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Sunday, 19 April 2015

19 April 2015. Conspiracy Theories Abound on the Internet on Rash of Ukrainian Political Murders… NO CONSPIRACY… JUST ANARCHY

00 Fr Dmitri Sidor. 08.04.14

Is Fr D D Sidor safe? In the conditions of lawless anarchy now regnant, God alone knows…


Read this.

Well, I don’t think that NATO is orchestrating a wave of murders in the Ukraine nor is Langley. It’s something rather more simple… and far more sinister for the people. Civil society and the rule of law have broken down in Banderstan. There’s no law… there’s no order. Fascist thugs roam the streets… people “commit suicide” or are simply gunned down. In fact, the acts are so sloppy that it’s clear that pros aren’t involved. To be blunt, this means that the situation is much worse than if NATO and Langley WERE shooting people in the Ukraine. NO ONE KNOWS WHICH END IS UP IN THE UKRAINE. NO ONE. It’s libertarianism run amuck… it’s why the Church blesses the State and Holy Authority… without it, society quickly deteriorates into a lawless quagmire of private revenge, honour killings, and political lynching.

Libertarianism is nothing but anarchy with a rightwing face. Do want to know what libertarianism actually looks like? Look at the Wild West atmosphere in Banderstan… that’s what libertarianism is. That’s what the Koch Brothers want in the USA… a condition where they could kill their perceived opponents with impunity. Nasty, ain’t it? That’s why “conservatism” is evil… it tends to anarchy, and anarchy is ALWAYS evil.

God do watch over and protect Fr Dmitri… the times are VERY evil… Fr Dmitri shouldn’t share the fate of Blessed Gavriil Kostelnik (and here) or St Maksim Sandovich.


Monday, 13 April 2015

Podkarpatskaya Created Inter-Nationality Assembly

00 zakarpattya Carpatho-Russia


Krajina reported that on 9 April, in Mukačevo at the Rusin Dom, the Inter-Nationality (Межнациональной) Assembly of Podkarpatskaya held its first meeting. The founders of the Assembly were prominent public figures of the Rusin, Magyar, and Romanian communities of Podkarpatskaya, including representatives of the Coordinating Council of Rusin Organisations and the Union of Romanians in Podkarpatskaya Transcarpathia. For the first time in many years in Podkarpatskaya, an association represented civic activists from different nationalities. Representatives of various organisations, well-known local politicians, historians, healthcare workers, educators, and business-owners, expressed their willingness to undertake joint efforts for regional development. The main purpose of the 500 Assembly delegates was to call for a united effort of Rusin, Magyar, and Romanian community leaders and activists to protect their rights, freedoms, and interests. The Assembly also wants to organise work for the conservation and enhancement of the cultural and historical heritage and traditional values ​​of the nationality groups in Podkarpatskaya. Its activities will address the needs of more than 1 million people in Podkarpatskaya, of the various nationalities living in the region, affecting some 90 percent of the total population.

The founding meeting elected Co-Chairmen of the Assembly… Ladislav Letsovich, Head of the Coordination Council of Rusin Organisations, Olga Gajdos, Deputy Head of Mukačevo district branch of the Society of Hungarian Culture in Podkarpatskaya (KMKS), and Ivan Miklovda, Deputy Head of the Union of Romanians in Podkarpatskaya. Practical leadership in the Assembly will come from a Directorate and a Council of 35 prominent activists.

Ladislav Letsovich emphasised that the residents of Podkarpatskaya aren’t separatists and extremists by creating this Assembly. They wish to preserve a unified and independent Ukraine {in a pig’s arse… that’s for public consumption: editor}. The Assembly will act strictly according to the present Ukrainian Constitution and laws. However, he noted that within this legal framework, the Assembly intends to achieve through dialogue with the authorities the official recognition of the 1991 referendum in Podkarpatskaya, in which more than 78 percent of those voting voted for an autonomous status for the region. To achieve these goals, the Assembly adopted a Memorandum and Resolution. The Assembly wants the text of these documents used in the work of the State Constitutional Commission to amend the Basic Law of the Ukraine.

Olga Gajdos emphasised that to achieve its goal, it’d be important for the Assembly to get support from political and social elements in Hungary, Romania, Czechia, Slovakia, Serbia, and the USA, i.e.,  countries that have close ties with Podkarpatskaya nationalities. In turn, Ivan Miklovda stated that the Assembly should be able to exert influence on election campaigns at different levels, to ensure electing who’d look after the aims and interests of the various ethnic groups. He also gave assurances that the Romanian community supported the Assembly and would do its utmost to achieve its goals.

The main activities of the Assembly will be holding conferences, “roundtables”, festivals, relevant educational efforts, outreach, advocacy, and publication, as well as participation in elections at local and regional levels.

9 April 2015



Monday, 6 April 2015

6 April 2015. A Kind Reminder from the Feisty Folk in Podkarpatskaya…

00 It's Rusin! 06.04.15


Let’s get this straight… the Rusins aren’t “Ukrainian”… they aren’t Slovaks… they aren’t Magyars… they’re what they are… the most Western of the Eastern Slavs… a nation in their own right. They’re the westernmost march of Holy Rus… Podkarpatskaya is NOT Galician… do ask most of the folk who live there (not the lying Galician Uniate nationalists who make up delusional histories and spurious “statistics”). It was under the Kingdom of Hungary in the old Dual Monarchy; it lived a life quite distinct from that of Galicia. That should tell you the depth of the demonic and satanic lies that the Galician nationalists, both Uniate and schismatical “Orthodox”, spin. They want to wipe out the true history and replace it with a fable that has no more truth in it than Alice’s adventures in Wonderland. All decent people must band together to wipe out such evil. The Galician nationalists were willing accomplices of the Nazis… they’re willing accomplices of the CIA today. What does that tell you of their national character? The Rusins, on the other hand, are a quiet taciturn folk, who wish to be left alone and who wish to bother no one else. I know whom I prefer… and I think that many of you agree with me… we’d rather have Rusins as friends and allies than “Ukrainians”.


Thursday, 26 March 2015

Zakarpatskaya Demanding Autonomy from Kiev

00 where do the Rusins live. 26.04.14


Today, TASS reported that Rusin leader Peter Getsko demanded that Podkarpatskaya Rusins receive recognition of their nationality and autonomy for their oblast. Getsko emphasised that the most important thing at present is to force Kiev to recognise the 1991 referendum in Zakarpatskaya, where about 80 percent of those voting were in favour of autonomy for Zakarpatskaya. Rusins also want Kiev to recognise them as a national minority; the EU recognises them as such, but Kiev refuses to do so. In 2006, The UN Committee on Combating Racial Discrimination encouraged the Ukraine to give Rusins minority rights. The Rusins are an East Slavic people, numbering from 1.5 million to 4 million, with 700,000 in the westernmost regions of the Ukraine. In 1919, the Saint-Germain peace treaty stipulated a Rusin state of Zakarpatskaya Rus; in 1945, it joined the USSR.

14 March 2015

TV Zvezda

Russian Forces Broadcasting



It’s interesting that the junta claims that the above is a Russian provocation. If such is so, why do they continue to hold Fr D D Sidor in “preventive detention?” That is, his life is in the hands of Galician Uniate nationalist fanatics… which isn’t a good thing. We’re talking about Nazi collaborators who helped to round-up “Untermenschtumen” for the death camps. We’re talking about UPA murderers who killed thousands of Poles in Volynia. We’re talking about terrorists who murdered Orthodox priests in their beds in Galicia at the behest of the CIA in the 1950s. We’re talking about slimers who tortured KPU Lvov Gorkom activist Rostislav Vasilko almost to the point of death. We’re talking about criminals who beat Fr Mikhail Shuvar so severely that he went to an untimely grave. Galician Uniate nationalists are treacherous and murderous scum… the lowest of the low. Reflect on the fact that the USA and the Roman Curia use them to further their “Interests”… it does tell you much about both, doesn’t it?


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