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Friday, 9 January 2015

9 January 2015. No Real News Out of the OCA Since Mollard’s Trip to the Phanar

00 Sleepy bear. cartoon. 01.04.13


I’ve monitored oca.org, and there’s been no real news since they announced Mollard’s trip to the Phanar on 18 December. NOTHING OF SUBSTANCE. In fact, there’s been little enough news in general out of the OCA since Mollard’s enthronement. Actually, most people that I know WELCOME this situation. As one wrote me:

We had “seven lean years” from 2005 to 2012. Trust me, I’ve had enough “excitement” to last me for my life. I LIKE the lack of upset, and I hope that it lasts.

This person isn’t alone. Truthfully, most people are happy with Mollard. His bovine passivity actually COMFORTS people. The parishes are left alone… in an almost Zen-like Old School Metropolia way. Let’s keep it focused… the parish, not the diocese, is the basic building block of the Russian Orthodox diaspora in the USA and Canada. However, do note that no comment has issued forth from OCA official sources on either the Russian or Phanar gallivants, so, most people wonder why they even happened at all. I can’t help… I’m as nonplussed as all the rest are. There’s much speculation… you pays your money and you takes your choice.

What this covers over is a four-way split:

  1. The Syosset Mafia… centred at the Chancery. The “First Families” set and their hangers-on.
  2. The SVS set centred about Hatfield & Co.
  3. The po-nashemu ethnics and Alaska Natives… no fans of the Syosset set… they supported Bobby over Lyonyo (as one said, “Bobby’s a thief, but Kish is nuts… some choice”).
  4. The convert nutters (“konvertsy“)… Monomoron trash and those like them.

This will be in abeyance for some time yet, as the OCA atomises slowly and without fanfare, as the individual parishes follow their own goals. Will the 2016 all-Orthodox Sobor cause enharmonic dissonances that will topple this finely-balanced organism? We’ll have to see… I anticipate more than one “surprise”…


Friday, 19 December 2014

Mollard Goes to Halki with SVS Delegation… NO BUZZ AS TO WHY

00 Chalki EP Seminary. Istanbul TURKEY. 06.10.13


Read this. Mollard went to the Phanar without any advance warning. This is unusual. Where did he get the money? The OCA doesn’t have it… Fatso wasted it all. No one knows what was said in private. Was Mollard a courier between HH and Bart? Was Mollard sticking a knife in HH’s back? NO ONE KNOWS. The fact that this happened less than a week after Mollard’s return from the Centre is interesting. Such a thing has never happened before. On top of that, Bart doesn’t recognise the OCA. Note well that oca.org is silent on THAT.

Make no conclusions… there’s not enough data yet. Pass the jug… it’ll take a while for things to gel. Patience, kids…


Thursday, 11 December 2014

11 December 2014. Cabinet Reactions to Mollard’s Ad Limina… Sans Commentary

00 Tikhon Mollard and Ilarion Alfeyev. Moscow. 03.12.14


I have it on very good authority that His Holiness the all-Russian patriarch laid down the Law on the OCA regarding Renovationism and lax morals (especially, the brewing homosexuality issue). His Beatitude agrees with HH… HH promised him every support. However, this means that they’re throwing down the gauntlet and it’s going to get ugly.


I wonder why about this whole silly trip. Still can’t find anyone who has a clue. Was this a favour to Antioch so that their Patriarch wouldn’t have to receive Mollard in any official capacity?


[Mollard] looks very angry… surely, the Patriarch isn’t on JP’s side! In other matters, just wait until the Arabs in the Antiochian Archdiocese start their backlash against the converts… Philip kept them in line with an iron fist…


NO ONE KNOWS what went down in private. I’ll only say that I don’t know… but we’ll find out in due course, and it’ll be sooner, rather than later. Patience, kiddies… pass me the jug…


Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Mollard Ends Trip to Russia… Oddest Ad Limina That I’ve Ever Seen

00 Metr TIkhon Mollard. Moscow. 10.12.14


Read this. I’ve never seen such an odd ad limina visit. Whilst he was in Petersburg, Mollard did nothing major. On Monday, HH and Varsonofy blessed a reconstructed church at Tsarkoe Selo. VVP and Lavrov were there… Mollard and his delegation weren’t. HH handed out awards… Mollard and his delegation didn’t get any. Mollard had only one major event in eight days of his visit… the concelebration in Moscow. Otherwise, NOTHING of major import occurred… or, at least, nothing of major import surfaced in media reports. It seemed to underline the insignificance of the OCA… HH left Mollard in Moscow, and went off to Kaliningrad on pastoral business. They kept Mollard out of all major events, except for the singular instance of the Moscow Kremlin concelebration. I’ll bet that the Centre picked up the bill for this. The very lack of reportage suggests that both Yustinian the Poof and Paffhausen the Great were on the agenda. If I had to guess, that’s what I’d think. I’ve never seen the like before… and it may never happen again. Pass the jug… reporting on diaspora Orthodoxy is NEVER boring…


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