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Friday, 27 February 2015

Metropolitan Onufry Berezovksy, First Hierarch of the UPTs/MP, Issued a Fervent Call for Believers to Fast for Peace in the Ukraine

00 Metropolitan Onufry. 26.02.14


Despite the difficult political situation in the Ukraine, to restore peace in our country and preserve its the integrity, we bless the clergy, monastics, and laity of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to strengthen the fast on Fridays of Lent (if possible, to abstain from all food except bread and water before sunset). Also, say 12 “Our Fathers” with prostrations, and 12 “Virgin Birthgiver, Rejoice” with prostrations. May the merciful Lord take our effort, heal our hearts from sin, anger, and hatred, and grant that we might meet His Glorious Resurrection in peace and harmony.

Onufry Berezovsky

Metropolitan of Kiev and all the Ukraine

First Hierarch of the UPTs/MP

24 February 2015

Russkaya Narodnaya Liniya



Do NOT attempt this without a blessing. It’s one thing for people in an Orthodox society to do this. It’s another for prideful outsiders to ape them. Vladyki Onufry didn’t bless outsiders to do this. Don’t go off half-cocked, following your own notions. Keep it focused.


EP Expansionism… Just Another Facet of American “Sanctions”

01 Fat Uncle Sam


Most of this article is old news that I covered in previous posts (click on the link to confirm that, if you must), however, the “editor’s note” to this post is new and well-worth your time:

In general, there’s nothing new and unexpected in these reports. The EP has long sought to weaken Moscow’s influence in outlying regions. The MP granted the Czechoslovak Church autocephaly in 1951. The EP didn’t recognise the Russian Tome, arguing that Czechoslovakia was its canonical territory. Since then, the Greeks have tried to subjugate the Church of Czechia and Slovakia to themselves. However, then, it seemed that Istanbul and Moscow had reached compromise on the Czechoslovak and Ukrainian questions. For several months, we didn’t hear any controversial statements from the EP or see any non-constructive actions on the part of the Greeks. What happened? How should we take this new round of expansionism by the EP against Moscow? It’s possible that we have to look for “American fingerprints”. As you know, the EP is dependent on the American state. Not only are most of its parishes there, therefore, the EP is dependent on the USA’s goodwill, but also because Washington picked recent Patriarchs of Constantinople, essentially. Our Church officials report that the EP calls [the Americans] “our overseas partners”. Apparently, the current expansionism of the EP is part of the current American sanctions against Russia.



What I find most interesting is that the Americans are expending ALL of their assets in a mad effort to save their project to bring down Russia. No one else has succeeded… neither shall the Anglo American toddlers. However, what I find most interesting is how desperate their actions are, yet, their rhetoric appears the opposite. If you believe ANYTHING that you read in the corporate media or released by the likes of John Kerry or Ted Cruz, you’re a candidate for a brain transplant. The American project was dependent on two things:

  • Russian weakness
  • maintenance of the American-Chinese “understanding” reached by Kissinger

The first was temporary… the second has proved just as ephemeral. To counter Russia, the USA MUST have an “understanding” with China. It tossed that away, in the arrogant belief that it was the “sole superpower”. The Chinese have received one-too-many insults from Amerikantsy toddlers… there’s no chance of any “understanding”. In any case, the Russians and Chinese now know that the only way that they can oppose the Americans is together. That’s what GWB, the Teabaggers, and all the American aggression since 2001 resulted in… gluing together a Sino-Russian alliance that won’t quit until America is put down. Payback IS a motherfucker… and don’t forget the Law of Unintended Consequence…


An Attempt at Ecclesial Revenge

00 Patriarch Kirill w Mar Dynka of Assyria. 01.06.14

His Holiness Kirill Gundyaev, Patriarch of Moscow and all the Russias is the effectual First-amongst-Equals in the Orthodox World, and everyone except for Bart acknowledges that… Moscow is the centre of the Orthosphere, whether Bart likes it or not…


During the 19th and 20th centuries, the Patriarchate of Constantinople (EP) controlled much of the Orthodox world. One of the first bodies to become autocephalous was the independent Church of Greece. Then, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church separated from the EP. The rise of several independent patriarchates, including the Serbian and Romanian, marked the first half of the 20th century. It seemed that the EP shrank like drying leather. However, the end of the 20th century, apparently, began an era of revenge. How did that happen? Firstly, it had a new role in the diaspora, especially the Greek diaspora in America. Secondly, the collapse of the USSR brought on the collapse of the bipolar world, with the USA seeking a counterpoise to limit the MP’s influence.

Accordingly, the current situation, starting with creating the so-called Estonian Apostolic Church in attempt to steal the Estonian parishes, continuing with the situation in Czechia, where the EP refused to recognise the autocephaly granted by the MP, only to “grant” it in 1998, and ending with its desire to steal the Ukrainian Orthodox Church… it’s not a move to seek revenge for past wrongs, but an attempt to impose a new geopolitical reality and implement a new grand order. However, what are they trying to do? They want to destroy the Russian World, to restrict the MP’s influence to within the Russian Federation, and ideally restrict the RF to its central core. Otherwise, there’s no explanation for any of their actions. The claims to universal jurisdiction of the EP are ridiculous. Constantinople is no longer “The City”, the universal capital; it’s only the Turkish city of Istanbul. That’s especially true since there is no Christian Emperor or Senate there. It justifies its pretensions on Canon 28 of the Chalcedonian Council. However, I’d point up that this canon, which the EP hierarchy loves to quote, doesn’t say anything about Estonia or about Australia or about Czechia… it only refers to Pontus, Asia, and other outlying areas. Really, does this mean that the new boundaries of the EP stretch from the Baltic coast to Czechia?!

The EP has flawed logic. Today, it’s degenerated into a kind of “eastern rite”, the worst condition of all. Due to its arrogance, the EP doesn’t really know what it’s doing with the Pope of Rome. Orthodox hierarchs who’ve fought papism, who’ve experienced the struggle with it, understand how sinful and unjust their policy is. If they persist in it… that means that the EP’s in the wrong.

26 February 2015

Fr Deacon Vladimir Vasilik

Candidate of Philology

Candidate of Theology

Associate Professor of the Faculty of History, St Petersburg State University

member of the MP Synodal Liturgical Commission

Russkaya Narodnaya Liniya



Fr Deacon Vladimir’s essay points up how evil Vassa Larina’s actions were in sucking up to the Uniates. One of the heresies of the Church of Rome is that the “Eastern Church” embraces both Orthodox and Uniates. This is ridiculous. There’s no such thing. We have NO connection with Uniates… they chose to leave the Church and kiss the Pope of Rome’s ass. They’re not part of the Church anymore. I don’t think that we should fight such people or kill them (unless they come with guns in hand to kill us, as they do in Novorossiya)… we should leave them be. However, they’re NOT in the Church and we shouldn’t give them the impression that they are.

Vassa Larina isn’t alone, sadly enough. Most of the former Episcopalian konvertsy keep the “branch theory” in their hearts and lecture us on how “unloving” we are… you hear this from such sorts as Freddie M-G. Then, you have those like John Jillions… he was a paid hireling of the papists… well, isn’t that true of Vassa Larina as well? She works at a Catholic university… she got her position due to Bob Taft, a phony Jesuit “archimandrite”. Therefore, she really should preface any of her public statements with, “I’m a paid employee of the papists and I must do as they tell me. I may not agree with everything that I do”… that’d be honest. Otherwise, it gives the impression that she’s surrendered to the papists and become an in pectore Uniate.

That’s not “nice”… but it’s what I believe to be the truth. May my right hand wither if I refuse to speak out what I believe to be true… otherwise, I’d turn into a Victor Potapov or Vassa Larina… and I won’t do that, no I won’t.


Israeli Settler Attacks on Christian and Muslim Holy Places

00.0b Putin in Jerusalem. 06.12


Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offenses. 

Proverbs 10.12

I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life. 

Gospel according to St John 8.12


Every day, I wake up and stare at the new illegal Israeli settlement right in front of my kitchen window. It’s been a very different life as a Greek-American living in a Palestinian Christian village that my husband loves so much.  This morning, after listening to news that I didn’t understand about a church building put on fire and terrible hate slogans about Christ, I started to call all of my friends to get some information from the ground. Sometimes, just because something is in the news doesn’t mean it happened exactly that way. It was a great comfort that so many people were extremely busy that some of us didn’t exactly know or understand the details of what happened. Somehow, we try every day to continue a normal pattern of working or functioning with terrible evil all around us. How does one keep sanity with such craziness? May God have mercy, since I feel that we’ve gone backwards to the first century.

Finally, at the end of the day, after speaking with Bishop Demetri of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, he confirmed that two unknown men wearing black masks, who broke a bathroom window, attacked the seminary on Mount Zion in Jerusalem before dawn. They threw a homemade bomb, setting the building on fire. The fire department responded by putting the fire out without anyone being hurt in this awful hate crime. Graffiti on the outside walls written in Hebrew blasphemed Christ. My dear friend Dan said that the relics of St Philoumenos were kept at the Mount Zion Seminary until 2009, before being returned to the Church of St Photini at Jacob’s Well, where fanatic settlers brutally killed the saint on 29 November 1979. Bishop Demetri helped me understand that the seminary of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate has operated for more than 300 years with local and Greek teachers giving instruction to about 15 students, aged 12 to 17, in general education and in Greek, English, and Arabic. The new principal is Hieromonk Nicholas, a Greek-Australian. He replaced the late Fr Photius, who served as a principal for over twenty years. The community is peaceful and a witness for Christ’s love and peace.

This vicious attack on our precious holy sites today comes after fanatic settlers also burned a mosque near Bethlehem on Wednesday morning. This terrible violence on Palestinian Christian and Muslim holy places is occurring on the 21st anniversary of the massacre of 29 Palestinian worshipers at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron by an American-born Israeli settler, Baruch Goldstein. May God forgive him. However, I surely challenge my church leadership to have a loud voice for a just peace.

May the Light of Christ shine in this terrible dark time in the world and may the Love of Christ overpower evil. Let us pray to see the humanity in each other.

(no date)

Maria C Khoury

(no URL available, sent to me as a cut-and-paste)


THIS is what Ted Cruz praised when he spat on Arab religious leaders. May God forgive him his blasphemy. Why is there is no outcry in the US Congress when Jewish settler terrorists attack? WHY? That’s why I hate Ted Cruz and his ilk so bitterly.

V V Putin stands up for Palestinian Christians. The USA kicks them in the face. I seem to see a difference…


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