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Friday, 28 April 2017

Personal Message From Xi Jinping To V V Putin: “Chinese-Russian relations are Going Through Their Best Period Ever in Our History”


Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a personal message of friendship to President Putin on China’s behalf, scotching attempt by the USA to make trouble between them. President Putin met in the Oval Hall of the Kremlin with Li Zhanshu, Director of the General Office of the Communist Party of China, and Chief of Staff of Chinese President Xi. The meeting came directly after Li held talks with his Russian counterpart A E Vaino, who’s the head of the President’s Executive Office, and is President Putin’s Chief of Staff. I previously explained who Li is, and why his visit is important, and the likely reason for his visit, which is the continuing attempt by the Trump Administration to cause trouble between China and Russia, and China’s and Russia’s concern to squelch any mistaken impressions which might be caused by that attempt. In turn, that explains the way the Chinese and the Russians… undoubtedly by pre-arrangement… used Li’s meeting with Putin to publicise a personal message from President Xi to Putin. The Kremlin’s transcript of Li’s words follows:

Before my departure, I went especially to see President Xi Jinping and asked him what he wanted to pass on to you. He told me to say that today, Chinese-Russian relations are going through their best period ever in our history. Today, our relations are deservedly called an example of relations between great powers, characterised by cooperation and mutual benefit. Today, our relations are very solid, mature, and distinguished by strategic cooperation and a lasting nature. He also said that despite the serious changes in the international situation, we’d continue to work with you, unfailingly adhering to three constants, namely:

  • regardless of the circumstances, we won’t change our policy of deepening and developing our strategic partnership and cooperation
  • our policy, based on joint development and prosperity, won’t change
  • our joint efforts to defend peace and justice and promote cooperation in the world won’t change

These were President Xi’s words.                                                                                  

(bold italics added)

Evidently, the “serious changes in the international situation” refers to the change of administration in Washington, and the new administration’s attempt to make trouble between China and Russia.  President Xi in his personal message to President Putin went out of his way to say that this attempt wouldn’t succeed and that China’s strategic partnership with Russia “won’t change”. Of course, they primarily intend the message for the Trump Administration. The Chinese and the Russians scarcely need to reassure each other about the depth of their relationship. However, Xi and Putin are anxious that there should be no illusions about it in Washington. Alas, given the chaos in Washington, it’s doubtful whether anyone there is paying attention.

27 April 2017

Alexander Mercouris

The Duran


Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Ankara Slams Trump’s Statement on Armenian Genocide as “Disinformation”


On Thursday, US President Trump commemorated the anniversary of the start of the Armenian genocide in a statement released by the White House, saying that the “Meds Yeghern”, a term used by Armenians to describe the 1915 events, was one of the worst atrocities in the history of the 20th century. The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement:

We consider that the disinformation and false definitions contained in US President Trump’s written statement of 24 April 2017 regarding the 1915 events came from information pollution created over the years by some Armenian circles in the USA by means of propaganda. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the ceremony to commemorate the event at the Armenian Patriarchate of Istanbul on Monday. We expect that the new US Administration wouldn’t take credence in the one-sided historical narrative of these circles, known for their tendency to violence and hate speech, but that it should adopt an approach that takes into consideration the sufferings of all sides.

The Ottoman authorities killed about 1.5 million Armenians between 1915 and 1923; they also expelled hundreds of thousands out of their territory. Turkey disputed the figure and denied the genocide, blaming the deaths on wartime irregularities (it occurred during World War I and the following Greco-Turkish War of 1918-23: editor).

25 April 2017

Sputnik International


Sunday, 23 April 2017

Glazyrev Reveals “Cure For US Aggression”


On Friday, Kremlin advisor S Yu Glazyev told us:

The more aggressive the Americans are, the sooner they’ll see the final collapse of the dollar. The only way for victims of American aggression to stop this belligerence is to get rid of the dollar. As soon as China and we are through with the dollar, it’ll be the end of the USA’s military might. Donald Trump is doing what the ruling élite expects him to do. I had no illusions about him, that he would change policy. Firstly, America’s aggressiveness in the world is rooted in an aspiration to preserve America’s hegemony in a situation where they’ve already ceded leadership in the economy to China. The USA has no tool to make all others use the dollar other than a truncheon. They indulge in a hybrid war with the entire world, to shift the burden of their debts onto other countries, to limit all to the dollar, and weaken territories they can’t control. In this context, one can see anti-Russian hysteria and the growing Russophobia as a long-term factor linked with the specific interests of the USA’s ruling élite. In objective terms, they conduct a global hybrid war, and in subjective terms, they aim this war against us. More to it, as it always happens when a global leader changes, the war is for control over rim-land nations. In the period of World War I and World War II, Britain was an antagonist in a bid to keep its global leadership. Now, the USA is doing the same. Moreover, Trump expresses these interests.

21 April 2017



Tuesday, 18 April 2017

The Astounding Hubris, Incoherence, and Dysfunction of the Trump Administration

Note well that Trump lied about the Syrian strike. What else is he lying about? He had better not break out the bubbly, yet…


In decades to come, historians will identify this past week as one of the most seminal in postwar history, placing particular emphasis when they do on the actions of one of the most unstable, unpredictable, and capricious presidents ever to occupy the White House. Prior to his election, those who allowed themselves to believe that Trump’s lack of political experience and ideologically driven worldview were strengths that’d go a long way to giving birth to the multipolar world that’s long overdue, those people have reason to be nursing a sense of crushing disappointment over the political disaster that is currently unfolding, one that may well translate into a military disaster if allowed to continue on its current trajectory.

Indeed, it’s hard at this stage to avoid the feeling that Trump and his administration are actually itching for a military confrontation with Russia. Like a child discovering matches for the first time, the 45th president appears a leader who after ordering a missile strike for the first time can’t wait to order more. It’s a feeling reinforced by the meeting between US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Moscow, which sadly wasn’t the success a planet desperate for peace and stability was hoping for. Despite the cordial tone and atmosphere surrounding the talks, they ended with no resolution and no serious moves towards de-escalation.

The Trump administration continues to assert that its intelligence leaves no room for doubt when it comes to the allegation that President Assad authorised a sarin gas attack on civilians in Syria’s opposition-held Idlib Governate. Assad denies the allegation, and Russia supports this denial while calling for an independent UN-led investigation in order to ascertain the facts. So far, Washington refused to countenance such an investigation, while at the same time failing to produce the intelligence or evidence it claims to possess in support of its allegations. Even without factoring in the cooked-up and falsified intelligence used to unleash hell on Iraq in 2003, a conflict the after-effects of which lie at the root of the current crisis… and even without factoring in the destruction of Libya in 2011, driven by the same régime change fanaticism… the stance of the Trump administration is both unconscionable and contemptuous in its arrogance. It begs the question of what the US Government is afraid of when it comes to an independent investigation? Why the refusal to reveal its evidence and the intelligence that points to Syrian government responsibility for this alleged attack?

The most optimistic analysis we can make at this point is that Trump believes he can wheel and deal in the political arena as he has throughout his years in the business arena. However, the consequences of having his bluff called in the game he’s playing now, as opposed to the game he cut his teeth in, are of an entirely different dimension. The game his administration is playing now carries with it the strong possibility of unleashing catastrophic consequences. Thus far, they’ve dismissed the growing number of voices within the USA that question the conclusions being peddled by the White House over this alleged Syrian chemical weapons attack as the product of conspiracy theory and pro-Assad propaganda. On the other hand, one can’t so easily ignore the latest intervention by MIT professor Theodore Postol. Professor Postol, whose exhaustive rebuttal of the case against the Syrian government over the alleged sarin attack of 2013 should be required reading for anyone interested in drawing fact-based conclusions rather than those rooted in ideology, raised his voice again, this time challenging the intelligence behind these allegations and the intelligence used to support them.

Despite the lack of UN authorisation or congressional approval for the strike launched by Trump against Syria, the mainstream media in the USA, almost to a newspaper and network, lined up behind their President with their by now customary Pavlovian cheerleading for war and régime change. Their ranks have swelled by what one can best describe as a left-wing of US imperialism in the form of a hodgepodge of soi-disant socialists and progressives, whose metamorphosis into the most passionate of régime change fanatics and cranks has been stunning to behold.

Moscow, nobody should need to be reminded, won’t accept its implied status of Carthage to Washington’s Rome, with the cards Trump has dealt Russia this past week those of a leader who has made the mistake of allowing himself become dizzy with the questionable success of one limited military action. Yet, regardless, overnight, this missile strike transported Trump from bête noire of the neocon establishment to its Man of the Hour. This is despite the fact that the incoherence and mixed messages that ensued during the course of this crisis from Rex Tillerson, Nikki Haley, and Trump’s woefully under-qualified press secretary, Sean Spicer, reveals a level of dysfunction commonly associated with satire rather than the serious business of government.

The result is that Washington is currently a lumbering giant staggering blindly towards the edge of a cliff with no sign of stopping. This is why it’s such a pity that we have in the White House a President who takes pride in never reading books. For if he did, and if he took the time to dip into the works of Napoleon Bonaparte, he might learn something. For instance:

We mustn’t allow international incidents to shape foreign policy; foreign policy must shape the incidents.

Napoleon, it should be borne in mind, was a leader who also made the fatal mistake of allowing hubris to cloud his judgement.

14 April 2017

John Wight

Sputnik International


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