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Monday, 2 March 2015

2 March 2015… A Point to Ponder… How “Good” is Good?

01 Angel Devils Tussling for Soul


I made the following as a comment on a Facebook post and realised that it was a top-right submission in its own right. Hat tip to Fr Marty Wall for getting the ol’ brain in gear… the above image is of a devil and an angel tussling for a soul. That’s where it’s at…



Here’s the problem… we don’t come into a “good” world… we come into a fallen, fallen world that defies “good” solutions. What do you do with Uniate artillery aimed at civilian neighborhoods? Do we “turn the other cheek” or do we fight back? NO, I’m not arguing that “fighting back” is intrinsically “good” (it isn’t)… but sometimes we don’t have a “good” choice. I’d say that one has to keep in mind that the solution, although not “good” was the only one available… that is, one can oppose evil, but not hate those doing it. That is, the best solution would be to destroy the Uniate artillery without destroying the Uniate artillerymen, but that’s not always on offer. This isn’t a “hypothetical”… it’s what our coreligionists in Novorossiya face every day. What do you do when hateful people target your home? YES… what do you do? I fear what was on offer here was a bit… SUPERFICIAL. Not meant as a personal criticism or slam… but there’s MUCH more to it than you implied in your text. The subject is much more nuanced and tricky, I’d say.



You can NEVER fight evil with evil… that’s the conundrum… that’s what makes so many situations moral quandaries. The world isn’t a black n’ white cartoon. Beware all those who peddle nostrums… I’ve found that they always have agendas… and those agendas NEVER favour YOU…


RBTH Video… A Glimpse at the Holy Land in Novy Ierusalime Monastery



Click here for page with an embedded two-minute vid with English subs

Patriarch Nikon Minin founded the Novy Ierusalime Monastery  in 1656. He based its design on the famous Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Nikon intended to build a series of holy places in the Moscow suburb of Istra as replicas of the sacred sites of Palestine. The Patriarch lived for eight years in the monastery, devoting all his energy to the construction so that Russians could familiarise themselves with the Passion of Christ without needing to take a long and expensive journey to the Middle East.

2 March 2015

Pavel Inzhelevsky

Ruslan Faizulin

Russia Behind the Headlines


A Prophecy of Elder Iona of Odessa… A Spot-On Description of the Meltdown of the Ukrainian Pseudo-State

00 In memory of those killed in the ukraine. 05.05.14


The Smuta in a country smaller than Russia will come a year after my death. The Smuta will continue for two years, after which a Russian tsar will arrive. The first Easter will be full of blood, the second with hunger, and the third with victory.

Elder Iona of Odessa


On a separate occasion, he emphasised that there isn’t a separate Ukraine or a separate Russia, but one Holy Rus. Elder Iona died in December 2012 (the Evromaidantsy Smuta began in November-December 2013). The Troubles have gone on for 16 months, that is, two-thirds of the two years prophesied by Elder Iona. We had the first bloody Easter already. There is a shortage of food, utilities, and heat (indeed, all normal necessities) in Kiev… the ordinary people in Kiev will starve as the satanic pro-American satraps such as Yatsenyuk and Klichko party hearty and smash their cudgels into the people’s faces. The present Ukrainian pseudo-state can’t continue… the currency is becoming more worthless than a Magyar pengő, the economy is dead, men refuse to report for conscription, those pressganged into service refuse to fight… no one believes in the notional airy-fairy construct known as the “Ukraine” except for some Galician Uniate/schismatical nutters.

However… as Chukcha would say… just because the Ukrainian pseudo-state is dead doesn’t mean that it’ll shuffle off quietly into that dark night. The USA has staked its reputation on its survival. The Americans don’t have the resources to intervene to any good effect, but the Anglo Americans stupidly believe their own bullshit. The next 90 days will be crucial… Obama’s miscues are mainly due to his trying not to be blindsided by his domestic Republican critics… he’s a domestic policy expert who doesn’t care about foreign policy (that’s why Chilly Hilly took over the State Department, she got away with a lot, as Obama didn’t care about foreign affairs, until an internal Democratic coup ousted her in favour of the clueless Kerry).

Shall it end as Elder Iona predicted? Remember… in Orthodoxy, prophecy is NOT “what will be”, but “what could be”. Free Will is NEVER out of the equation. Shall we coöperate with God or shall we go against him, as the US Republican Party has done in a major way? You can stand with Christ and His Saints, or, you can stand with Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, John McCain, and Rush Limbaugh. That IS the choice… choose well.

What does that tell us about the Orthodox who’ve chosen to serve the Western Moloch? Yes, what does it tell us?


Saturday, 28 February 2015

“Kudryakov wasn’t a Notorious Hawk, Unlike Denisenko”

00 church in slavyansk. 18.07.14


On 24 February, “Metropolitan” M A Kudryakov of Kiev and all the Ukraine, the head of the schismatical “Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church” (UAPTs), died in Kiev at the age of 66 after a long illness. According to the UAPTs, F A Denisenko, the head of the schismatical “Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchate” (UPTs/KP), expressed condolences to the bishops, clergy, and believers of the UAPTs, and to the family and friends of the deceased. Kudryakov was born 11 March 1949. He graduated from the Moscow Theological Academy and .became a priest in 1981. The then-head of the schismatical UPTs/KP, V Ye Romanyuk, made him a “bishop” in 1995.

The UAPTs began on 19 August 1989 as part of the schismatical “Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church in the Diaspora”. The Local Sobor of 5-6 June 1990 elected “Metropolitan” M I Skripnik as the head of this “church”, after whose death some bishops of the UAPTs came under the MP’s jurisdiction, others went under the so-called UPTs/KP. On 7 September 1993, the second UAPTs Local Sobor elected D V Yarema as “Patriarch of Kiev and all the Ukraine”, who died in 2000. After him, the Local Sobor elected Kudryakov as head of the UAPTs. In the Ukraine, the UAPTs has 11 dioceses, led by a Diocesan Council. There were 556 parishes in 2001, served by 409 priests. The UAPTs is in canonical limbo.

The UAPTs in the Ukraine arose as a rebellion of disaffected priests banned by Denisenko from the ministry; they went into schism by setting up a structure headed by Yarema, who became the “patriarch” of the UAPTs. The breakaway priests realised that Denisenko had overstretched his powers. The only way they found to resolve the conflict was to kick Filaret out of the church. In recent years, the UAPTs, unlike Denisenko, didn’t take extreme Russophobic positions, so, it’s very difficult to predict what will happen now in this structure, because we didn’t particularly monitor them. I note that Kudryakov wasn’t a notorious hawk; he thought that Denisenko was responsible for the death of his predecessor Romanyuk. The UPTs/KP has three times as many locations as the UAPTs does in Ternopol, Lvov, and Ivano-Frankovsk Oblasts. However, the UAPTs is set in its ways, they aren’t working for union; they prefer to remain in schism. Yet, they’re not akin to Filaret’s mafia-like structure; unlike the UPTs/KP, they refused to seize UPTs/MP parishes violently. The UAPTs has explored routes for it to seek a canonical resolution with the recognised Orthodox Church.

25 February 2015

Vasili Anisimov

Head, Synodal Information Department, UPTs/MP

Russkaya Narodnaya Liniya


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