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Sunday, 29 November 2015

29 November 2015. Happy Holidays to All of Y’all… Now, Come Back, Y’Hear (Don’t be a Stranger)!

00 Petra Brown cat and dog 291115


Whatever holiday you celebrate… whatever your race or creed… HAPPY HOLIDAYS! There’s nothing wrong in that at all. NOTHING. There’s no war against Christmas… there’s no persecution of Christians… but there IS an imperative on our part to spread the love given by Our Lord Christ and the joy that such implants in our hearts. Last time that I looked, the Lord Christ discriminated against no one, so neither should we. To all of you, whatever you celebrate at this time of year (for all, both believers and secularists, celebrate SOMETHING, if nothing else than the Mid-Winter Festival):


Now, where’s that jug… it’s time for a party…


29 November 2015. On a Proper Attitude to the Fast…

00 smiling monks 291115


Don’t walk around with a long face! Don’t tell people that you’re abstaining! Do good as much as you can! Do to others as you’d like them to do unto you! There… that’s the ticket for the Fast. If you don’t have joy in your heart, your fast is a sham and Satan sits on the throne. Do think on that whenever you hear the usual cast of suspects bloviate on this or that minute flyspeck in the canons. The Fast is a GIFT… do meditate on that…


Saturday, 28 November 2015

28 November 2015. There’s NO War on Christmas…

00 Cossack Christmas in Volgograd 01. 14.01.14

A Cossack Christmas feast in Volgograd… let’s do likewise! Pass me the jug and cheer! God didn’t make us to be a misery-guts with a face three-feet-long!


If anyone wishes me “Happy Holidays”, I’m going to thank them for their care and kindness. It’s NOT an attack on Christmas. I intend to spread the unbridled joy and boisterous good cheer of the Repentant Scrooge to all about me, not the tight-arsed purse-lipped acerbic misanthropy of the Unrepentant Scrooge. Be a force for good this holiday season…

Do pass the jug… that does piss off the plug-uglies, doesn’t it?


28 November 2015. Nativity Lent Begins Today

00 winter lent 281115


Every journey begins with a first step…


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