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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

12 June 2018. Why Poverty?


Poverty exists because of greed. Most of those responsible call themselves “conservatives”… when you read hokum written by amoral Mammon-worshipping filth like Rod Dreher, Pat Buchanan, or James Jatras, understand that they champion a society where the rich run roughshod over all the rest of us and their Upper Middle running dogs (like them) snatch a disproportionate share of the pie.

There’s enough for everyone to have a moderate sufficiency. The fact that they don’t is due to the greed of the ruling class and their grasping Upper Middle minions. By the way…. “liberals” such as the Clintons, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi are no better than “conservatives” are. They’re just as fervent in their worship of money and power. However, they try to hide it under a smarmy exterior, which makes them worse than Dreher and Jatras are (and those two are rather deep in their espousal of a ruthless and cruel Mammon-ruled society). At least the “conservatives” are openly feral and honestly anti-religious (while mouthing pietistic religiosity, no less), they’re not liars like the “liberals” are.

Sad, ain’t it? The Republicans are godless worshippers at Mammon’s Altar, and the Dems aren’t far behind them in fervour for Filthy Lucre and the Almighty Dollar. I voted for Dr Jill and Brother Ajamu… I didn’t vote for evil…




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