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Sunday, 16 September 2018

16 September 2018. A Point to Ponder from Patriarch Aleksei Ridiger of Blessed Memory


Everyone, I think, should take free time to be alone, to think about the past and the present. Unfortunately, we don’t have that much free time, but we need to find it, because everyone needs to connect with their conscience and look into their soul, especially, those of us who’ve reached the twilight of their years.

His Holiness Aleksei Ridiger

Patriarch of Moscow and all the Russias



Wednesday, 9 December 2015

9 December 2015. Here is the Church’s Stance on Islam…

00.0b Patr Kirill and Central Spirtual Board of Russian Muslims. 15.06.12




00.0a Patr Kirill and Central Spirtual Board of Russian Muslims. 15.06.12


The above is what the Church thinks of Islam. The US Republican Party thinks differently… so be it. NO ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN CAN HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH SUCH AN EVIL, NIHILISTIC, AND DEMONIC FACTION. Their credo is greed, narcissism, and bullying… What concord hath Christ with Belial? The Repugs want to sink what remains of the New Deal so that they can waste the money on overpriced guns, giveaways to the Affluent Effluent, and increased corruption for themselves. No conscious Christian can have ANYTHING to do with such an Antichristian faction and the evil that they espouse and serve.

You may follow HH and walk in the path of light as marked out by the political left and actual conservatism (hated by American Republicans, by the way)… you may follow Potapov, Paffhausen, Dreher, Webster, et al and walk in the paths of darkness marked out by the neoliberal “conservative” Republican Party. It’s entirely up to you. As always, choose wisely… the fate of your immortal soul DOES hang in the balance. Do remember what Our Lord Christ said of the affluent.. They have their reward. Do attend to that…


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

OCA Kisses Uniate Ass in Calling Kiev “Kyiv”… Anyone Who Does So Kisses the Pope’s Ass… Oh, I Forgot, Jillions DID Kiss the Pope’s Ass!

00 Metropolitan Onufry. 26.02.14

Whither thou goest?


Read this. Do note the ignorant use of Galician pidgin. Is Onufry Berezovsky going to stand up for the Orthodox socialist patriots or is he going to kiss the Pope’s ass, too? The junta is losing… is Onufry going to whore for the oligarchs? Is he going to kiss Bart’s ass? By the way, the name is VLADIMIR Sabodan… only backwoods Galician hillbillies use “Volodomyr”… no kulturny person does so. Oh, I forgot… John Jillions was a paid and willing whore-hireling of the Galician Uniates, wasn’t he? He sure hasn’t changed his spots. Here’s the question… is Onufry going to stand tall for Holy Rus or is he going to kiss the ass of the Americans, the papists, and Bart? Does this trip have the Centre’s OK or is this something ginned up by Langley? After all, Lyonyo has CFR ties… the OCA was just as neck-deep in kissing Langley’s ass as the ROCOR was.

We’ll see what sort of man Onufry is. Will he pass the test? We’ll have to see…

I wonder if Vassa Larina and Victor Potapov will show up… after all, the first is the foremost Uniate hireling now (she’s the bought n’ paid for (literally) servant of Bob Taft, SJ… he did get her a position at a papist university, didn’t he?)… the second is an unrepentant attacker of Holy Rus (do remember how he mercilessly savaged the late Patriarch Aleksei Ridiger in Georgetown). If they do, expect a disgraceful dénouement.


Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Yakunin Dies… Beloved Mascot of the Western Neoliberals… an Unrepentant Schismatic

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. The Church Never Involves Itself in Politics. 2012

THIS is why Yakunin ended outside the Church… he forgot that the Church isn’t a political party… the konvertsy are making the same mistake...


Read this. All of the pro-Western poseurs and the konvertsy slobbered over Yakunin. He got too full of himself and made all sorts of oddbod accusations about clergy that he didn’t like (obviously, he blamed them for his imprisonment). As I said, the American Republicans and Orthodox konvertsy drooled over him… as did the SVS pseudo-intellectuals. As for me, I’m not happy over this turn of events. I do hope that he repented before he died… as for schadenfreude, that’s not appropriate for decent people. The Church isn’t a political party… full stop. All those who wish to turn it into such (like Paffso and Moriak) are wrong and we must oppose them with all of our powers. Beware “Pro-Life” and “family values”… more evil creeps in under those rubrics than any other. Not all that glitters is gold… have a care, there be worthless brass in circulation.


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