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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Here’s How the Trump Presidency Will Play Out



The Trump era starts now… with geopolitics and geoeconomics set for a series of imminent unpredictable cliffhangers. I argued that the strategy of Trump’s foreign policy guru Henry Kissinger to deal with the formidable Eurasia integration trio… Russia, China, and Iran… is remixed Divide and Rule; seduce Russia away from its strategic partnership with China, while harassing the weakest link, Iran. In fact, that’s how it’s already playing out… as in the outbursts of selected members of Trump’s cabinet during their US Senate hearings. Factions of US Think Tankland, referring to Nixon’s China policy, designed by Kissinger, are also excited about the possibilities of containment regarding at least one of those powers “potentially arrayed against America”. Kissinger and Dr Zbig “Grand Chessboard” Brzeziński are the two foremost self-described Western puppet masters in the geopolitical arena. In opposition to Kissinger, Obama’s foreign policy mentor Brzezinski, true to his Russophobia, proposed a Divide and Rule centred on seducing China. Yet, an influential New York business source, very close to the real discreet Masters of the Universe, who correctly predicted Trump’s victory weeks before the fact, after examining my argument offered not only a scathing appraisal of those cherished “puppeteers”; he volunteered to tell me how the Masters laid out the new normal directly to Trump. Let’s call him “X”.

The Nonstop China Watch

“X” starts by doing something US deep state-connected regulars, who revere their idols, never dare to, at least in public:

It’s important not to attribute too much importance to either Kissinger or Brzeziński as they’re merely fronts for those who make the decisions and it’s their job to cloak the decisions with a patina of intellectuality. Their input means relatively nothing. I use their names on occasion as I can’t use the names of those who actually make the decisions.

That’s the cue for “X” to detail the new normal:

Trump won the election with the support of the Masters to tilt towards Russia. The Masters have their tools in the media and Congress maintaining a vilification campaign against Russia, and have their puppet Brzeziński also come out against Russia, stating, “America’s global influence depends on coöperation with China”. The purpose is to threaten Russia to coöperate and place these chips on the negotiating table for Trump. In a traditional good cop-bad cop approach, they portray Donald as the good cop wanting good relations with Russia, and Congress, media, and Brzeziński are the bad cops. This is to aid Trump in the negotiations with Russia as Putin sees the “precarious” position of his friend and should be willing to make major concessions as the line goes.

That brings us to how Taiwan… and Japan… got into the mix:

Donald shows the Russian tilt by talking to the Taiwanese, demonstrating that the shift is serious. However, they decided to throw Japan into the mix as a predator against US industry, with an attack on Toyota, thoroughly deserved. That moderated the position as the Masters became afraid that the perception of our building up Japan against China would be too much of a provocation.

So expect China… as “not too much importance” Kissinger prescribed… to be under nonstop scrutiny:

The Masters decided to reindustrialise the USA and want to take jobs back from China. This is advisable from the Chinese viewpoint; for why should they sell their work to the USA for a dollar that lacks intrinsic value and get really nothing back for the work? China should have a car in every Chinese worker’s garage; they’d become a larger producer of cars than the EU, USA, and Japan combined, and their own nation will keep their wealth in their own country.

Why China over Russia? “X” noted:

In this sense, Russia, being a natural resource country with a gigantic military industrial complex (the latter being the only reason she’s secretly respected) is exempt from any tough trade talk as they hardly export anything but natural resources and military equipment. The Masters want jobs back from Mexico and Asia, including Japan, Taiwan, etc., and you see this in Trump’s attack on Japan. The main underlying reason is that the USA has lost control of the seas and can’t secure its military components during a major war. This is all that matters now and this is the giant story behind the scenes.

In only a few words, “X” details the reversal of an economic cycle:

The Masters made money out of transfer of industry to Asia (Bain Capital specialised in this), and Wall Street made money from the lower interest rates on the recycled dollars from the trade deficits. However, now, the issue is strategic; and they’ll make money on the return of industries scaling down their investments in Asia and returning them to the USA as we rebuild production here.

“X” remains quite fond of Henry Ford’s business strategy; and that’s the cue for him to address the crucial theme… national defence. According to “X”:

Ford doubled the wages he paid and made more money than any other manufacturer. The reason was that a living wage where the mother can have many children on her husband’s wage was psychologically good for productivity in his car plants and that his workers could then afford his cars. Thus, he recognised we had to have a just distribution of wealth… his admirer Steve Jobs couldn’t. Henry’s mass productivity was the wonder of the world and that won World War II for the USA. Amazon doesn’t contribute anything to national defence, being merely an internet marketing service based on computer programs, nor does Google, which merely organises data better. None of this builds a better missile or submarine except in a marginal way.

It’s the Pentagon, Stupid

So yes… this all has to do with reorganising the US military. “X” made a point to refer to a CNAS report I quoted in my initial column:

It’s very important for what is visible between the lines. That is, we’re in deep trouble being technologically behind Russia by generations in weapons, which is a follow-up on the Brzeziński quote that we’re no longer a global power.

This is a thorough wide-ranging analysis of how Russia managed to organise the best armed forces in the world. Moreover, that doesn’t even take into account the S-500 missile defence system, now entering service, which arguably seals the entirety of Russian airspace. The next generation ( S-600?) will be even more powerful. “X” does venture into Deep State taboo territory, as in how Russia, over the past decade, managed to leap far ahead of the USA, “eclipsing it as the strongest military power”. However, the game may be far from over… wishful thinking or otherwise:

We hope Secretary of Defence James Mattis will understand this, and that the Deputy Secretary of Defence has the advanced technological skills, organisational ability, and the foresight to understand that the weapons of World War III are offensive and defensive missiles, and submarines, and not air power, tanks, and aircraft carriers.

A realist, “X” admitted that the warmongering neocon/neoliberal status quo… represented by most American Deep State factions… will never abandon the default posture of unremitting hostility towards Russia, but he preferred to focus on change:

Let Tillerson reorganise the State Department along Exxon efficiencies. He may be worth something in that. He and Mattis may be gutless, but if you tell the truth to the Senate you may not be confirmed, so what they say means nothing. However, notice this about Libya. The CIA had a goal of driving China out of Africa and so does AFRICOM. That was one of the secrets to our Libyan intervention.

Not that it worked; NATO/AFRICOM turned Libya into a wasteland run by militias; they failed to drive China out of the rest of Africa. “X” also admitted:

Syria and Iran are red-lines for Russia. So is the eastern Ukraine from the Dnepr. Moscow won’t allow any régime change gambit on Tehran. China’s investments in Iranian oil and gas imply that China also won’t permit Washington’s overthrow of the Iranian government.

The going really gets tough when it comes to NATO; “X” is convinced:

Russia will invade Romania and Poland if the USA doesn’t remove those missiles from Romania and the missile commitment to Poland rescinded. The issue isn’t the worthless American defensive missiles, but the substitutability of offensive nuclear missiles in these silos. Russia won’t tolerate this risk. These aren’t subject to negotiation.

In contrast to the “perpetual threat” perpetual propaganda by the US War Party, Moscow focused on facts on the ground since the 1990s…

  • the breakup of its historic Slavic ally Serbia
  • Warsaw Pact nations and even former Soviet republics annexed by NATO, not to mention attempts to also include Georgia and the Ukraine
  • American deployment of colour revolutions
  • the “Assad must go” fiasco, as in régime change forced on Syria, with the arming of Salafi-jihadis
  • economic sanctions, an oil price war, and raids on the rouble
  • non-stop NATO harassment

“X”, fully aware of the facts, added:

Russia always wanted peace. However, they aren’t going to play a game with the Masters of the Universe that has Trump as the good guy and the Congress, CIA, etc. as the bad guy as a negotiating ploy. That’s how they see it. They don’t regard this circus as real.

The circus may be just an illusion. Or wayang… Balinese puppet theatre… as I suggested. “X” advanced a crisp interpretation of the shadow play ahead from Moscow’s point of view:

Let’s give Putin several months to see if he can work out a détente with Trump that essentially creates an autonomous eastern Ukraine, a peace treaty in Syria with Assad in place, and a withdrawal of NATO forces back to their line of defence under Ronald Reagan.

Who will prevail? The Masters or the Deep State? Brace for impact.

19 January 2017

Pepe Escobar

Sputnik International


Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Xi Jinping’s New Year’s Speech Says a Lot About What to Expect in 2017




This year’s 2017 New Year’s speech by Chinese President Xi Jinping speech was rich in symbology, by intentionally portraying a much different mien than in previous years of his leadership. While most Westerners wouldn’t notice the change, it was definitely not lost on the citizens of the People’s Republic. The modern art of reading the tea leaves quickly moved into the conversation on China’s streets and social media. His presentation shouted out to them and the rest of the world what Xi and the Communist Party of China (CPC) are expecting in this New Year of the Fire Rooster.

In earlier years, Xi was in a warm looking, wood-panelled office, seated comfortably behind a huge bureau. On it were notebooks to show studiousness, as well as several red and white phones, to suggest ongoing and urgent lines of communication with all concerned. A pen holder and an open-faced calendar exuded the daily rigours of being leader of the world’s most populous country, whilst burnishing his already well-deserved reputation of outworking even the most dedicated Party member.

Almost all the camera shots were up close and personal, his upper torso above the big desk filling up most of the screen. He mostly kept his hands clasped together, like an avuncular Confucian scholar, leaning into the camera to make important points, and often making hand gestures, in a relaxed, personal style. Surrounding him were walls of books, many obviously being series of old Chinese classics, projecting sagacity and learning, two highly prized traits of all top historical leaders. Group family photos with Mom, Dad, brother and sisters were prominently shown, as well as an old black and white photo of his father sporting a Red Star of Communism on his People’s Liberation Army field cap, all facing the cameras. The implied message: family man, respect for elders and the legacy of his family in the CPC. In the middle of these bookshelves and right behind him was a smallish ancient painting of the Great Wall, offering subdued strength and protection for the people. Also behind him to his right was a standing national flag of China, with the famous five-star arrangement proudly turned toward the viewers (CPC at the helm of farmers, workers, small- and large businesspeople).

For the last three years, a very similar speech, in the exact same panelled room, with identical accoutrements, was given, all signalling to Xi’s 1.4 billion citizens continuity, stability, and harmony, the perfect definition of the much coveted historical Heavenly Mandate. All was good and predictable. My, oh my, what a difference does a crazy global geopolitical year and a new US president make, and Xi’s speech this week showed that in spades. Gone were the warmness, intimacy and friendly, familial ambience. This year, Xi strode sombrely into a large open high-ceilinged sumptuous room with plush carpeting. He stood behind a modern podium that came to a narrow triangular point at the base. Two microphones were on the podium top, whilst on its front was the national seal of China staring into the cameras. No more Uncle Xi. This year it was President and Chairman of the CPC and Central Military Commission (CMC) writ large. He looked like has was riding a mighty steed, or steering the country’s ship, looking out for treacherous waters, from the captain’s deck.

The carpet had lotus flower floral designs, which symbolise rectitude, purity, and honesty in Chinese lore. It wasn’t lost on careful observers that Xi’s podium was in the centre of one of these floral patterns, like a presidential lotus bloom rising above the troubled and murky seas of world geopolitics. Gone were Mom and Dad and all the hundreds of books that used to ensconce Xi. This year, all that was behind him was a massive four-metre-wide by three-metre-tall classic painting of the Great Wall and the national flag. This immediately represented danger outside the boundaries of the Motherland, foreign invaders massing on the outside. After walking straight to the podium, he put his two hands on its sides and never moved them during the nine-minute speech, as if he were helping maintain control of the circumstances, holding down the fort. Much more rigid and serious than the previous three years, he looked like a dead serious general preparing his officers for a great and challenging battle.

Even last year, after China’s mighty military muscle flexing at Beijing’s huge, 70th anniversary World War II Victory Parade (with Vladimir Putin at his side), there was no need to acknowledge the West’s never-ending efforts to destabilise and overthrow China’s communist government, nor the USA’s obviously aggressive maritime pivot off its shores. But this year, with President-Elect Donald Trump making Sinophobic appointments in his cabinet and suggesting that Taiwan is a bargaining chip for future discussions and negotiations, Xi unequivocally reassured his people and let Uncle Sam know the obvious:

We’ll resolutely safeguard our territory and sovereignty, as well as our maritime rights. No matter who seeks to make an issue of this, the Chinese people will never give way.

What this year’s change in speech ambience, tone, and message means is that Xi Jinping and the CPC are battening down the hatches; preparing to fight the USA and its NATO and regional allies. Diplomacy and dialogue are de rigueur, but in the meantime, psychologically preparing the citizens is critical. The Western Huns are encircling their great nation and it’s time to assume the worst. Hopefully, on 20 January, at his first national security meeting, a bright spark will ask President Trump:

Sir, are you prepared to go to war over Taiwan? Because China is.

16 January 2017

Jeff Brown

Greanville Post



The Sino-Russian alliance is a reality, and China is the senior partner. VVP knows and accepts this reality. He had a choice… he could be China’s junior ally or he could be America’s lickspittle colony. It’s not rocket science to figure out his choice. China isn’t an arrogant nation like the USA… proud, yes… stiff-necked at times, yes… but inflexibly arrogant as are the Anglos are, no. China needs Russia as an ally to secure its western flank… Chinese are nothing if not pragmatic and realistic. However, Chinese don’t make a practise of making their allies grovel, as do the Americans. The Chinese ARE communists; make no mistake on that, they’ve abandoned imperial pretence. No, they haven’t renounced the substance of power… but they’ve abandoned the practise of making their lessers kowtow incessantly.

The alliance works for both sides… there’s no way that the USA can break it, short of offering concessions that’d be unacceptable to the American Establishment and Deep State. God willing, this alliance will keep the peace… it’s the only hope that we have, in the face of a toddler ravening America armed with nukes…


Friday, 23 September 2016

23 September 2016. A Word on the Duopoly’s Warmongering

00 russia orthodox church warmongers 210416


Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. We know more about war than about peace, more about killing than we know about living.

General Omar Bradley

General Omar Bradley said that a war on the Eurasian mainland would be “the wrong war, at the wrong place, at the wrong time, and with the wrong enemy”. This is precisely what Chilly Hilly and Trump want. That is, the USA would play to Russian and Chinese strengths and force the USA to play its weakest hand. It’s stupidity of the highest order. Either the Russian or Chinese land forces, taken separately, outnumber the American land forces. As all three forces are modern and well equipped, it means that the USA lacks the power to face either Russia or China on the land. Most of US defence expenditures go to operations or corruption, so, the US forces aren’t as well-armed as their putative foes are. All grunts will tell you that Russian gear isn’t only better; it’s made of wrought iron and dead simple to operate. The last time that the USA faced the Russians and Chinese, they whipped the US forces in Korea (do recall the American rout at the Chosin Reservoir). Hillary wants to provoke the same foes. The last American-fomented conflict was South Ossetia… Russia won that one. Vickie Nuland, one of Hillary’s protégés, fomented the present crisis in Novorossiya. Things aren’t going well for the American clients or the USA there either… they do kill hundreds of innocent civilians, though. There’s one solution… vote for peace… vote for Dr Jill. That is all…


Monday, 8 August 2016

Hillary, Queen of War: The Road Map Ahead

00 Give Peace a Chance. atomic fireball. 21.09.13


It All Starts With a Wahhabi-Zionist Lovefest

The Saudi Foreign Ministry had to go on non-denial denial overdrive about a visit to Israel on 22 July by a delegation led by retired General Anwar Eshki. Eshki happens to be close to Saudi intel superstar and onetime close Osama bin Laden pal Prince Turki bin Faisal, who recently met in the open with former Israel Defence Forces (IDF) generals Yaakov Amidror and Amos Yadlin. Whilst in Israel, Eshki met with Foreign Ministry Director-General Dore Gold, and Major General Yoav Mordechai, the top IDF honcho in the West Bank. There’s absolutely no way the House of Saud wouldn’t have given a green light for such a visit… and such a high-level meeting. By the way, the Interior Ministry in Saudi Arabia bans all travel to Israel… as well as to Iran and Iraq. So what’s the big deal? The Israelis spun it as the Saudis… fronting for the Arab League… offering normalisation of ties with the Arab world without Israel abdicating from anything on the Palestinian front. The only thing Tel Aviv would have to do, later, is to adopt the 2002, Saudi-proposed Arab peace initiative.

That’s nonsense. For starters, the ultra right-wing Zionists in power in Tel Aviv will never accept reverting to the pre-1967 borders and recognising the state of Palestine. What was “discussed” was a non-deal, even as Tel Aviv gloats:

Important Arab states are willing to openly embrace us, even though we haven’t given up one inch of the West Bank and even as we continue to control al-Aqsa Mosque.

If the Arab League ever embarked on such a blatant non-deal, forever throwing the Palestinians under myriad bulldozers, chances are oligarchies and petromonarchies all across the spectrum would start booking that one-way ticket to London.

That Moscow-Tehran-Ankara Alliance

So what did they actually talk about? Predictably, they talked about the imminent prospect of the Full Spectrum Dominatrix finally taking over the White House. The Obama administration reduced both Bibi Netanyahu in Tel Aviv and de facto House of Saud ruler and Prince of War Mohammad bin Salman in Riyadh to the status of proverbial euphemistic “estranged allies”. Between them, they’re de facto allies… even as they can’t admit it to the Arab street. Both are dead sure, under the Queen of War, there’d be… what else… war. The question is against whom.

Informed speculation has it that the common enemy of the Saudis and Israelis, Iran, would be the target. That’s complicated. Indeed, the joint Saudi/Israeli strategy across the Middle East is in tatters. Tehran isn’t stuck in a quagmire… neither in Syria nor in Iraq. ISIS/ISIL/Daesh and assorted “moderate rebels”… covertly supported by the Saudi/Israeli axis… are on the run, even if they insist they aren’t “al-Qaeda” anymore. In fact, an unwinnable war on Yemen entraps Prince of War bin Salman. Then, there’s the spectacular post-coup pivot by Sultan Erdoğan in Turkey… for all practical purposes abandoning those elaborate no fly zone dreams of annexing a post-Assad Syria to his neo-Ottoman set up. The House of Saud is livid, as Turkish diplomats have started to spread this blockbuster news… Erdoğan proposed to Iran’s Rouhani an all-embracing alliance with President Putin to find a definitive solution to the Middle East riddle.

However erratic Erdoğan’s agenda may be, the upcoming Putin-Erdoğan face-to-face meeting may de facto discuss a possible icebreaking new deal between Moscow and Ankara. All geopolitical signs at this stage point…  albeit tentatively… towards a revived Russia/Iran/Turkey alliance, even as a horrified House of Saud is going no-holds-barred to gain Moscow’s trust by offering “untold wealth” and privileged access to the GCC market. As confirmed by a top Western intel source:

The Saudis are definitely keeping all contacts open with the Kremlin. The Saudi King is in Tangiers now and met Russian envoys there. They mean what they say. However, Putin won’t abandon Assad. There has to be a compromise. Both need it.

President Putin is in a privileged spot. Even without accepting the Saudi offer… it’s just a promise, with no ironclad guarantees… Russia holds the best cards, as in a quite problematic but ultimately possible Moscow-Tehran-Ankara alliance that is all about Eurasian integration (and a future seat for Turkey, alongside Iran, in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, SCO). For its part, a Saudi-Moscow alliance  would inevitably lead a Queen of War administration towards… what else… régime change in Riyadh disguised as R2P; “responsibility to protect” the Saudi populace. One should expect Hillary crony Samantha Power to defend it vehemently at the UN.

It’s All About the Three Harpies

Yet, considering the Queen of War’s instincts, all signs do point towards Iran. The manual/blueprint/road map for Hillary’s wars is arguably here, in this very dangerous intersection between American neocons and neoliberalcons. The head of the CNAS think tank one-third (Michele Flournoy) of what I dub The Three Harpies; Hillary Clinton, Flournoy and… the most terrifying words in the English language… probable US Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, the possible lethal trio in charge of foreign policy under a Clinton Three administration. In fact, this is PNAC (the Project for a New American Century) on steroids, with echoes of the warlike 1992 US Defence Planning Guidance disguised under the soothing rhetoric of benevolent hegemony and “rules-based international order”. If the Trump campaign managed to restrain his motor-mouth and/or motor-tweet instincts and focus on what this warmongering opus means for the USA and the world at large, they’d strike a chord with millions of undecided American voters. For all her bluster, and that rise to unheard-of hysterical levels, the Full Spectrum Dominatrix won’t be foolish enough to launch a war…one that’d inevitably be nuclear… against either Russia (Baltics as a pretext) or China (South China Sea as a pretext), the Pentagon’s top two “existential threats”. In Syria, on the other hand, by January 2017 al-Qaeda/not al-Qaeda goons formerly known as “moderate rebels” will be mostly six feet under.

Erdoğan may be making NATO’s life in Turkey unbearable. As the Queen of War is in AIPAC’s pocket, and considering the Clinton Foundation’s by now legendary cosy ties with the House of Saud, the war target would have to be the Saudi/Israeli preferred target, on top of it pro-Damascus and in close touch with both Ankara and Moscow… Iran. However, how does one pull it off? One avenue, already being explored, is to bomb by all means… and not figuratively… the Iran nuclear deal. A concerted campaign in American mainstream media is already burying the deal; and even Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei… as reported in the USA… is on the record saying one can’t trust Washington:

They tell us, “Let’s talk about regional issues, too”. However, the experience of the nuclear deal suggests this is deadly poison… in no way can you trust the Americans.

So, expect from Team Clinton the proverbial media barrage of dodgy spin, baseless accusations, and the occasional, perfectly positioned false-flag to lure Tehran into a trap, like, for instance, in neoliberalcon wishful thinking, Iran reviving its nuclear programme. Of course, this won’t happen, but the powerful anti-Iran lobby in the US Congress will use a Hellfire barrage of disinformation to sort of make it happen, even as an illusion. All this while Iran, amongst other development matters, is busy planning a new transportation corridor from the Persian Gulf to the Black Sea, connecting to Armenia, Georgia, and Bulgaria, and positioning the nation as a key trade hub connecting the Arab world in the south and west, Central Asia in the north, and Afghanistan and Pakistan in the east, all the way to Europe. Once again, Eurasian integration on the move. Tehran has myriad reasons to be on red alert if the Full Spectrum Dominatrix gets her hands on the nuclear codes (how’s that not scarier than Trump?)  She’d act as a surefire faithful servant of the Saudi/Israeli alliance. The road map is ready. Moreover, neocons and neoliberalcons alike can hardly contain their excitement at seeing in action “a force that can flex across several different mission sets and prevail”.

4 August 2016

Pepe Escobar

Sputnik International


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