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Sunday, 22 November 2015

THIS is the Reality of Life in Syria Under Bashar al-Assad

00 syria priest and imam 221115


This is a picture taken in Damascus, the Syrian capital. Here are two Syrian clergymen… one is a Christian priest; the other is a Muslim imam. Bashar al-Assad has always worked for the peaceful coexistence of all faiths in this ancient and sacred land. This photo confirms the success of his policy.

Syria Will Survive and Win!



Don’t listen to Barack Obama or Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio or Chilly Hilly. They all lie… as do all neoliberals, both “conservatives” and “liberals”. The USA arms and trains terrorists. How low the mighty have fallen…


Saturday, 10 October 2015

Stand Up for Secular Non-Sectarian Syria!

00 stand for nonsectarian syria 071015


Ask ANY Syrian Christian, of whatever “flavour”, you’ll get the same answer. “Assad will protect us… the terrorists will kill us”. You’ll hear the same from Shia and Alawi people, and from mainstream Sunni people. Ted Cruz spat in the faces of our religious leaders… that means that the Republican Party holds Orthodoxy in contempt. Why do so many loudmouth konvertsy, such as Whiteford, Dreher, Webster, and Reardon support GOP warmongers? Why do they support those who sic terrorists on our peoples in Syria, the former Ukraine, Libya, and Serbia? Why do they keep telling us to vote for amoral greedsters who attack the American people as mercilessly as they bomb poor zhlubs in foreign parts?

It’s “Pro-Life” (actually, anti-abortion)! That’s what Satan does… he offers to cure your toothache… so that he can give you cancer! That’s what happened here. The konvertsy support the enemies of the Orthosphere… because they’re anti-abortion! That shows you their shallowness, ignorance, and self-centred narcissism. Abortion and homosexuality aren’t at the centre of our Faith, Praxis, and Ekklesia… the sooner that we realise that, the better. At the least, we won’t support those who hate us and who want to destroy our ancestral homelands.


Sunday, 5 April 2015

5 April 2015. A Thought from Archbishop Mark Golovkov…

00 Mark Golovkov. 05.04.15


Archbishop Mark Golovkov is the “shadow” diplomat of HH… that is, he, and NOT the Blunder, is HH’s close advisor on matters outside the SNG. Of course, the konvertsy are gaga over the Blunder. That simply tells you how superficial and ignorant they are. Lately, there’s been rumbling form the usual cast of suspects about how the Church and the Republican Party are close. That’s a lie. For instance, the Church doesn’t share the Islamophobia of the GOP, especially not the satanic hate spewed by demonic blasphemers such as Ted Cruz. Vladyki Mark’s words are a read n’ heed. THIS is what we believe… THIS is what I stand for… THIS is what the Church teaches. ‘Nuff said…


Thursday, 1 January 2015

Supposed “Orthodox” Nun Goes About Spouting Hate About Islam

00 Supposed 'Orthodox' nun. 01.01.15

THIS is an “Orthodox nun?” I think not… she smells like a feminine analogue of Nathanael Kapner (and here)… signboard and all… it DOES take all kinds…


Read this. A Cabinet member said this:

I suspect that she’s a Uniate. No Orthodox nun… especially, one from the Middle East… would dare to traipse around so freely. No monastic house would let her! Then, to voice such a self-willed opinion! No… she must be Uniate.

I quite agree. I know of no Orthodox nuns who dress like modern RC nuns… as this one does. Besides, no REAL Orthodox would issue such hatred of Muslims. Orthodox and Muslims have lived together for 1,300 years… the Westerns have no conception of that. There are all kinds under the sun… some of them are quite feral, like this “nun”. God do spare us…


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