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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

13 October 2015. Jillions Sticks His Foot in It… AGAIN

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Look at this:

Chancellor’s Report

Fr John Jillions provided a brief update to his recent extensive report to the 18th all-American Council. He noted that the report of the Office for Review of Sexual Misconduct Allegations (ORSMA) would be presented by Cindy Heise on Thursday. He stated that assertions recently circulated on the internet that Cindy Heise is Metropolitan Tikhon’s niece are completely false.

Izzat so? The above is poorly written and misleading. It raises more questions than it answers. A real pro answer would be:

Ms Heise isn’t related to Metropolitan Tikhon in any way. She isn’t a “friend of the family”. Internet allegations to the contrary are false.

Ergo, questions remain. Is she a relative, but not a niece? Is she a “friend of the family?” Is she a relative of a friend? Did she lack all ties to the Mollard family before her hire? Jillions does it again. He’s an incompetent SOB, and Lyonyo’s lapdog, but at least he’s not an incompetent scheming Uriah Heep like Eric Tosi. I think that Ms Heise has a link to the Mollard clan… she’s simply not his niece. Thanks for fucking it up, John…


Friday, 9 October 2015

9 October 2015. Moriak Suing OCA… Does Fatso Have a Finger in This Imbroglio? It Has His Fingerprints All Over It…

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Bishop Matthias Moriak, the former Chicago bishop of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA), who had to retire amid allegations of sexual misconduct two years ago, sued church leaders for breaching his retirement contract. He filed the lawsuit against Metropolitan Tikhon Mollard, First Hierarch of the OCA, and Detroit Archbishop Nathaniel Popp, leader of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate, in Cook County Circuit Court last month. Both defendants received papers served during the national Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in Chicago. Bishop Matthias alleges that church leaders violated the terms of his retirement and a recent employment agreement when they terminated a parish assignment in response to complaints from the Survivors Network for those Abused by Priests. The suit alleges, “This is a case about broken promises and the repeated failure to honour one’s legal obligations. The legal questions involved aren’t complex. Indeed, they require only a straightforward application of civil law”. OCA officials didn’t return requests for comment. Bishop Matthias’ assignment to a parish in Pennsylvania angered victims’ advocates, who said allowing the ousted bishop to return to any form of active ministry violated the church’s zero-tolerance policy.

Bishop Matthias, born David Lawrence Moriak, stepped down from his post as head of the Midwest diocese in April 2013 after the church determined that remarks to a female parishioner in Ohio qualified as sexual misconduct. Matthias said at the time of his ouster, “I do repent of using poor judgment, of using inappropriate words that I thought were being received as humorous. It was never my intention to cause a complaint of any harm or discomfort. In fact, I was quite concerned for her health and well-being. I’m sorry that my kindness and generosity to this person was viewed with suspicion and ulterior motives”. Terms of the retirement package included permission to serve in any parish, as long as he has the blessing of the local bishop. That agreement included the parish in Columbus OH, where his son serves as a priest. Although the Orthodox Church allows its priests to marry and have children, married priests cannot become part of the hierarchy. As a widower who didn’t remarry, Bishop Matthias could become a bishop. After his retirement, Bishop Matthias moved to West Virginia where he purchased a home and secured a retail job to make ends meet. According to the suit, Archbishop Nathaniel, the most senior OCA bishop and leader of the Romanian Episcopate, contacted him in November 2014 to fill temporarily a parish post in Hermitage PA. Because of the temporary nature of the job and the move required, Bishop Matthias initially declined the request. Archbishop Nathaniel returned six months later to offer a guaranteed one-year appointment approved by Metropolitan Tikhon and other bishops. Bishop Matthias quit his retail job, leased his house, and moved to Hermitage.

According to the suit, after victims’ advocates aired their concerns in the media in July, Metropolitan Tikhon told Bishop Matthias he could continue to serve with his blessing, but the parish had to remove any references to his position from its website. Bishop Matthias declined. In August, according to the suit, Metropolitan Tikhon proposed removing Bishop Matthias from the Pennsylvania parish and moving him to a monastery for three months with a 7,000 USD (430,000 Roubles. 44,500 Renminbi. 454,000 INR. 9,080 CAD. 9,620 AUD. 6,200 Euros. 4,560 UK Pounds) stipend. He also acknowledged in that email that Bishop Matthias had “acted in good faith in all of this”, and admitted that he and the bishops “failed in fulfilling” their “responsibility”. In the suit, Bishop Matthias seeks damages, including lost wages and expenses incurred from the move to Pennsylvania. The suit also claims Bishop Matthias suffered emotional distress. The suit said, “After losing his beloved wife, the church was his entire life. Now that, too, was being taken away from him”. The OCA, one of several branches of Orthodox Christianity in the USA claims about 100,000 adult members nationwide, with about 5,000 in the Midwest.

8 October 2015

Manya Brachear Pashman

Chicago Tribune


Friday, 18 September 2015

Some Vox Pop on Mollard’s Shenanigans at Syosset

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. It came from Syosset. 2012


I got this from a trusted source:

The new OCA Coordinator for the Office of Review of Sexual Misconduct Allegations, Cindy Davis Heise, is Mollard’s niece. Talk about a conflict of interest. If any “allegations” are brought against Mollard, will she be investigating these too? Ms Davis (Niece Cindy) also served in the Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania apparat when Mollard was ruling bishop. This reminds me of what happened when Peter Borzuku, the OCA Pension Plan Administrator died. Kondratick quietly had his wife, Bette, appointed as his successor. Kondratick and Mollard sure know how to keep things in the family, don’t they? Just goes to show you that these converts, especially from Episcopalians (Hatfield, Mollard, Fathausen, Eliel), Catholic priests running away from something (Popp, Brum), and Evangelicals are all bad news and worse than any corrupt ethnics are or ever were!

By the way, Mollard, Jillions, Lyonyo, Tosi, Wheeler, and Niece Cindy really did a job on Dickie Wood. The sexual misconduct allegations they used to throw him off the train and depose him from the priesthood aren’t true. Oh yes, the aforementioned better be careful with Bishop Irineu. He knows a lot…


I forgot to add Dennis Bradley to the list of wayward Catholic priests coming into the OCA. He had been a member of the Oratory of St Philip Neri and a professor in the Philosophy Department of Georgetown University. He didn’t convert to Orthodoxy until AFTER he received tenure from Georgetown… guess Truth had to be subordinated to his career goals and economic well-being… so much for finding The Pearl of Great Price, eh?


The following quote fits the monomuckrakers and the other converts to a tee, “Many folk wish to serve God, but only as advisers”.

I ran this “as is”… it comes from an “Old Hand”…


Monday, 13 July 2015

Fr John Bohush Still Under the Gun… Maymon Refuses to Let Go… is It Time to Kick Out This Clueless Konvertsy Asshat?

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Fr John Bohush’s spiritual court trial is on hold until after the Atlanta OCA Sobor. His counsel insisted that Mollard and Jillions act as witnesses. For now, they’ve closed the parish. Fr John’s granddaughter refused to get blessing from Maymon at meeting at St T’s summer camp… she’s a director. What can you do? Flood the SOBs with e-mails, kids… don’t discuss it on the internet. Tell them that you want this OVER. The best result in this is if it dies a silent death. No publicity… no fuss… no trial. Then, the SOBs should depose Maymon for having started a false proceeding against an innocent priest. Remember, Maymon is an insubordinate and disobedient asshat like Reardon… Maymon refused a direct order from the late Philip Saliba, then, Fatso picked him up, to the general glee of the konvertsy. None of Fatso’s associates is worth a good goddamn… Moriak was a shitty bishop (keep the heat on the SOBs until they remove him as pastor)… Maymon’s a shitty bishop… Eliel would be a shitty bishop. No one with ties to Platina is any damned good… experience has taught us that. After all, any idiot who wants to kick around the Bohush clan isn’t very bright…

Let Fr John have his canonical release. Drop the spiritual court. Depose Maymon for starting this lunatic kerfuffle. Remove Eliel (Brum, too… he has too many ties to Manton) from consideration as a bishop. That’s what would solve this…


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