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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Russophobia is Like AIDS: Once Infected… You’re Always a Mark

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. Russophobia. 2015


Vitaly Podvitsky



When it comes to Russia, people tend to talk about Russians as “this unfortunate people that have no clue what freedom is”. To that, I answer, “How do you know? Have you lived in Russia? For example, unlike our Belgium, they have an opposition there. We don’t have one at all”. It’s true, in Belgium there’s no opposition. There are parties that weren’t part of the Government at the last election, and they sometimes criticise those who are in power. However, it isn’t an opposition in the proper sense. Nevertheless, as a rule, Belgians are simply unable to understand what I’m talking about. Western propaganda is so pervasive that most Belgians now view Russia as a belligerent country with a fascist dictatorship. Discussion with people is useless; you’re talking to a wall.

Every war has two phases… firstly, there’s a preparatory phase, with programmes, news, various kinds of propaganda, and lies on TV; then, comes the second stage… the war itself. Everything that I watch now shows that the preparatory phase has already begun. All of this follows a set scenario. Firstly, the rhetoric in the articles on the country of the supposed “enemy” changes… suddenly, this country doesn’t have a real government; its leader is no longer a President, but a “dictator”. Therefore, gradually, an image of an “enemy” emerges. However, when Belgians started to agree with the Russians, the media removed any mention of Russia.

Propaganda always portrays the leader of the putative “enemy” as an evil dictator; they tell us, “The people of this country suffer, and we now can help by toppling this dictator from power”. That’s how it was in the First World War and Second World War; all countries do that before they attack. They did that way back when, too. Let’s remember how we talked about dictatorial régimes and violence of Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi before the attacks on Iraq and Libya. By the way, these leaders also received the same treatment, first, they had their assets abroad frozen, and there was a publication of what they held. These are all signs of the first phase. Russia, of course, is a bit different. Let’s not forget, Russia has a strong army, which can smash Europe to bits without the use of nuclear weapons, everybody knows this, so we’re all perfectly aware of the consequences of a possible armed conflict with Russia. Therefore, everybody’s very careful and prudent with Russia.

Recently, the USA incessantly criticised Europe for miserly contributions to the NATO budget; they accused Europeans of cutting corners on the military budget because of financial problems caused by the economic crisis. However, the USA can’t fight alone; they need puppet-allies. During all the 25 years after the collapse of the USSR, NATO never gave up its ideas of attacking Russia. However, they had no pretext. Now, due to the chaos in the Ukraine, a pretext appeared, so, they’re actively developing plans. People of the older generation, bred on propaganda against the USSR have already accepted the idea of the inevitability of conflict with Russia. I know what they say; I grew up at a time when they told us constantly in school, “If the Russians come here, they’ll stick you in the Gulag”. The cry, “The Russians are coming!” is again relevant. When our Minister for Defence announced that 1,000 Belgian soldiers would go to the Baltic States in case of a Russian attack and that we need to increase NATO military budget expenditures, no one in the country raised any eyebrows. Russophobia is like AIDS…once infected, you’re always a mark. The only thing that prevents America from dominating the world is Russia. Therefore, don’t build illusions about a possible friendship in the future. I wish you fortitude and courage.

1 July 2015

Chris Roman

Masterskaya Karikatury



I’d like to remind my Orthodox readers that Victor Potapov grew grey in the service of the CIA as an unapologetic and mendacious purveyor of black propaganda via Radio Liberty, the CIA’s dezinformatsiya outlet to the Motherland. He’s never repented of his treason to Holy Rus and to the Holy Church. Think on this… that makes him one of the WORST Sergianists ever. Remember what a Sergianist is… a cleric who kisses the ass of the powers-that-be for personal enrichment, and who distorts the teaching of the Church to do so. Potapov is (or was) a responsible official in the CIA-front Radio Liberty (all know this, it’s no secret), he held a US official passport, he has an income well in excess of the median, and he tries unremittingly to link the Church with dubious Far Right groups, figures, and publications. That’s Sergianism, kids… funny, those who blubber the most about “Chekists in riassas” are Chekists in riassas themselves! Ponder that, if you will…


Friday, 26 June 2015

26 June 2015. A Russian Demot… YES… Vova IS that Popular

00 try to attack us. 260615


The irresponsible statements of John McCain, Ted Cruz, Chilly Hilly, and Joe Biden have only woke up the Russian people! They’re sounding the alarm like 1612 all over again… do remember how that ended…


Monday, 22 June 2015

22 June 2015. A Translated Russian Demot… No More Chickenshit Threats!

00 Rusian bear and American Rooster. 220615


I somehow think that the Rodina is less than impressed with all the Anglo chest-beating and huffin’ and puffin’… signifying nuthin’!

No American force will win in Russia. If the Anglos are stupid enough to try anything, they’d leave their rotting putrid bodies on the steppe… only the latest in a long line that tried to overcome Holy Rus…


Wednesday, 27 May 2015

New Chairman of NATO Military Committee Believes that Russia Could Occupy the Baltic States and Kiev in Two Days

00 Give Peace a Chance. atomic fireball. 21.09.13

This was for an earlier war, but it still resonates. Pope Francisco and HH are adamant and united… GIVE PEACE A CHANCE! The sectarian bozos cheer on nuclear war, for that would bring on the “Rapture” (or so their loopy theology states).  That’s what’s at stake, kids…


On Wednesday, 27 May, Radio Prague reported that the new Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Czech General Petr Pavel (who takes over on 1 June) stated at the Our Security conference held in Prague that the Russian forces can occupy the Baltic States and capture Kiev in two days. General Pavel emphasised that if Russian forces intervened in the Baltic States and the Ukraine, NATO forces “couldn’t respond adequately” to such a situation. Pavel accentuated that, in its current state, NATO isn’t able to respond to changing situations quickly, “The measures that Europe takes in response to the threat posed by Russia and ISIS are strikingly ineffective”. Pavel believes that the weak point is the NATO decision-making process. NATO has 28 countries as members, and they all have to agree. Meanwhile, Russia can make decisions in a matter of hours. One should note that the high-ranking US Army figures previously stated that in the case of a direct aggression to a NATO country, the Pentagon wouldn’t wait for a common solution from the entire bloc, it’d immediately take measures to repel the aggression.

 27 May 2015

IA Regnum



The USA is blowing smoke out of its ass. You don’t look at raw numbers of troops… you look at what units are there, what units can reinforce them, and what total resources are available in CONUS for deployment. Now, the USA has ONLY TWO MANEUOVRE BRIGADES in Europe. Let me reiterate that. The USA only has two brigade-equivalents in US Army Europe… that isn’t even a complete division! Most units available in CONUS are understrength National Guard and Army Reserve units… they’d require topping up with personnel and equipment before they could be effective… a matter of months, not weeks or days. In short, the only thing that the USA could do to threaten Russia is to use nukes. That’s all folks. There ain’t no other options. That is… thermonuclear Ragnarök or Nothing.

I, for one, hope that the decision is for “Nothing”… otherwise, bend over and kiss your ass goodbye…


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