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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

4 August 2015. Fatso Up to His Old Tricks… It’s Time for Ilarion Kapral to Send this Unrepentant POS to the Mountain for Good

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I got this from an informant:

[Paffhausen] is a “bad piece of work”. I don’t know what the guy is planning, but he does seem to have some “operatives” around him. For your information… the word is that a nun showed up at a certain monastery (to remain nameless), her stated mission was to visit as many monasteries as possible to determine what meeting facilities they had. Turns out she WAS one of the infamous “DC Nuns”, but no longer, she’s now obedient to, and under, Fatso. Not clear what this is all about, but he does seem to have people working for him.

Where is Fatso getting the cash? What connection does the CIA pig Potapov have to do with this? After what he did in the OCA, Fatso looks ready to stab Ilarion Kapral in the back. He’s a nasty piece of work, and Kapral was stupid to have taken him in, in my opinion. Now, the only thing that can be done is for the ROCOR to send this unrepentant POS off to the Mountain for the rest of his life… after all, he IS a monk, at least that’s what he claims, so, let’s take him at his word, and send him where he can work out his salvation as an ordinary monastic.

This guy is TROUBLE writ large… I haven’t forgotten how he treated one of my acquaintances (Paffhausen acted like Satan incarnate… he can be egregiously rotten, especially, to those who had upset his pet clergy). His evil is without limits… his duplicity is deeper than any other case that I’ve seen in my 61 years. He’s one of those who glitter on the outside (to some, at least), but are nothing but corruption and vileness inside. Have a care… the times ARE evil, and some of the worst out there are clergy.


Monday, 3 August 2015

3 August 2015. Believe God, and He Will Recover Thee

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3 August 2015. A Thought from Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias

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More Russians are Sceptical about Growing Role of Religion in Society

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A just-published VTsIOM survey showed that, these days, Russians are more sceptical about the growing role of religion in society than they were 25 years ago, but at the same time, a majority still acknowledged that faith helps them cope with various problems and misfortunes.

“In 1990, a majority of those polled (61 percent) agreed by-and-large that greater religiosity benefits society, in contrast to 31 percent who say so today. Before, 41 percent mentioned positive effects of religion for them personally; now, 33 percent have this opinion. This POV is most frequent among Orthodox Christians and followers of other religions, elderly people, and those from Moscow and St Petersburg. Potential harm from the increase of religious conviction is mentioned far more often these days than decades ago… 23 percent see an unfavourable impact on society (in contrast to 5 percent in 1990) and 18 percent on the individual (3 percent in 1990). There’s been a noticeable increase in the group who believe it should play no role in society (28 percent in contrast to 18 percent in 1990), whilst the number of those who see no impact on themselves personally remained practically unchanged (43 percent and 39 percent respectively)”.

Respondents tend to approve of a new church or religious establishment in their neighbourhood if it belongs to their own religion (48 percent), this degree of support dwindles by half (to 20 percent) if a building for the adherents of other religions is on the agenda. As follows from the opinion poll, over the past quarter-century, the share of those who acknowledge that faith supports them in certain situations has doubled (from 23 percent to 55 percent). Those unable to recall cases in which religion helped them in life are fewer now (33 percent against 55 percent in 1990).

27 July 2015



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