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Sunday, 2 October 2016

2 October 2016. Animal Funnies… The Inspectors Gather



Thursday, 4 August 2016

Fr Nikolai Balashov Believed that the Words Attributed to an EP Bishop about the Canonical Status of the Ukraine were Just “Journalistic Fiction”

Fr Nikolai Balashov


The MP doesn’t believe that EP Archbishop Iov Gecha stated that the Ukraine was the EP’s canonical territory. Archpriest Nikolai Balashov, Deputy Chairman of the MP Synodal Department of External Church Relations (OVTsS) said:

Archbishop Job is highly educated and expert in canon law; I can’t believe that he’d really claim, “The Ukraine is the canonical territory of the Church of Constantinople”. Such a statement is contrary to historical truth, as well as the official position of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, confirmed many times. Furthermore, Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople sent an official notification to Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all the Russias that Archbishop Iov would be visiting Kiev.

The well-known Ukrainian sectarian activist Sandeya Adeladzhi, of the Embassy of God cult, a supporter of the schismatics, released the interview with the mentioned statement. It also appeared on the Religious Information Service of the Ukraine (RISU) website, a Uniate-backed enterprise. Don’t forget that the head Uniate recently slandered Orthodox Christians… his fellow Ukrainian citizens. Vladyki Iov took part in services in Kiev at the personal invitation of Metropolitan Onufry Berezovsy of Kiev and all the Ukraine. I think that demonstrates whom the EP recognises as the only canonical Church jurisdiction in the Ukraine.

Journalists “tarted up” the facts; they published them without a twinge of conscience. Any road, attempts to deny the legitimacy of the reunification of the Kiev Metropolia with the MP are more journalistic fiction than a solemn statement of the Orthodox hierarchy. In any case, it’s absolutely devoid of both historical truth and canonical reason. Ecumenical Patriarch Dionysios IV and 21 of his Metropolitans signed the Conciliar Gramota of 1686, all the Eastern Patriarchs recognised it, and no one ever questioned it over the centuries.

4 August 2016



Sunday, 24 July 2016

Long Island Church Sued for Allowing Sexual Assault of 4-Year-Old by Priest’s Perv Teenage Son

00 ALL of our Children are Precious... End Abuse NOW


A lawsuit filed Friday in Manhattan alleges that last year, a 4-year-old Long Island boy was sexually assaulted by the former parish priest’s teenage son on the grounds of a Greek Orthodox Church as the little boy’s 6-year-old sister watched in horror. The victims’ parents say the attack took place in May 2015 after Sunday services at Holy Resurrection Greek Orthodox Church in Brookville NY. To protect the identities of the children, the Daily News isn’t naming the parents. In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, the parents say that while they chatted with the parish priest, the priest’s son, then a teenager, sodomised, fondled, and ejaculated on their half-naked son as his sister “helpless observed”. Immediately afterward, when the boy returned to his parents wearing no underwear and with his pants unbuttoned and the zipper down, his father asked him what happened. The suit says that the boy told him that the teenager had taken off his pants in a secluded area on church grounds.

According to the filing, the priest reacted by saying, “I know what’s going on and what happened”. The papers say the priest then “slammed his fists on the table … and uttered words to the effect: ‘I’m gonna kill him’”. The lawsuit says the priest and the child’s father found the teenager cowering in a closet. The priest said, according to the filing, “This won’t happen again. You’re finished. You’re going to be arrested this time. The priest then told the victim’s father that he’d called the police and stated, ‘This has happened before and he has to learn’”. The parents accuse the church of knowing about the teenager’s behaviour and failing to protect the parish children by keeping him away or warning parents of the danger. Demanding 10 million USD in damages for each child, they say their children are now fearful about their safety, losing sleep, depressed, and otherwise scarred. It is unclear from court papers if police pressed charges on the teenager, who is identified by initials. The News is withholding the priest’s name to protect the son’s identity because he, too, is a minor. There was no response from the spokesman for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America or Archbishop Demetrios Trakatellis, who also were named as defendants in the lawsuit.

22 July 2016

Barbara Ross

New York Daily News



Betcha that the GOAA will try to lay a big hunk of cash on the plaintiffs in an attempt to make this “go away”. The Greeks have used the Green Poultice in the past… that and social ostracism may very well bury this.


Sunday, 3 July 2016

3 July 2016. Mosaics Found in Church of the Nativity in Palestine

An Angel

Master Basilius

12th century

Church of the Nativity and the Pilgrimage Route

Bethlehem (Bethlehem Governorate). STATE OF PALESTINE


In 2012, urgent repairs began in the Church of the Nativity. Mostly, it concerned the roof, but restorers found medieval mosaics using modern sensors to detect temperature differences between plaster and glass on the walls. Note well that the icon is similar to New Roman mosaic icons in Ravenna, Monreale, and Palermo… and to contemporaneous work in Constantinopolis Nea Romana, which is implicit evidence pointing to a New Roman provenance for Master Basilius, the artist… if not that, it points to training in a New Roman atelier. This mosaic is nearly a thousand years old… it looks like the artist did it yesterday.

Old Rome fell to the axes of the barbarians… Constantinopolis Nea Romana fell to the cannon of the infidel Turk… Moscow is the Third Rome, and a Fourth there never shall be.

Make no mistake on it… Constantinopolis Nea Romana, the Second Rome, left us a tremendous legacy. However… it isn’t what it was. Muslim prayer echoed in Agia Sofia recently… a symbol of its fall. In 1448, the baton passed to Moscow when the Ecumenical Patriarch and Emperor spat on the Church at the Pseudo-Council of Ferrara-Firenze. Yes… when Isidor commemorated the Pope of Rome in Moscow, the Grand Prince arrested him, tossed him in the slam, but allowed him to escape to Catholic Poland after a spell in the clink. You see, the baton passed not at the fall of the City to the Turk, but when the Church and Emperor spat on the Lord Christ with their Pseudo-Unia.

Be careful with all those caterwauling about the Cretan “Council”… after all, the Phanar allowed papists and other heterodox to be part of the meeting. They’re up to old tricks, I’m afraid. The Centre is still standing tall…


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