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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Why I Hate “Religious Hobbyists” and What They Stand For and Do

00 Jesus was a radical.16


Fr Marty Watt reposted this on FB (Fr Michael Lillie did the original post):

Metropolitan Antony Bloom once explained how during one Liturgy he went out to give the homily and said, “Yesterday evening, a woman with her baby came into the church during services. She was wearing pants and no head covering. One of you criticised her. She left. I don’t know who criticised her, but I hereby order them to pray for her and that baby until the end of their days, so that God will save [the woman and her baby]. Because, thanks to one of you, she might never again come to church”. He turned around and left. That was the whole homily.

I put this in as a comment after “liking” it:

I’ve had it with “religious hobbyists” and their obsession with rules, Rules, RULES… Christ wouldn’t have done that, so, neither should I… or you, for that matter. Note well that such people are quick to tell you about “fasts” (and how well they keep them), but aren’t so quick to FEAST when the Church sez so (they hector you about Lent, but how many of them keep Honey Spas or Apple Spas?).

Let’s not be coy… konvertsy “experts” crawl all over the internet telling us how to be Orthodox. The worst are Shake n’ Bake convert priests with no real Orthodox seminary training (the worst of those are the ones with heterodox seminary, but no Orthodox seminary). They incessantly lecture us on the Fathers, Scripture, and the Canons with a specificity and rigour that I’ve never heard from real Orthodox seminary graduates (I mean both here and in the Rodina). I got news for such sorts. The REAL Church is the “Church of a Thousand Chances”… it didn’t shitcan Florensky and Bulgakov, even after they taught heresy bareheaded… it didn’t shitcan Kochetkov and his merry crew of modernist Renovationists in Moscow (it did ignore them, so their heresy has about much impact as a mouse fart during the finale of Beethoven’s Ninth). You have to work HARD to get the boot… yet, these jerks are forever nattering about how this one or that one is “automatically excommunicated”… the canons say so, dontcha know!

Remember, what the Church holds as TRUE non-negotiables are in the Creed. That’s why we repeat it at every liturgy. The rest is commentary on that. Yes, there are certain things that aren’t gonna change… but most of those aren’t enshrined in canonical legislation, believe it or not (the Church only issues canons when something becomes overly controversial). Some canons have even become obsolete (like the one forbidding Christians to eat with Jews, for instance). So be wary whenever someone like Dreher starts fulminating… the Church is NOT “going Episcopal” because an SVS asshat makes a dumbass statement (they’re been doing that since the 50s, and their influence gets LESS with each passing year). I stand with Christ the Carpenter’s Son… who never ever kicked someone out for what they wore or what they were. You can hate me for that. I hold what I hold… ‘nuff said.

The above is my opinion… it’s NOT the “Teaching of the Church”. I ran this up on my own nickel. I simply “liked” Fr Marty’s post… I most certainly didn’t consult with him about it. All youse “loose canons” out there can calm down. Youse been told…


Saturday, 18 April 2015

18 April 2015. Godless Uniate Pigs Tear Down Lenin Statue in Kramatorsk… BASTARDS! Put Up American Flag on Pedestal

00 godless pro-american filth did this. DNR. Kramatorsk. ukraine. 18.04.15


The godless Uniate nationalist bastards ripped down the Lenin monument in Kramatorsk (occupied Donetsk Peoples Republic) and replaced it with an American flag. AN AMERICAN FLAG… a flag of godless greed and shameless sectarianism… a flag of a country that’s scarcely known Christ and His Church (Radical Sectarianism doesn’t count… it isn’t Christian in the least). That’s bad enough, but there are still godless bastards in our ranks who hate the Soviet legacy, mainly in the ROCOR. We have to face unpleasant facts about ourselves… the ROCOR harboured both the Holy and the Evil… it was a classic illustration of the wheat n’ the tares. Most of the baddies left after the ’07 Reconciliation, but not all of them. There are still people in the ROCOR who kiss Langley’s ass (either directly like Potapov and Webster, or indirectly, like those who attack the Soviet legacy). Yes… the ROCOR did take Langley’s 30 pieces of silver (as Lebedeff put it, “We were grateful for it”)… it did aid the godless American greedster project ever since it came to the USA in the late 40s.

If you are against the Soviet legacy… you are against Christ. If you oppose V I Lenin… you oppose St Vladimir. There are no two ways about it. Our Russian history is a seamless garment, and if you attempt to cut out any of it, you simply expose your naked ass to the scorn of the world. We Russian Orthodox people in the diaspora have a choice. We can stand with our coreligionists in Novorossiya, and accept that the Soviet legacy was good… or, we can stand with godless Uniate, schismatical, and sectarian bastards who want to destroy Holy Rus. The Sov legacy is good enough for Patriarch Kirill… it’s good enough for me! Don’t bleat to me about the New Martyrs. The Communists repented because of the Blood of the Martyrs, but these poseurs refuse to see the truth in front of their faces. Don’t argue with such sorts… oppose them, have nothing to do with their evil (for evil it is… do note that many of them are rabid Republicans… shitbirds of a feather do flock together).

Evil is afoot in the homeland and some of our people abet it by their hate of communism and their support for the US Republican Party. Such people are the enemies of Christ and His Church. It can’t be put “nicer”. Think hard on whom you “love” and “respect”… for someone who thrusts a knife into the back of our compatriots and coreligionists is no friend, is no mentor, nor are they worthy of any true love and respect.

It’s time to CHOOSE… as always, choose wisely…


Friday, 17 April 2015

Cross Procession Brings Orthodox Holy Objects from Russia to Cathedral in Donetsk

00 donetsk. russian orthodox clergy. 17.04.15


00 donetsk. russian orthodox clergy 01. 17.04.15


00 donetsk. russian orthodox clergy 02. 17.04.15


00 donetsk. russian orthodox clergy 03. 17.04.15


Today, a Bright Week religious procession dedicated to strengthening the fragile peace in Novorossiya reached Donetsk. With the blessing of Russian Schema-Archimandrite Ilya, the marchers brought a Verneration Cross, with a particle of the True Holy Cross, to the cathedral. Russian Hieromonk Makary, who accompanied the cross, said, “Also, the Veneration Cross has capsules with earth taken with prayer from fields of military glory of Holy Rus and Russia… from Kulikovo Polye, and Ugra and Borodino”. He added that another capsule has earth from Godenovo, “a place with an ancient wonder-working Cross, which appeared 600 years ago in Yaroslavl, shortly before the fall of the (New) Roman Empire. The very appearance of the Godenovo cross shows Holy Rus’ continuity with the Orthodox Roman Empire”. At the same time, he brought a reliquary (in the form of an ancient cross) with relics of saints.

Sergei Polyakov, one of the organisers of the event, Vice President of the international organization antiterrorist unit “Alpha”, said, “This cross procession blessed by Schema-Archimandrite Ilya began in March during the Cross week of Lent. On 14 April, it reached the Kulikovo Polye. In Krasny Kholm, we held a molieben at St Sergei of Radonezh church. Procession participants also visited the famous monastery of St Tikhon of Zadonsk. In Novorossiya, marchers took part in a service at the cathedral in Lugansk, then, they went to Saur-Mogila and served a pannikhida for our fallen soldiers”. The procession ended at Holy Transfiguration Cathedral in Donetsk, they brought in the holy things, and Bishop Varsonofy Vinnichenko of Novoazovsk, the Vicar of the Diocese of Donetsk and Mariupol, served a solemn molieben. Chairman of the DNR Peoples Soviet A Е Purgin also attended the molieben, saying, “Our state gives a special role to Orthodoxy, for it’ll establish and fill the spiritual life of the citizens of our young republic”.

16 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Wednesday, 15 April 2015

15 April 2015. Blessed is the Man Who Walketh Not in the Counsel of the Ungodly… Support the Podvig of the Right-Believing Socialist People’s Republics of Novorossiya!

00 Blessed is the man. 15.04.15


Orthodox Christians have an OBLIGATION to stand tall for the right-believing Orthodox socialist People’s Republics of Novorossiya. Their enemies are Uniates and schismatical “Orthodox”… not only the enemies of the People’s Republics, but the enemies of Christ and His Church as well. The events of the past year have illustrated the vacuity and imbecility of the “anti-communist” position. Who defends the canonical Church? THE COMMUNISTS! Who defends the people of Novorossiya and doesn’t flinch? THE COMMUNISTS! Who are the bravest of the brave in opposing the Galician Uniate scourge? THE COMMUNISTS!

Anyone who calls themselves an “anti-communist” spits on the podvig* of the People’s Republics. The most rabid opponents of Christ’s Church in the Ukraine call themselves “anti-communists” and the US Republican Party supports them without stint or measure. Those Orthodox misled by lying Republican anti-communist propaganda are in the same situation today that communists were in during the 1980s… the communists came face-to-face with what they did, and it led them to repentance! The leader of the KPRF is a believer! PRAISE GOD! Look at the poster below… it illustrates this beautifully:

  • Podvig: Should NEVER be “Englished”… one of the most powerful words in the Russian language. There are literally no English equivalents strong enough. Podvig has overtones of “epic”, “heroic”, “bravery”, “self-sacrifice”, “victory”, “effort”, and “triumph”. It’s best to leave it as is, and admit that English lacks the necessary material to give meaning to this word.


00.02a Unknown Artist. ...Was Dead, but Came Back to Life, Was Lost, but Was Found Again. late 1980s

…Was Dead, but Came Back to Life, Was Lost, but Was Found Again

Unknown Artist

late 1980s



In the Nasty 90s, the commies stood tall for the Church, especially, in the Ukraine! The Komsomoltsy defended the churches from American-paid mobs… the ROCOR stabbed the Rodina in the back by supporting the CIA’s efforts to aid the Uniates and schismatics. The ROCOR has NEVER repented publicly of this.. of course, such isn’t a necessity, but it exposes the call of some to shun commies until they “repent publicly” to be hypocrisy and venality of the worst-possible sort. They’ve done WORSE than anything the communists ever did… they not only supported objective evil, they dressed it up in pseudo-Christian vesture… that’s something that the commies NEVER did.

I will NEVER keep silence in the face of the demonic ideology that calls itself “anti-communism”… it glorifies Greed, it glorifies Aggression, it glorifies Power, it glorifies the Prince of this World and his Pseudo-“Christianity”. Here’s something to reflect upon, especially, for loud “Orthodox” sorts. The podvig of the New Martyrs and Confessors led to a very Christian result… the repentance, deliverance, and redemption of the communists! If you call yourself an “anti-communist” that means that you spit on the podvig of the New Martyrs by denying what their sacrifice wrought. I will NEVER allow anyone to denigrate our Holy New Martyrs in such a way. If you want to stand with the New Martyrs, you must accept the communists’ repentance as a result of that podvig… or you’re a lying hypocrite and I’ll stand against you everywhere and always. Choices in the real world aren’t “perfect”… here’s the choice facing us…

You can embrace Christ-like Community, as contemporary communists do…


You can embrace Satanic Greed, as contemporary “anti-communists” do…

That’s the choice… I’ve chosen… so should you. Choose wisely…


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