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Friday, 19 August 2016

There Would Be No Happiness: The Top 5 Surprises From the Russian Team in Rio

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The Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro is smoothly transiting into its final stage. Four days remain in medals competition. They decimated the Russian Olympic team, but as it turned out, that only spurred on our athletes. We offer to you the most unexpected successes of our Olympians in Rio.

  1. Women’s Archery. Team Championship… Silver

In all the time that our team took part in the Olympics, Russian archers only just got on the podium… Bair Badenov won the bronze at the Beijing Olympics in the men’s singles championships. On 7 August, our girls won a historic silver for Russia in the team competition. Tuyana Dashidorzhieva, Inna Stepanova, and Kseniya Perova lost to the favoured Korean team, having a total score of 5-1 in the three sets. Stepanova said after the finals:

The fact that we made the finals was an achievement for us, but we fought to get there, we tried hard, we went through a lot… through years-long practise, pain, tears… we had to sacrifice a lot.

  1. Women’s Air Pistol, 10 Metres. Vitalina Batsarashkina… Silver

We won our last medal in this competition back in 2008 at the Beijing Olympics. Then, Nataliya Paderina won silver. At the Rio Olympics, some had hopes for young 19-year-old Vitalina Batsarashkina, but no one could’ve imagined that at such a young age, she’d be able to win the silver. Batsarashkina told reporters:

Tomorrow, I’m flying home; I’m glad to be going back to my folks. They still haven’t gotten over the shock that I’m going home with a medal.

  1. Women’s Sailing, RS-X.Bronze. Stefaniya Elfutina… Bronze

In this sport, Russian sportsmen haven’t had even one success in the last 20 years. In Rio, there wasn’t much hope, but the 19-year-old Stefaniya Elfutina managed to surprise everyone by winning the bronze in windsurfing. Now, Russian fans have a reason to watch the sailing competitions… finally, we have somebody capable of winning a medal.

  1. Men’s Single Kayak, 1000 Meteres. Roman Anoshkin… Bronze

For Russia, even reaching the finals in this sport is already a success, but our rower scored a “splash” in the semi-finals, showing the best time in his class. In the final, Anoshkin, a native of Omsk Oblast, achieved unprecedented success, winning the bronze. He was the first Russian athlete in 44 years to stand on the Olympic podium in the singles rowing competition. Anoshkin told us after the finish:

In general, I didn’t expect to win a medal, but I wanted to do it, so, I’m very happy. Somehow, I failed to take the lead from the start, I had to lay back in the pack, but early in the second half, I started speeding up and catching up. We had a later start than others did, which gave me a total time good enough to win.

  1. Women’s Tennis, Doubles. Vesnina/Makarova… Gold

The Russian tennis players winning the gold didn’t come as a surprise, they were amongst the favourites even before the games began. However, one thing was surprising… our girls didn’t lose a single set in the tournament! Bravo! Despite the fact that the duo of Makarova and Vesnina has long been a byword in world tennis, the Olympic championship eluded them. Besides that, until now, Russian tennis players only won the singles at the Olympics. Vesnina said:

We really had a very difficult path here in Rio. We wanted to come here as soon as possible to prepare, to get better used to the courts, but it didn’t turn out that way. Nevertheless, this even helped us to some extent; after all, we’re ready for unforeseen situations. Once here, nothing distracted us from our goal. We didn’t worry about the food or anything else.

18 August 2016

RIA Novosti


Monday, 8 August 2016

Americans Remove Russian Paralympic Team From Rio-2016 Using English Toady… S M Mironov Speaks of the Injustice

00 Paralympics. 10.09.12. Gold Medal

You can stand with A V Ashapatov or with the Anglo filth… there’s no doubt about where I stand… I’m NOT alone…


International sporting officials attacked the honour of world sport. Suspension of the Russia Paralympic team… it isn’t just spitting at our country… it’s a crime against the entire Olympic Movement. Under false pretences, these rascals, egged on by politicians, not only deprived our athletes the chance of showing off their skills, but they attacked these goodwill ambassadors and heroes, not allowing them to show the limitless possibilities of humanity! The Olympic Charter states that the edifying value of good example, social responsibility, and respect for universal ethical principles undergirds Olympianism. These principles are major symbols of our civilisation; our Paralympians are living proof of their loyalty to them! Admiration of their victories breaks down the centuries-old barriers between people with disabilities and the world around them. What can we say of Olympic sport if these Paralympian-heroes became victims of the whims of heartless bureaucratic rats?

According to the Olympic Charter, persecution of athletes because of politics is unacceptable; it isn’t compatible with the principles of the Olympic Movement. We should hold a large-scale investigation; we should strictly judge these disgraceful sport toadies and remove them from the International Paralympic Committee. Russia must have a voice in this; A Just Russia insists upon it. To all our team… to our Paralympians… I want to tell you that you’re all winners! They’re not allowing you to compete because they know that you show real class and that you glorify your country.


S M Mironov



The leading team at the last Paralympics were the Russians. They have ample government support and support from private sources as well. The US government doesn’t fund its team very well or back it as strongly as the Russian team is. Therefore, to increase their medal count, what better means is there than to remove the best team? I know, it’s immoral… but to Anglos, “winning is the only thing”, so, things that are immoral and indecent for other peoples are legit to Anglos. Right now, the Anglos are losing big-time in the political sphere to the Russians and Chinese… ergo, this peevish and unjust action. As for doping… I just saw Alex Rodriguez on the telly… doping is common-garden behaviour in American sport. Methinks that Yanks have no call to be naming other people “dopers”, when they won’t go after it in their own sportsmen.

S M Mironov is the head of A Just Russia (Справедливая Россия: Spravedlivaya Rossiya (SR)), which has 64 seats out of 450 in the RF Gosduma. SR is a social democratic party to the right of the KPRF, but to the left of United Russia. It envisions a tightly-regulated economy where some capitalism exists, but tightly-controlled, with ample social welfare provisions for the population.


Monday, 27 June 2016

27 June 2016. “Western Values” on Parade

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Do reflect on the fact that Germany pays pensions to these murderers (if still alive) and refused them to NVA vets (most NVA officers were of working-class background, whereas the Federal Republic prefered officers from the bourgeois and artisto classes). NATO swallowed the Nazi narrative wholeheartedly and enthusiastically (except for lacking the Antisemitism, NATO’s ethos was that of the Third Reich). Tells you a lot about “Western values”, doesn’t it? Oh, one last thing… the “Ukrainian” nationalists willingly acted as the Germans’ hangsmen. I thought that you’d like to know that…


Tuesday, 14 June 2016

14 June 2016. As Seen By Vitaly Podvitsky… A Russian Fist For Anglo Hooligans

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. A Russian Fist for Anglo Hooligans. 2016

A Russian Fist For Anglo Hooligans

Vitaly Podvitsky



Of course, the UEFA blamed the Russians, even though the Anglo yobbos started the fracas and mayhem. This should’ve learnt the Anglos good on a point of principle… you can start a fight with the Russians, but the Russians will generally finish it (and you). I somehow think that the lesson didn’t sink home this time… just listen to Chilly Hilly’s hate-filled rhetoric about the Rodina (to think that self-hating Orthodox support her! Monstrous!). I fear that the lesson will have to be repeated… with bloody results. Don’t say that I didn’t tell you so…


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