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Sunday, 10 June 2018

Bishop Lazar: “There’s No Reason Why the Taxpayer Should Finance a Religion That They Don’t Belong To”


Recently, someone asked me if I think the government should in any way, including school vouchers, support sectarian schools. The answer is absolutely not. There’s no reason why the taxpayer should finance a religion that they don’t belong to, or in fact be coerced to support any religion at all. Vouchers or any form of forced taxpayer support is coercive since the taxpayer has no choice.

Most sectarian schools shouldn’t even have accreditation. There’s a separation between church and state and it should be a firewall. There’s absolutely no excuse for the state to be involved in religion at all. If a sectarian school isn’t teaching pure science, genuine science, and unadulterated history, then, it shouldn’t even have accreditation, and we should inspect it regularly to maintain its accreditation. If that sectarian school teaches so-called “creation science” even as if it were an alternative to real science, we should absolutely not even accredit it, and anyone who completed its course should have to take an alternative education before being admitted to higher education.

It’s time to end the fraud of sectarian education and the government absolutely shouldn’t in any way support it. It isn’t education, it’s mental programming, and it’s child abuse when they teach fraudulent science. Betsy De Vos doesn’t even want these schools to be accountable for what they teach. This is mental abuse of children, we commonly call it brainwashing, but it isn’t education, and the government has no business in any form involving itself in religion. Each religion should support its own agencies, and not turn to the government for bailouts. The government is responsible for valid public education and not for some form of religious propaganda. If you want to send your child to a special school you should pay for it yourself, the taxpayer shouldn’t do it for you.

7 June 2018

Vladika Lazar Puhalo



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