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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Zakarpatskaya Demanding Autonomy from Kiev

00 where do the Rusins live. 26.04.14


Today, TASS reported that Rusin leader Peter Getsko demanded that Podkarpatskaya Rusins receive recognition of their nationality and autonomy for their oblast. Getsko emphasised that the most important thing at present is to force Kiev to recognise the 1991 referendum in Zakarpatskaya, where about 80 percent of those voting were in favour of autonomy for Zakarpatskaya. Rusins also want Kiev to recognise them as a national minority; the EU recognises them as such, but Kiev refuses to do so. In 2006, The UN Committee on Combating Racial Discrimination encouraged the Ukraine to give Rusins minority rights. The Rusins are an East Slavic people, numbering from 1.5 million to 4 million, with 700,000 in the westernmost regions of the Ukraine. In 1919, the Saint-Germain peace treaty stipulated a Rusin state of Zakarpatskaya Rus; in 1945, it joined the USSR.

14 March 2015

TV Zvezda

Russian Forces Broadcasting



It’s interesting that the junta claims that the above is a Russian provocation. If such is so, why do they continue to hold Fr D D Sidor in “preventive detention?” That is, his life is in the hands of Galician Uniate nationalist fanatics… which isn’t a good thing. We’re talking about Nazi collaborators who helped to round-up “Untermenschtumen” for the death camps. We’re talking about UPA murderers who killed thousands of Poles in Volynia. We’re talking about terrorists who murdered Orthodox priests in their beds in Galicia at the behest of the CIA in the 1950s. We’re talking about slimers who tortured KPU Lvov Gorkom activist Rostislav Vasilko almost to the point of death. We’re talking about criminals who beat Fr Mikhail Shuvar so severely that he went to an untimely grave. Galician Uniate nationalists are treacherous and murderous scum… the lowest of the low. Reflect on the fact that the USA and the Roman Curia use them to further their “Interests”… it does tell you much about both, doesn’t it?


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

11 March 2015. Podkarpatskaya Puts Galicia in its Place

00 podkarpatskaya puts galicia in its place. 11.03.15


For 24 years, Podkarpatskaya has been under brutal Galician occupation… deprived of national existence, deprived of national expression, even deprived simple political recognition as a national minority. The Galicians caterwaul about “Moskali”… I’d observe that their actual behaviour is twice as beastly and nasty as the behaviour that they ascribe to Veliki Russki. The present ungluing of the “Ukrainian” “urko-state” is a direct result of the mendacious, cruel, and violent behaviour of the Galicians ever since 1991. You sow what you reap… that’s that…

Podkarpatskaya Rus is a reality… the Rusins lived… they live… and they shall live… there’s nothing that Galician gangsters can do to repress that…


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

4 March 2015. STAND UP for FREE Novorossiya! It’s NOT the “Eastern Ukraine”… IT NEVER WAS…



Only the areas that were under Polish papist occupation are “Ukrainian”… that is, the area outside tsarist Malorossiya IS not “Ukrainian”… it NEVER WAS “Ukrainian”… therefore, it CAN NEVER BE “Ukrainian”. Novorossiya is separate… and free! IT ALWAYS WAS (until 1922)… IT ALWAYS SHALL BE. Oh, one last thing… Podkarpatskaya isn’t “Ukrainian” either. It was part of the Kingdom of Hungary; it was never under Polish misrule and occupation. I just thought that you’d like to know that (that’s why they and the Magyars get on well, by the way)…


Saturday, 28 February 2015

How Do Ya Evade the Junta Draft in Podkarpatskaya? Why, Become a Magyar Citizen!

01 cat I ar hiding cat in a bag


Almost 94,000 people in Podkarpatskaya (now, under “Ukrainian” occupation) obtained Magyar citizenship through Hungary’s Simplified Naturalisation programme. Magyar media sources report that Árpád János Potápi, Hungarian Secretary of State, said that almost 670,000 people went through the naturalisation procedure. So far, more than 710,000 ethnic Magyars living abroad have applied for Magyar citizenship. Potápi explained, “66 percent of new citizens came from Transylvania, 17 percent from Vojvodina, and 14 percent from Podkarpatskaya”. The Bethlen Gabor Fund, which operates in several European areas, including Podkarpatskaya, supports the initiative. Budapest budgeted almost 17.5 billion Hungarian Forints (3.99 billion Roubles. 405 million Renminbi. 4 billion INR. 65 million USD. 81 million CAD. 83 million AUD. 58 million Euros. 42 million UK Pounds) for the Fund’s activities in 2015. This year, Hungary expanded the programme, targeting such countries as Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

27 February 2015

Sputnik International



One for All, All for One: Magyars Want to Protect Their Kin in the Ukraine

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