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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

VVP Puts a Smartass Western Journalist in Their Place

This is what the USA does. It has the goddamn gall to lecture others on moral behaviour. I need to find a corner to be sick in…


If while expressing their point of view people break the law in our country, then, law enforcement has to do its job, as in any other country, but unlike other countries, our police don’t use batons or tear gas as we often see in your country. Your law enforcement disassembled the Occupy movement into pieces and dissolved it; I don’t ask you how are things with democracy in your country. Why do you think you have a right to ask us these questions, to teach us morals and to teach us how to live our life? We welcome constructive criticism if it comes from a good place in an effort to foster a closer relationship, but we don’t accept it when you use it as a tool of political pressure.

V  V Putin

President of the Russian Federation


Sunday, 21 May 2017

Five REAL Stories Hidden From View by “Russiagate”

You can believe this bullshit or you can believe the truth… it’s up to you. By the way… over the years, Soviet and Russian diplomats and journalists showed great courtesy and consideration to Ms Waters… this is how she repays friendship. This is how all Anglo Americans and their allies act. Never turn your back on an American… they’re false to the core and only care for their own advancement. You’ll regret doing otherwise…


The mainstream media ignored key developments whilst peddling nonsense about Russia. With increasingly illogical, contradictory, and downright insane Russiagate stories dominating the headlines, here are some important stories you may have missed.

Saudi Arabia’s War on Yemen

Saudi Arabia confirmed that missiles fired from the Houthi-backed Yemeni government hit near the Saudi capital of Riyadh. The strike came as Donald Trump visited the Wahhabi Kingdom on a trip that includes a visit to Israel. According to so-called Saudi activist Jassem bin Mohammed:

A huge explosion shook (the) Riyadh area before Trump’s visit amidst panic, fear, and rumours that this was a Yemeni ballistic missile, and it comes right before the arrival of the American guest (Trump), and this is the message they wanted to deliver to us.

With American and British assistance, Saudi Arabia bombs Yemen in a war that caused massive civilian casualties, infrastructural collapse in Yemen, and mass starvation from a man-made famine. Reports also surfaced that cholera broke out in the besieged state.

America Attacks Syria Again 

The USA confirmed an air-to-ground attack on a convoy in southern Syria. The strike near a small US-coalition base in at-Tanf targeted a convoy that Syria said comprised soldiers from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the National Defence Forces (NDF), Hizbullah, and the Imam Al-‘Ali Battalion. The USA continues to quote jihadist rhetoric by claiming that the troops were Iranian when in fact they included Syrians, Lebanese, Iraqis, and possibly an unconfirmed contingent of Iranian irregulars. Russia condemned the attack whilst Syria referred to it as government terrorism.

One Belt–One Road

A historic conference between heads of state and government in Beijing dominated the early part of the week, where countries as diverse as China, Russia, Turkey, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Pakistan (to name a few) participated in a forum where leaders expressed their commitment to one of the largest logistics, trade, and commerce projects in modern history. The Chinese-spearheaded initiative seeks to create modern land and sea trade corridors linking East Asia to Africa and Eurasia to Europe. This groundbreaking project could shift the balance of world economic power, but the western mainstream media totally ignored it.

US Military Leaders Softening Tone On Russia 

As Russiagate dominates the domestic media circus, US Defence Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis and Joint Chiefs Chairman Marine General Joseph Dunford said that the USA is eager to engage in a process they call “deconflict”.  According to General Dunford, both Russia and America are keen on minimising any conflict between the two sides in order to focus on fighting ISIS around Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor.

Saudi Weapons Deal 

The United States is about to finalise the sale of military hardware to Saudi Arabia in a deal said to be worth 110 Billion USD (6.25 billion Roubles. 757.12 billion Renminbi. 7.1 trillion INR. 148.67 billion CAD. 147.32 billion AUD. 98.2 billion Euros. 84.53 billion UK Pounds). Reports say that Ivanka Trump’s husband Jared Kushner personally intervened to seal the deal. Far from breaking with the time-tested US tradition of selling the Saudis expensive weapons systems that their poorly-trained army can barely operate, the Trump administration is keen to use the deal as a symbolic expression of US commitment to the Gulf states’ continued aggressive posturing towards Iran. Of course, this came on the eve of Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia.

20 May 2017

Adam Garrie

The Duran


Saturday, 20 August 2016

No, Ambassador McFaul: Putin Didn’t Order Me to Fall in Love with Donald Trump

00 Russian caricature of Michael McFaul. 06.12


Former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul penned a scathing piece in the Washington Post accusing the Kremlin of intervening in the American election, based solely on the evidence of a harsh article regarding Clinton published by Sputnik News. Boy, was he wrong! My name is Bill Moran. A native Arizonan, I’ve worked on dozens of Democratic Party campaigns, and am more recently a proud writer for Sputnik’s Washington DC bureau. It seems that as of Thursday morning that I’m a source of controversy between the USA and Russia… something that I never quite could’ve imagined… for writing an article that was critical of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, with a stinging headline, and a harsh hashtag.

So, what is this controversy all about? This weekend I published a piece with the headline, Secret File Confirms Trump Claim… Obama and Hillary “Founded ISIS” to Oust Assad. I also tweeted out this story from our platform with the hashtag #CrookedHillary. Guilty as charged. On Wednesday night, McFaul took to the Washington Post to opine that the article was part of a Kremlin-led conspiracy to subvert the American election, referring to the person running the Sputnik Twitter account (that particular day being me) as a “Russian official”, before warning (threatening) that we “might want to think about what we plan to do” if Clinton becomes president.

I feel it is necessary to pause, here, before having a substantive argument about the article’s merits and purpose within the public discourse, to address the severity of the accusation levelled against me and Sputnik’s staff (not by name until now), and its disturbing implications on freedom of speech, dissent, and American democracy… implications that I hope that Mr McFaul, other public proponents of the Hillary campaign, and the cadre of Russian critics consider. Pursuant to 18 US Code Chapter 115, I’d be writing this article to you from prison, if not awaiting a death sentence, if I were writing content ordered down to me by the Kremlin with a view towards subverting the American election. Instead, I’m writing this piece from my favourite coffeeshop in downtown DC. I’m not a Russian official. Our staff members aren’t Russian officials. We aren’t Kremlin controlled. We don’t speak with Vladimir Putin over our morning coffee.

Mr McFaul worked side-by-side with the former Secretary of State in the Obama Administration, and his routine accusations that Trump supporters are siding with Putin leaves me to imagine that he’s a Clinton insider if not a direct campaign surrogate. That such a public official would suggest reprisals against those with differing viewpoints in the event that she wins is disturbing. Our outlet doesn’t endorse or support any particular US presidential candidate, but rather reports news and views for the day in as diligent a manner as we possibly can. This is clear in our very harsh headlines on Trump, which Mr McFaul failed to review before making his attack.

On Friday morning, in fact, the Atlantic Council’s Ben Nimmo issued a completely different view, calling our coverage “uncharacteristically balanced”, but arguing that, because we report generally negative stories on both candidates, our real target is American democracy itself. It may surprise Messrs McFaul and Nimmo to learn that, in my previous work on political campaigns, I actually helped fundraise for Hillary Clinton… the candidate whose inner circle is now labelling my colleagues and I as foreign saboteurs. It’s not my fault nor Sputnik’s fault that Secretary Clinton’s campaign has devolved into one predicated upon fear and conspiracy, where the two primary lines are “the Russians did it” and that she isn’t Trump.

Donald Trump has the lowest approval rating since presidential polling began. Until recently, Clinton had the second lowest approval rating since presidential polling began. Their numbers are worse than even Barry Goldwater and George Wallace, in fact. The fact that more than 50 percent of the country dislikes both presidential candidates isn’t a Kremlin conspiracy. Would it be appropriate for us to present to our readers an alternate universe à la MSNBC, which defended Clinton’s trustworthiness by saying she only perjured herself three times? Why have both presidential candidates received less than fawning coverage from our outlet? They haven’t done anything to warrant positive coverage. My colleagues, also Americans, like so many others in this country, wish they would. Let’s return to the substance of the article to which Mr McFaul took exception. We wrote this piece because it was newsworthy… it informed our readers and forced them to think. The provocative headline of the story came from a statement by Trump that’s a bit of a stretch (notice the air quotes on the title), but which highlighted a major policy decision made by this administration that wasn’t properly scrutinised by the mainstream media. In the article, for those who actually read it, I refer to the 2012 DNI report that correctly calculated that Obama’s policy in Syria would lead to the development of a Salafist entity controlling territory and that this outcome was “wanted”. Hence, the title.

Today, the Obama Administration grapples with a similar debate over whether to continue to support the “moderate rebels” in Syria, despite the fact that they’ve now melded with al-Nusra (an al-Qaeda affiliate until they rebranded), under the banner of the Army of Conquest in Syria. We don’t pretend that these decisions exist in a vacuüm with a clear right and wrong answer upon which no two intelligent people differ, but this is a matter worthy of public discourse. What about that hashtag? Why would I use #CrookedHillary? I mean, I could’ve put #Imwithher, but I wasn’t trying to be ironic. When you feature a hashtag at the end of a sentence, its purpose is for cataloguing. Some people, usually non-millennials, use hashtags as text to convey a particular opinion. I wasn’t doing that. I also used #NeverTrump in a separate article. However, Mr McFaul lazily cherry-picked, and then labelled (maybe unwittingly) Sputnik’s American writers traitors to this country. Personally, I expect an apology for that.

20 August 2016

Sputnik International


Saturday, 9 July 2016

9 July 2016. Bill O’Reilly is Resurrecting the Old “Obama is a Muslim” Myth Again

00 hate speech texas 01. 18.01.15


“Many Americans, including this one, believe Barack Obama’s emotional attachment to the Muslim world has hurt the USA”.

Need I go on and on, banging on about the right-obvious truth? Obama IS many things, indeed… but he’s no Muslim, and his support of ISIS has nothing to do with “’attachment’ to the Muslim world”. That support has everything to do with weakening Syria and helping Israel (which is NOT coeval with the USA, as anti-Semites claim, but Israel IS America’s dog-loyal client state). Do note that ISIS doesn’t target Israel or Israelis! Does O’Reilly really believe the arrant nonsense that he spouts? As for me, I think that his attitude is “Paris is worth a mass” and that anything that keeps the bucks rolling in is A-OK with him. That is, O’Reilly isn’t evil… he’s simply a nihilist mercenary, like Rod Dreher and Rich Lowry. Expect more such from him as the political season progresses…


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