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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Putin Warned Junta Against Blaming Territorial Losses in the Donbass on Russia

00 dead junta soldiers. Novorossiya. 17.08.14


On Monday, President V V Putin cautioned the Ukrainian junta against laying the blame for its military defeats in Novorossiya on Russia, saying on TV, “It’s extremely bad that they’re both trying to justify their defeat and blame Russia for it. However, the worst thing is that they’re trying to take a stand-off between the Ukraine and Russia to a higher level”. This comment comes amidst increased accusations from Kiev and from the West that Russia aided the VSN in Novorossiya to make territorial gains, specifically around the strategic rail hub of Debaltsevo. The town was a hotly contested area for days before the VSN encircled and trapped junta militants there last week. Putin also said, “If they implement the Minsk accords, I believe that the situation [in Novorossiya] will gradually normalise”. He emphasised that Europe and Russia were equally interested in a peaceful resolution of the Ukrainian crisis, adding, “No one needs a conflict on the edge of Europe, especially an armed one”. He noted that there’s no need for a third round of Minsk peace talks yet, and called everyone to focus on implementing the 12 February ceasefire deal, saying, “There’s no need for this yet… to take any urgent measures… because these Minsk agreements, they aren’t just a document outlined by four negotiators in the Minsk process, namely, the Ukraine, Russia, France, and Germany, they’re enshrined in a UN Security Council resolution and have become an act of international law effectively endorsed by the entire international community”.

23 February 2015

Sputnik International


Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Ukie Nationalist Nutter Calls for NATO Airstrikes in Novorossiya

00 The Night of the Lving Dead. Kiev. 10.05.14


On Tuesday, Poroshenko Bloc MP Vadim Denisenko appeared on Roman Chaika’s Channel 5 program Ukraina Ponad Use (The Ukraine Above All). Chaika posed the question, “What’s preventing NATO from carrying out airstrikes?” given the alliance’s policy of military interventionism. Denisenko responded by noting, “NATO is very slow in acting. Six months ago nobody even spoke about providing weapons. Now, in the near future, as I understand it, they’ll send weapons to the Ukraine; everything is being set up for their delivery. Then, after that, the next step would obviously be airstrikes. However, this would take an additional three to four months. Unfortunately, they’re very slow in their decision-making”. Chaika voiced his consternation over the perceived slowness of NATO intervention, noting, “When it comes to ISIL, Syria, etc., they make decisions quickly”. Denisenko further noted, in his view, “There’s no possibility for a political compromise on the matter of solving the conflict in [Novorossiya], in light of the circumstances, all that’s left to do is to formally declare war. The Ukraine will need as many arms and instructors as possible from NATO. This is the main thing we must achieve today. The IMF gave the Ukraine their word that they’d provide financial assistance during military hostilities to the Ukraine. However, we must also create an economic blockade of the occupied territories. Responsibility for the provision of the civilian population [for their basic needs] lies on the shoulders of the state-occupier. We must say honestly, ‘We won’t pay pensioners from the DNR and LNR; we won’t pay for their electricity’. If the political will exists, we could solve this in a month’s time”.

On Tuesday, President V V Putin noted that the West is already supplying Kiev with weaponry. He told the press after talks with Magyar Minister-President Viktor Orbán, “According to our information, they’re already delivering arms”. Putin added that while the weapons’ provision would result in more military and civilian casualties, they wouldn’t change the balance of forces, saying, “The result will remain the same as it is today. This is inevitable, since most of the Ukrainian forces’ personnel, in my opinion, have no desire to take part in a fratricidal war, far away from their own homes, whilst the [VSN] have the great motivation of protecting their families”.

18 February 2015

Sputnik International



If you needed proof of the crackbrained folly of the Uniate/schismatical junta… here it is. They fully expect the West to go to war for them. They’re nuts… which makes them dangerous. When they go down to defeat, I wouldn’t put it past these crazies to blow up a Dnepr dam or a Chernobyl containment vessel. I’ve seen nastiness on the part of “Ukrainian Catholics” and “Ukrainian Orthodox”… yes, they are capable of such. God do help us all…


Sunday, 15 February 2015

“Grexit” Could Cause EU Collapse

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. Euroised Greece. 2012


American economist Barry Eichengreen warned that the consequences of a Greek exit from the Eurozone could be devastating, and that the governments of the monetary union are taking the possible repercussions too lightly. In an interview with Die Welt am Sonntag, Eichengreen, UC Berkeley Professor of Economics, said that the consequences “would spread to other countries. When a Portuguese family or Spanish businessperson sees that Euros have been converted into drachmas, they’ll take their money out of their accounts. That could lead to a run on the banks”. Eichengreen continued that this scenario would snowball, “investors would speculate on the next candidate to leave the Eurozone”, thus endangering the entire Euro project. He also thinks that financial markets are also guilty of miscalculation, with share prices giving an overly positive picture. “My experience as an economic historian has taught me that markets always look relaxed, until suddenly… they aren’t. From the banking crisis of 2008 to the emerging markets crises of the 1990s, anybody can take their favourite financial crisis and discover that markets are really not a good crisis indicator. In the run-up to the crash, the players were always too relaxed for too long, and then later fell into a complete panic”. Eichengreen believed that the new Greek government should be given more time, “They should be given some breathing space, which is also in the interests of their creditors. I’d be in favour of tying interest payments on the borrowing to economic growth. Only when the Greek economy grows, should the country pay interest, otherwise the payments will simply be deferred. The Euro is of great symbolic and geostrategic worth for Europe”. He added that such an eventuality on the economic front would also have consequences for the West in terms of the European geostrategic situation. He observed, “The West hardly wants Russia to be able to position itself as a saviour, and become involved”, adding that this would have “dramatic consequences” for NATO.

15 February 2015

Sputnik International


Thursday, 5 February 2015

Red Cross Appalled by Uniate Junta Shelling of Hospitals in Novorossiya

00 donetsk. hospital hit by junta shellfire. 05.02.15

The illegitimate Uniate/schismatic terrorist junta fires its artillery indiscriminately into civilian neighbourhoods in an attempt to cow the people. This is WORSE than deliberately targeting hospitals, as heinous as that is. It means that the Uniate/schismatic filth don’t care who they kill… people in hospital beds… kids in kindergartens… oldsters playing bingo… the firemen playing cards between calls.


Reflect on that whenever you pass a “Ukrainian Catholic” or “Ukrainian Orthodox” church or if you hear them defending the junta and the Ukrainian pseudo-state. When you praise those who do evil, you do evil yourself. Ponder that…


On Wednesday, a media release from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) stated that damage caused to medical facilities in Novorossiya appalled the agency, following the shelling of a hospital in Donetsk. Joan Audierne, head of the ICRC office in Donetsk, said in the release, “This isn’t the first time that hospitals and other medical facilities have come under fire. Medical staffs work under very difficult conditions to save lives. They must be able to do their work. We must spare civilian infrastructure and patients. If you’re not safe in a hospital, where can you be?” Earlier in the day, junta forces shelled a hospital in Tekstilshchik Raion of Donetsk. DNR authorities said that the incident claimed the lives of at least four people.

4 February 2015

Sputnik International



If you pass a “Ukrainian Catholic” or “Ukrainian Orthodox” church, you pass a parish controlled by those who support shelling hospitals, killing canonical Orthodox priests, and brutalising Russian civilians. No, not all the people support that, not by a long shot… but the hierarchies do. They’re shameless lickspittle running dogs of Langley. Lebedeff admitted in public that the ROCOR took Langley’s pieces of silver (“We were grateful for it”)… it’s fair to assume that the “Ukrainians” did likewise (and, probably, to a greater extent). Don’t take it out on this-or-that individual… but do bear in mind that their bishops enthusiastically support the illegitimate putschist junta in Kiev and that the priests must give at least lip-service support of it. “Knife the Moskali!” “The Ukraine for Ukrainians only!” Note well that the clergy of these groups MUST support such racist hatred… they call themselves “Christians”… fancy that…


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