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Monday, 27 July 2015

Magyars Ready to Protect Their Own in Podkarpatskaya Krai

00 zakarpattya Carpatho-Russia



The American project in the former USSR and in Mitteleuropa is falling apart before our eyes. If the Magyars intervene to protect their own, that would entail a break with the USA. Now, it’s becoming clear why VVP told the Greeks to give in to the EU for now. All the loud extremist leftists on the web are chock fulla shit! VVP told the Greeks to give in to give the EU and the USA a false sense of security. To put it bluntly, both Romania and Hungary have minorities in the Far Western reaches of Banderstan. Both would intervene, for even American-bought pols don’t want to end up like Ceaușescu. If Romania and Hungary intervened, that’d break up NATO, and, quite possibly, the EU. I believe that VVP is angling to detach the Balkans from the American orbit, including Greece. He’s also trying to entice Hungary into a Russian alliance. The Americans are being their brutal, ignorant, and blustering selves… which is only driving the Magyars into Moscow’s orbit.

I’ll not be coy… Moscow is offering Hungary Podkarpatskaya… it’s offering Romania Bukovina. Rumour has it that Moscow has offered Warsaw all the territory in the Western Ukraine that was Habsburg in 1914. This scares the USA shitless, for the nationalist government in Budapest is receptive to such a move. Romania has a more pro-American junta in place, but even they can’t go against the people’s will, nor would they stand idly by as Galician Uniate nationalists brutalise the Romanian minority in Bukovina.

Yes, the Galician Uniate fascist nationalists are on the rampage… however, show prudence. Just because someone goes to a “Ukrainian Orthodox” or “Ukrainian Catholic” church doesn’t mean that they support this evil. Yes, the hierarchies of these churches bless such evil… yes, the leading elements of these churches support this evil… however, that doesn’t mean that a particular individual supports that evil. I’d say to keep your contacts with self-identified “Ukrainians” to a minimum… that way you’d not hurt the innocent nor provoke the guilty. That’s what my 61 years tell me, any road.


Sunday, 19 July 2015

Fr Dmitri Sidor’s Page Disappeared Off Facebook

00 Fr Dmitri Sidor. 08.04.14


A friend wrote me:

I was looking on Facebook for Fr Dmitri Sidor’s page, where he often posts, but it seems to have disappeared. This is exactly as I expected. Do you have any ways of finding out what’s happening in Užgorod?

I replied:

We’re all equally in the dark. My friends tell me that Galician Uniate thugs roam the streets and no one’s safe. One told me that Fr Dmitri’s been taken to Kiev.


However, it does mean that rumour has replaced news, and we know what that means. Some of my friends have already fled… to Poland… to Hungary… to Russia. The devil walks proudly in Kiev and Victoria Nuland is his slobbering and obsequious lackey. I fear that many more will die before this ends, and that we haven’t seen the beginning of the real bloodletting yet.

Yes… I fear that the real Holocaust is yet to come. Anglo Americans such as Chilly Hilly, John McCain, Joe Biden, and Ted Cruz have no scruples or morality… their Galician Uniate/Schismo nationalist fanatic running dogs have even less (they do shell hospitals and orphanages, after all).

The Black Mass is served in Kiev… S Yu Shevchuk and F A Denisenko concelebrate and drink from a blood-filled chalice. Ponder that…


Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Pushilin sez Mukačevo Events Logical Continuation of the Kiev Maidan Coup

00 D V Pushilin. DNR. Donetsk PR. 12.06.15


Today, Vice-Chairman of the DNR Peoples Soviet D V Pushilin told us that the violence in Mukačevo in Podkarpatskaya Krai is a logical continuation of the Maidan coup d’état in Kiev last winter, saying, “People who’ve gotten used to resorting to violence to resolve things, who’ve gotten support from official authorities, are well on their way to imposing ‘reform’ and ‘lustration’ on the Ukraine. The coverage of these events in the Ukrainian media suggests that official Kiev wants to dissociate itself from radical elements, not that the authorities are unable to control armed nationalist bands. For Poroshenko, there are two ways out of the situation. In the first case, the Kiev authorities would suppress the Right Sector, but that’d entail demoralising former Euromaidan ‘heroes’ and supporters. After all, the Right Sector was an active participant in the coup that brought in the current group in power around the Ukrainian President. That’d force the Right Sector to go ‘underground’ to fight a guerrilla war with the Ukrainian régime. The second version of the situation is no less dire for the Ukrainian government. They closed their eyes to the antics of the radicals, which meant that the authorities showed all concerned their insolvency, creating a precedent for violence. I’d say that this presages a criminal scenario for régime change in the Ukrainian state”.

14 July 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Chairman of the DNR Peoples Soviet Purgin Commented on the Situation in Mukačevo and in Kiev

00 A E Purgin. 25.03.15


Today, Chairman of the DNR Peoples Soviet A E Purgin told us that the unrest in Mukačevo in the Podkarpatskaya Krai indicated that the junta has failed to rein in extremist elements, saying, “The Kiev authorities lacked full control over the nationalist bands. Actually, they never had control over them, the nationalists simply made common cause with the state security apparat to intimidate dissidents, political opponents, and those labelled as ‘enemies of the régime’; they acted as an extralegal arm of the government. The Right Sector and other extremist groups had already shown their inability to act in a civilised way, not only in the Donbass, but in other regions, too. For a long time, people in the areas of the DNR and LNR under Ukrainian occupation knew about their methods of ‘dialogue’; now, other parts know it as well. However, to flex their muscles so brazenly and openly… people in the rest of the Ukraine saw that for the first time”.


Today, Chairman of the DNR Peoples Soviet A E Purgin told us that the Kiev junta is trying to establish a fascist state, so, they can’t dispense with the services of nationalist groups such as the Right Sector, saying, “The Ukrainian government is trying to establish a fascist pro-Nazi régime, this is the only way that they can rule the Ukraine today. Therefore, if you get rid of the Right Sector, well, another such group would take its place. The Kiev authorities and Ukrainian pro-Nazi groups in are in close symbiosis. If you were to remove Yarosh, or any other such scumbag ‘leader’, others would come to take their place; the Ukrainian ‘state’ would make a similar tacit pact with them to conduct a reign of terror on the population”.


Today, Chairman of the DNR Peoples Soviet A E Purgin told us that the Ukrainian state commits war crimes against its former subjects in the Donbass, but he’s sure that punishment for such actions would inevitably come, saying, “We’re talking not only about war crimes of the aggressor forces, we’re talking about crimes in the Ukraine itself, where the state fights its own people, not only us, its former subjects. A nihilist impulse guides them… they continue to attack water treatment facilities, power plants, and other infrastructure objects to terrorise the population of the Donbass, in an attempt to drive them out of their land. After all, the Ukrainian government only wants an empty space here! I’m confident that Kiev would face punishment for the crimes that they committed here. There’s much evidence of the murders, torture, and looting by the army and the Ukrainian nationalist units (especially, the Right Sector), not only in the DNR and LNR, but in Russia, too. The MID Rossii* has already sent several volumes of the White Book (a collection of evidence of war crimes) to the UN and to the Council of Europe. They’ve already killed tens of thousands in the Donbass. Their day in court is inevitable! We need an International Tribunal”.

  • MID Rossii: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

13 July 2015


Today, Chairman of the DNR Peoples Soviet A E Purgin told us that the bloodshed unleashed by the Right Sector in Mukačevo might be a harbinger of similar incidents throughout the Ukraine, saying, “What happened in Mukačevo? The people came out and declared themselves the new masters of the city. Not everybody came out, but this was only the first sortie. Look at all the units that are on the contact line now. This sort of thing was going to start eventually. Actually, the situation is deteriorating into an atamanshchina* mixed up with gang violence. Now, these units [on the contact line] will go back home to put things right according to their own lights. The question now is how far the extremists will go. If this works out for them in Mukačevo or somewhere else, they’d then go on to try to set up their rule throughout all the Ukraine”.

  • Atamanshchina: “rule of the atamans (Cossack chieftains)” in the historical sense… warlord rule, mafia rule, gangster rule, boss rule in the modern sense

14 July 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency





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