarrassed the US military as no one else could. On a more serious note, a full comprehensive report will be up when possible.

13 April 2018

Syrian Arab Army



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