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Friday, 22 April 2016

22 April 2016. It’s Past Sundown… The Jewish Passover is On!

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The sun is down, so the Jewish Passover has begun, running until sundown 30 April. This is, perhaps, the defining festival for all Jews in all climes and all times. The Seder is the Table of Freedom for all Jews… it symbolises their liberation from slavery in Egypt. Many Jews take this theme of liberation and extend it to the general society. Look at Saul Solomon, a politician in 19th century Cape Colony, who stated, “[I] give my decided opposition to all legislation tending to introduce distinctions either of class, colour, or creed”. We also see this thirst for justice in Bernie Sanders, who despite being non-observant, is still a proud Jew. Friends have told me that Passover for them is the Festival of Freedom, not just for Jews, but for all people. Remember this… as a lowly Greek country pappas said during World War II during the fascist occupation of Greece, “Our Lord Christ lived and died a believing Jew”. Antisemitism amongst Christians is self-hatred and oxymoronic… do ponder that…


Saturday, 19 December 2015

19 December 2015. Fie on Wheaton College! FOR SHAME!

00 Joani Rothenberg. Shabat Shalom.

Shabbat Shalom

Joni Rothenberg


contemporary American


Wheaton College is chock fulla beans… to think that they fired a prof for saying that Christians and Muslims worship the same God! Everybody knows that the three Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) believe in the One Creator God. Of course, we differ… I asked a friend at the MDA to ask a faculty member to reply… he wrote:

Of course, Christianity and Islam are different. However, we both believe in One God Who created the Universe, Who sustains it, and Who will judge it. Our differences aren’t over monotheism and the One God… our differences are over God’s Nature and the means of His Salvific Mission. Needless to say, one also must mention that our views on the Holy Trinity and the Divinity of Our Lord Christ divide us. That being said, there aren’t distinct Christian and Muslim “Gods”. We have radically different conceptions of the One God… conceptions that do make us separate religions. Nevertheless, don’t forget, “Il-lah” is only Arabic for “God”. Our Christian compatriots in the Middle East use the same word as the Muslims do! I’ve lectured at Muslim institutions, and Muslim scholars have lectured here. Whether Wheaton College was right or wrong, I can’t and won’t say… but I’d say that we have different views on such a situation.

Wheaton College showed that it wasn’t Christian in the smallest-possible way. “Evangelicals” are pseudo-Christians and all Orthodox who schmooze with them and those clergy who allow them to influence our people are not only wrong, they’re evil. Do ponder that…


Sunday, 6 December 2015

6 December 2015. Hanukkah Begins Tonight

00 Have a Blessed Hanukkah. 2012. 08.12.12


Hanukkah began tonight at sundown… it’ll run until sundown on 14 December. Do recall WHY Jews celebrate it… Judas Maccabaeus whipped the plug-uglies and purified the Temple (short version). It’s a Festival of Freedom… ask your Jewish friends… they’ll tell you the same thing that I just did. Don’t forget to wish all the Jewish people that you know, “Happy Hanukkah! And a Happy Holiday to you!”

This is why “Happy Holidays” is germane to all of us… oh, do save me some latkes, if you will…


Monday, 2 November 2015

2 November 2015. No Words Necessary Department…

00 archbishop damaskinos greece jews 301015


In a Greek country town, the fascist occupiers and their local collaborators set up a stage. They gathered the people and promised them all sorts of material incentives to help search for Jews. Many appeared to be moved by this and seemed ready to help the fascists. The local pappas came on the scene, walking through the crowd, looking at everyone. When he got in front of them, he simply said:

Our Lord Christ lived and died a Jew.

Nothing more. He left with composure and dignity, not in a hurry at all. The crowd dispersed.

That is the Churchly attitude to anti-Semitism. Oppose it wherever you find it. It’s most common in the ROCOR (and other Russian Orthodox bodies, too), most often found amongst “conservatives” (both White Guard and American varieties). Have a care… anti-Semitism can rot out your Orthodoxy from the inside out. Like all hate, there’s nothing positive about it. Be on your guard… the times are evil…


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