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Saturday, 19 May 2018

19 May 2018. Who’s Isolated? Hint… It’s NOT Russia and China

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Much brouhaha in the Corporate Media claims that Russia and China are isolated. Nothing is further from the truth. At the UN Security Council, everyone wanted to investigate Israel’s recent rampage in Gaza… except for the USA. Now, the EU is making it clear that it doesn’t support American sanctions against Iran. To top it all, when Trump started boasting about the Korean Peace Initiative and claiming credit for it, China jerked his chain hard by allowing its client (the DPRK) to state that it’d withdraw from talks with the USA if it didn’t stop provocative military actions and maneuvres.

The USA is only supported by the UK, Canada (partially), Australia/NZ, and Israel. It’s alienated most of the world. It’s even pissed off old allies such as Germany and Italy. The USA deludes itself into thinking that it’s a “hyperpower”, a global hegemon with the final say in all affairs. The US Army is overstretched so badly that the only lever left to the Yanks is the nuclear option. Donald Trump is a childish narcissist who, in the past, always solved conflicts by striking out and trying to hurt his interlocutor. Now, he’s in a situation where he can’t do that. Not only do Putin, Xi, and Rouhani defy him (and get away with it), it looks as though the continental Europeans are going to do likewise. The danger is that the child-man Trump could turn to nukes if he finds himself vexed and unable to “fire” his opponents. We elected a juvenile greedy teenager in preference to a power-hungry position-craving war-bitch. No one looked beyond the Repugs and Establishment Dems. I did… I voted for Dr Jill… it was NOT a protest vote, I truly believe that she was the only sane candidate in the race.

The world’s peace rests on all of us keeping in check a self-centred man-child. It’s bleak… but not as bleak as if Hillary had won. If so, I fear there would’ve been a shooting war already and God alone knows what the outcome would’ve been. Ronald Reagan… the Clintons… the Bushes… now, Trump… that sorry parade makes Caligula, Nero, and Elagabalus look downright staid and prudent. None dare call it farce…



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