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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Russian and Very Strong: The Military in the Crimea a Year Since Reunification

00 russian soldiers. 17.03.15


Less than a year after its reunification with Russia, the Crimea is home to a full-fledged military grouping and developments continue as the peninsula improves its security. In the year since it rejoined Russia, the military modernisation in the Crimea was a key event in Russian force developments; seven new formations and eight new military bases are now part of the Russian military presence on the peninsula, which Minister of Defence S K Shoigu called a “full-fledged, self-sufficient military grouping”.

Ukrainian “Heritage”

After Crimea’s reunification with Russia, over 9,000 former Ukrainian servicemen and 7,000 Ukrainian civilian personnel rallied to Russia. Over 70 Ukrainian units voluntarily came over to Russia, as well as 25 auxiliary vessels and 6 warships. After the March 2014 Crimean referendum, Admiral V V Chirkov, commander of the Russian Navy, announced that 79 Ukrainian Navy ships, including 25 warships, were in Crimean ports, which Russia was ready to hand back. Since 11 April 2014, when Russia handed over the missile boat Priluki, Russia handed back 43 ships and boats, as well as all Ukrainian military vehicles and some planes and helicopters. However, this ended in mid-June when the SNBOU suspended its military and technical coöperation agreement with Russia. On Monday, junta strongman P A Poroshenko announced that the Ukraine intends to take back the rest of the Ukrainian weaponry left in the Crimea. However, this isn’t very likely, as Admiral A V Vitko, Commander of the Black Sea Fleet, announced in 2014 that wouldn’t be any more transfers because the junta could use such transferred weaponry in the Novorossiya aggression.

New Forces

In September 2014, Defence Minister Shoigu noted that the escalation of the Ukrainian situation, the Crimea’s reunification with Russia, and a growing military presence near Russian borders “determined corrections” to the Southern Military District. In November 2014, 14 Su-27SM and Su-30 multipurpose jets arrived at Belbek Air Base and air defence units received new S-300PMU and Pantsir-S1 systems. The Crimean reunification also led to new developments in the Black Sea Fleet, which the Ukraine previously attempted to impede. In 2015 and 2016, the Black Sea Fleet will receive six new Admiral Grigorovich-class frigates, six Project 636 “Varshavianka” diesel submarines, as well as Buyan-M missile boats, mostly based in the Crimea.

New Defences

New anti-sabotage and defence forces also buffed up security. The Sevastopol Oceanarium, which trained the Ukrainian Navy’s bottlenose dolphins, joined the Russian Navy, and, in November 2014, the Black Sea Fleet conducted exercises with the dolphins, which detected submarines at a depth of over 60 metres. In addition to dolphins, the Black Sea Fleet is creating a centre for training frogmen for rescue and counter-sabotage activity. In June 2014, Admiral Vitko announced that the Navy is planning to create a new centre for diving specialists, using the Black Sea Fleet Diving School in Sevastopol as a base. The Black Sea Fleet coastal defences also received new Bal and Bastion anti-ship missile systems, which replaced older versions. In addition, a mountain defence battalion, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) regiment to monitor NATO ships, a radiological-chemical-nuclear defence regiment, and a new artillery regiment with 300 units of equipment joined units already intheatre. In December, Russia started to refurbish the Crimean Naval Base in Sevastopol, which Russia ceded to Ukraine in 1996. In addition, Sevastopol will repair Russian ships, including those on duty in the Mediterranean. However, this is only a small part of what was once a system that included submarine bases built into cliffs, and the Black Sea Fleet shall receive over 86 billion roubles (8.7 billion Renminbi. 87.5 billion INR. 1.4 billion USD. 1.78 billion CAD. 1.82 billion AUD. 1.32 billion Euros. 943 million UK Pounds) by 2020 to rebuild the system. There are many challenges to Crimean security today, not only NATO’s presence in the Black Sea, but also from Ukrainian artillery batteries emplaced on the Crimean border and from booby-trapped bridges connecting the Crimea to the Ukraine. Russia is already working to secure Crimean communications security by building a new bridge over the Kerch Strait and by building new power stations to protect the Crimea from erratic power cuts by the Ukraine. Construction of a new power station will begin later in March and the new Kerch Strait bridge should be ready within four years.

13 March 2015

Sputnik International



Notice how coy the article is on the present posting of the Ukrainian forces that rallied to Russia. I believe that most of them are now in Novorossiya, providing the hard professional cadre of the patriot VSN. There was no need of deploying Russians… there are sufficient anti-fascist “Ukrainians” to topple the rightwing Uniate filth in Kiev. With each passing day, the old Soviet legacy comes alive again in Novorossiya. With each passing day, the VSN gets stronger. With each passing day, the junta weakens. Vova is far brighter than his stupid toddler Anglo adversaries are. The melon is almost ripe for the harvest. As Elder Iona of Odessa put it, “The Smuta will come the year after my death. The first Easter will be bloody, the second Easter will be hungry, and the third Easter will be victorious”. Elder Iona died in late 2012… the Evromaidantsy lunacy started in the next year. Shall the tricolour and the Red Banner fly over Kiev, the Mother of All Russian Cities? One can sincerely hope so…

This is the second Easter of the prophecy of St Iona… I do daresay that Victoria Nuland et al are in for a nasty surprise…


Monday, 9 March 2015

US Sends Miniscule Force to the Baltics… You’d Think That They Were Sending an Army… It Isn’t Even One Division! It Isn’t Even a Full Brigade!

M1 Abrams

THIS is what would happen to the puny American armoured unit just sent to Latvia if it tried to mess with Russians. All those who march on Russia will be put to death…


Read this. An American “Armoured Brigade Combat Team” at full TO&E has 3 battalions of 2 Tank and 2 Mechanised Infantry companies each. Each battalion has 30 M1 Abrams tanks and 28 M3 Bradley MICVs. That’s 58 combat vehicles right there. Normally, it also has 18 M109 15.5-cm howitzers for fire support. A full brigade, therefore, is 192 first-line armoured vehicles, not counting recon and support vehicles. If the USA is sending 120 armoured vehicles to Latvia, that’s less than 2/3 the strength of an Armoured Brigade Combat Team… it smells like 2 Armoured Battalions without their organic artillery support. SOME POWERFUL FORCE. This deployment shows the utter incapacity of the American forces. TWO FUCKING BATTALIONS… that’s all that the loudmouth posturing American toddlers sent. I’ve got to walk away from this one… I know that Anglo Americans are liars and poseurs of the first order, but this is too much, even for them. Such a force is so derisive that the only thing that it could do is to prove that it could die bravely. THIS is why I hate Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Chilly Hilly, John Kerry, and all those who cheerlead them on so bitterly (which includes certain Orthodox priests of wide notoriety).. they’re ready to kill and maim for the sake of filthy lucre and power over others. I call such inhuman sludge criminals… if you don’t, you’re my enemy, full stop. This is too much of a muchness…


Sunday, 8 March 2015

Americans Wet Their Pants! Russian Aircraft Used NATO Ships as Simulated Targets

00 Russian Air Force fighters. 04.05.14


According to TVN24.pl, citing Sputniknews.com, Russians air units used NATO ships in the Black Sea as simulated targets in their exercises. On 3 March, Su-30 and Su-24 bombers based in the Crimea made a simulated attack on the American cruiser USS Vicksburg and the Turkish frigate Turgut Reis. The purpose of the exercise was to test tactics used to “overcome air defence” of cruisers and frigates, which meant that they tested antishipping tactics. Finally, the Russian aircraft buzzed the NATO ships. Exercises of this scale against “enemy” units are very rare. In the past, most were instances of individual aircraft doing such, such as in April 2014, when an Su-24 flew very close to an American destroyer in the Black Sea. The commander of the USS Donald Cook said that it was a “provocative” act.

8 March 2015




It looked like the Americans peed their pants in fright twice. They like handing it out, but like all bullies, they don’t like taking it. Let’s not be coy… the American naval superiority means NOTHING in the Black Sea. With that out, the intheatre American forces are inferior to the intheatre Russian forces. Therefore, any noise from the USA is nothing but the gumming of a toothless and bootless Rubber Lion. Russia holds the trumps… and Vova has the black belt, doesn’t he?


Saturday, 7 March 2015

Sputnik Asked, “What Do You Think is the Most Important Event of the Week?”

00 American troops. 06.03.15


Sputnik International ran a poll on its website; it asked four questions… I’ve ranked them from the most to the least popular.

  1. 300 American soldiers arriving in the Ukraine: 47.5 percent (135)
  2. ISIL fighters destroying 3,000-year-old Assyrian ruins: 29.3 percent (83)
  3. Boris Nemtsov’s murder in Moscow: 23.6 percent (67)
  4. The trial of the Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in the USA: 0 percent (0)

Interesting, no? NOBODY thought the kangaroo court trial of the Boston Marathon bomber important… many Russians believed that a false-flag op from the top. Note well that the Nemtsov affair wasn’t very popular, either. Again, most Russians consider it a Langley op… although all-too-many think it well planned, which it obviously wasn’t. Langley has the means to pull off a far more professional hit than this Joey n’ Tony comedy (it’s an oddbod goofy happening like the True Crime story in the 90s about Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuoco, without the steamy love angle). It showed poor recon, poor site security, poor choice of weapons… in other words, a total stumble as far as tradecraft is concerned… that means that those who carried this out weren’t pro intel ops people. It has all the marks of “something run up by the apprentice whilst the blacksmith was out”. Somebody in the District wanted to reach out and touch VVP, but couldn’t penetrate FSB security as far as government figures go. Obviously, security at the Centre has gone a bit slack due to 24 years of (relative) peace. All that this farce achieved was to wake up the Russians. HELLO! Trust me, security is back up to snuff, and in short order. Russians have a history of not giving a shit until someone hits ‘em in the ass with a board, but history also shows that if you do hit Russians in the ass, you’d best do it right the first go, for you’ll not get another. Do ask the Germans and French about that. It’s interesting that the vandalism by the Islamists in Iraq got nearly 30 percent of the votes. Obviously, Russians find that real, unlike the Nemtsov murder and Tsarnaev trial. Russians are great history fans, so, anything involving deliberate destruction of precious historical artefacts would find a willing audience.

However, the story about the American soldiers in the Ukraine was the most important (rightfully so… it was my choice, by the way). It makes no sense. Firstly, the USA announced that it was sending 300 soldiers from the 173 Airborne Brigade to “train” junta militants. That’s bullshit. These guys have no training to be instructors, and probably lack language skills. Let’s see… 200 men of the 173 are now in the Baltic states… this means that the USA is breaking this unit up and deploying it in penny packets. This is abysmally stupid… the 173 is the mobile strategic reserve unit of US Army Europe (USREUR). By breaking it up, the US command is throwing away its only rapidly-deployable unit intheatre. There are two line battalions in the 173… this means that the USA is deploying most of its upfront assets as garrison units… that’s utter stupidity! Latest TO&E gives an airborne battalion strength of 671, with an HHC, an anti-armour company, and 3 airborne infantry companies. It appears that a single company went to the Baltics, with the other two sent to the Ukraine. That is, they broke up a battalion… this is military insanity. It also means that USAREUR only has a single airborne infantry battalion left as its strategic reserve. For all the boasting about being the sole superpower, the USA doesn’t have much in the way of ground forces in Europe… it has the 173 Airborne Brigade and the 2 Armoured Cavalry Regiment (a 4 x battalion outfit with Stryker LAVs). That’s all that there is in the way of upfront formations intheatre. The rest of the US forces are tied down in Afghanistan, the Middle East, and the Far East, along with units in CONUS… the USA only has some 32 line brigade groups (10 2/3 division-equivalents) in its land force package… a force inferior in size to its Russian and Chinese rivals. By the way, Army doctrine calls for Stryker units to engage in Third World low-intensity fighting… that means that they’re inferior to heavy Russian and Chinese units. To deploy such a unit in Europe where it’d face heavy Russian units is criminal and irresponsible in the extreme. It also means that the USA must use the USMC as filler ground troops instead of amphibious assault troops (which ties down many more oppo units, as they must cover most probable landing sites). The company in the Baltics is only useful as a nuclear tripwire. A single US company couldn’t stand against a single Russian regiment, let alone a Russian heavy division on the offensive. The American troops in the Ukraine are in Lvov Oblast… this reflects two things. Firstly, I’d say that the American command doubts that the junta militants can hold not only Novorossiya, but Malorossiya as well. These American troops are to hold an American airhead until October. That is, probably, USAREUR believes that the war will be essentially over then. Therefore, it needs to hold something in Galicia either as a redoubt of last resort for the junta or as an airhead to funnel in reinforcements. Again, two companies couldn’t hold the base against a determined attack… no doubt, the American troops are there to secure the base against attack. As long as the American soldiers are there, the patriot forces (and their Russian backers) wouldn’t attack it.

Secondly, it’s a political move to counter Obama’s Republican critics. That is, political expediency trumped military necessity. Obama is going to continue to veto Republican initiatives. In order to keep his domestic opponents off-balance, Obama will assuage them by giving in here and there to their foreign policy lunacies. Of course, it’s not bright… but Obama is a domestic expert, not a foreign policy expert. If he has to sacrifice something, he’ll sacrifice a point abroad to advance his domestic agenda. I can’t stress this too highly… there are only TWO American brigade-equivalents in Europe. It’s not as easy to transport troops abroad as some think. What makes it worse is that the REFORGER stocks are gone. The USA expended most of those in its ’99 aggression against Serbia. Of top of that, most American overseas supply stockpiles favour Middle Eastern/South Asian deployments (for instance, the floating reserve in Diego Garcia in the BIOT). The USA has no appreciable stockpiles left in Europe … it’d need to send not only troops, but also their materiél and logistical support. Desert Storm showed that was a six-month process… the timeframe hasn’t collapsed since then. What’s worse, most US Army Reserve and National Guard units are below TO&E and would require rounding-out and refresher training before deployment in a high-intensity warzone. In short, much LESS is happening than what the Western media is trumpeting. Paradoxically, it makes the situation MORE, not less, dangerous. These penny-packets are vulnerable to overrun by any determined foe, and the USA couldn’t reinforce them fast enough (unless it were to start now, and there’s no political will in either US party for that). In other words, it’s a no-brainer… Novorossiya is unwinnable… it’s “a bridge too far”… it’d only show that American soldiers are capable of dying bravely.

NO WAR IN NOVOROSSIYA. That’s the bottom line. America just doesn’t have the oomph… it isn’t the “sole superpower”… we’ll all be better off once that lunacy is in the shitcan. It can’t happen soon enough…


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