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Friday, 27 March 2015

Elder Gregory of Docheiariou: “Every Ukrainian Must Understand that if He Wants Blessings on His Country, Then, You Must Kick Out the Americans”

17-Alfons Maria Mucha. Mount Athos, The Holy Mountain. The Orthodox Vatican (from the Slavonic Epic, nr 17). 1926

Mount Athos, The Holy Mountain: The Orthodox Vatican

from the Slavonic Epic, nr 17

Alfons Maria Mucha



Every Ukrainian must understand that if he wants blessings on his country, then, you must kick out the Americans. Let Ukrainians rely on their brothers in the faith and in blood, the Russians. If you allow American interference in Ukrainian affairs, then, your country will never recover. There’s no need to kill your neighbour… how is this possible, brother killing brother? Today, we watch these developments with great pain. Docheiariou Monastery sends up many prayers to succour the Ukrainian people, to whom we, as a monastery, owe much gratitude.

21 March 2015

Igumen Gregory Zumis

Docheiariou Monastery

Agion Oros


Monday, 23 March 2015

Bulgarians Shitcan Perv Priest in Alaska

01 read all about it


The Spiritual Court of the Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Diocese of the USA, Canada, and Australia delivered its verdict on Saturday, 21 March 2015. It deposed Paisius DeLucia from the Sacred Priesthood, effective immediately. Academy Abuse would like to thank all the victims and witnesses who came forward to help to stop Mr DeLucia’s abuse, despite the shaming and intimidation they experienced in doing so. This, however, isn’t the end. The Bulgarian Diocese must still address the status of St Innocent Academy, including provisions for preventing further abuse. In addition, the Bulgarian Diocese must take responsibility, including financial responsibility, for counselling and therapy needed by Mr DeLucia’s victims. You can expect further updates from Academy Abuse.

21 March 2015

Academy Abuse


Click here for the actual deposition decision

Thursday, 19 March 2015

19 March 2015. Immature Konvert Makes Post on Russian History… An Undergrad Kid, No Less

01 homer x-ray brain


I couldn’t believe this ignorant post by a clueless American undergrad… it’s konvertsy rubbish. However, read this. Sadly, the English side of Pravmir is full of “convert rubbish”, as a MP priest told me. This also smells like godless Republican swill to me (is this kid a member of Nelson’s KKK (Krazy Konvert Konventicle)? It sounds like it). HH is a prime exemplar of a LEFT Christian… he doesn’t hang out with Free Market/Libertarian trash… he’s friends with G A Zyuganov and the Castro brothers! The subtext is “Communism is bad… capitalism is good. Communism is ungodly… capitalism is godly”… it’s actually the opposite! HH doesn’t hang out with liberal (“conservative” in Anglosphere terms) monsters. He condemns the Free Market as an amoral fraud. To speak frankly, the revival began in the mid-80s… BEFORE THE FALL OF THE USSR. That is, Soviet society was in the process of revival when the August events occurred. You get no flavour of that from this juvenile and contentless piece. That is, Communism was in the process of reconciliation with the Church, which came to fruition in the Nasty 90s. The Komsomoltsy defended the churches from American-paid mobs (especially, in the Ukraine). Unfortunately, the ROCOR thrust a knife into the Rodina’s back with their CIA-financed network of parishes across the former Soviet space… an uncanonical move in all respects (don’t forget how Potapov was a vociferous supporter of that initiative). This inane little screed catches nothing of the tensions present not only in that period, but in the Soviet and Imperial times.

For me, now, what’s exciting is the new creative amalgamation of Orthodox and Communist ideals in Novorossiya. The patriot forces march under the Red Banner and the Cross. Their American-paid and -led opponents march under the Black Flag of Nihilism and the Papal Tiara. This kid doesn’t catch any of that at all. In short, an ignorant konvert without any real knowledge of the history and ideology of Holy Rus. As a contact at the Centre told me:

Pravmir and Pravoslavie are NOT official productions of SINFO. Pravmir has ties to the Kochetkov circle and Pravoslavie is Tikhon Shevkunov’s personal website. Neither one is approved or disapproved by the Patriarchate apparat. They are what they are. Again, I stress that neither one is an official Church production.

This says it all. Nothing on either of these websites is official MP material. Caveat lector…


19 March 2015. West Losing Propaganda War… Read the Article Linked Below… They’re Shitting Their Pants in Fright



You must read this. READ IT. The USA and its Anglosphere clients are losing the “Propaganda War”… note the tone of the article. They’re downright rude, condescending, and dismissive… which is the tone that people take when they’re NOT being listened to! Then, they try to drag the Church into it. Hmm… why doesn’t Potapov denounce THIS on the “frontpage” of the ROCOR official website? Is it because he makes his living by whoring for Radio Liberty, a shameless pro-Western propaganda outlet? The West stamps its foot and throws a tantrum because the rest of the world has figured out its greedy little scam. Now, what do we as diaspora Russian Orthodox do about the traitors in our midst (Potapov, Dreher, Paffhausen, Whiteford, Larina, Lyonyo, Jillions, et al)? They’ve seized control of the Church’s rudder and are trying to steer us into a foreign port and into the hands of those opposed to the Church’s vision.

We can follow the Mother Church and Truth… or… we can follow those that I named and follow Lies. Which which is which? It’s up to you…


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