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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

17 July 2012. An Essay in Images: A Day of Mourning… It Dawned at the Ipatiev House in Yekaterinburg






The Holy New Martyr Grand Princess Yelizaveta Fyodorovna

Vera Glazunova



Вечная памятъ… what more need be said? 


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

13 June 2012. Those Were the Days, My Friends… Yes, Virginia, There Was Life Before the OCA (Just as There’s Going to be Life After It’s Gone)


The above is an image of the Washing of the Feet ceremony at St T‘s. Yes, kids, there was Orthodox life before the likes of Rod Dreher, Freddie M-G, and Terrence Mattingly. Indeed, THIS is the model for our coming life after the crash of the OCA, not the unhinged bloviations of childish and juvenile konvertsy. The parishes will survive the coming crash of the OCA… just as they survived the crash of the Russian Orthodox Mission after the Russian Revolution. Our parishes survived Aleksandr Nemolovsky; they’ll survive Paffhausen et al. There’s a reason why our parishes are organised the way that they are. It’s how we survived the chaos that ensued after the collapse of the tsarist state.

Trust me… your parish will NOT suffer when the OCA falls into ruin. Indeed, it may even do BETTER (without the drag of useless eater bishops and convert “experts”). After all, our Church here does NOT need 20 active and retired bishops… all of whom draw an OCA pay packet of one kind or another. There’s a solid model to emulate… and it’s NOT SVS or the oddbod bunch in Platina. It’s time to go home…


Friday, 18 May 2012

The Russian Church… Five Years of Unity


Today, the MP marks one of the most significant days in its history. Five years ago, the MP and the ROCOR overcame a Church schism by signing an Act of Canonical Communion at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. The signing of this historic document not only put an end to an almost century-long rift between these Churches, it also reunited Russian people scattered by fate throughout the world. Archpriest Nikolai Balashov, Deputy Chairman of the MP Department of External Church Relations, said, “Yes, it was difficult to overcome our ideological estrangement, but it was necessary for both Churches and for all believers around the world. Ten years ago, it was difficult to imagine that we’d pray and take Communion together, and that nothing would separate us. Today, it’s hard to believe that only five years ago we couldn’t serve the Divine Liturgy together and receive Communion from one Chalice because so many things separated us. This is a great and happy day not only in the history of the Church in Russia, but in the history of Russia too, because the Church reunion meant that the Civil War’s effects were finally over”.

After the 1917 Revolution, some clergy fled because the Soviet government opposed religion, it didn’t recognise the Church. In their places of exile, Russian clergy set up their own Church, which became the ROCOR. In 1927, the ROCOR broke all links with the MP because the Church in Russia maintained relations with the atheist authorities. Patriarch Aleksei Ridiger of Moscow and all the Russias and Metropolitan Laurus Škurla of New York and Eastern America began the process of overcoming this rift, ending in the signing of the Act of Canonical Communion in 2007. Archpriest Seraphim Gan, the Private Secretary of the First Hierarch of the ROCOR, believed, “Still, several more years passed before the rift was overcome not only on paper but in people’s souls. At first, many people doubted the need for us to be in communion, but later, their attitude changed. They see what benefits came with the reconciliation. They began to travel to the homeland, visit the holy places, and talk to priests and believers in Russia. Now, this process has led many of them to review their attitude towards the MP”.

Today, the leaders of the united Russian Orthodox Church are facing a difficult and important responsibility. Russian theologian Yuri Tabak said, “The survival of the Russian Orthodox Church all over the world depends on how we address this task. We can’t overcome the schism (раскол) definitively until before both Churches resolve certain historical facts associated with the schism (расколом). This is hard to achieve, as it implies providing answers to several questions. To what degree must the Church remain independent of society and to what extent should it show flexibility to survive under a persecutorial régime? Was Metropolitan Sergei Stragorodsky’s recognition of the Soviet government an unavoidable necessity? Was that step justified by the need to preserve the Church or was it evidence of weakness? Until we answer these questions, we can’t achieve full unity in the Church”.

A ROCOR delegation headed by its First Hierarch, Metropolitan Hilarion Kapral of New York and Eastern America, will take part in the celebrations marking the fifth anniversary of signing the Act of Canonical Communion in Moscow. The delegation will visit the Butovo Poligon in Moscow where tens of thousands of people were shot by the organy in the first decades of the Soviet rule, and will serve a Pannikhida for Patriarch Aleksei Ridiger. After visiting Moscow, plans call for the delegation to proceed to the Diveyevo Convent and St Petersburg.

17 May 2012

Milena Faustova

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

The most important part of this, for us as diaspora Russian Orthodox Christians, is the submission by Professor Tabak. Take for instance, the heart of his proposition:

We can’t overcome the schism (раскол) definitively until before both Churches resolve certain historical facts associated with the schism (расколом). This is hard to achieve, as it implies providing answers to several questions. To what degree must the Church remain independent of society and to what extent should it show flexibility to survive under a persecutorial régime? Was Metropolitan Sergei Stragorodsky’s recognition of the Soviet government an unavoidable necessity? Was that step justified by the need to preserve the Church or was it evidence of weakness? Until we answer these questions, we can’t achieve full unity in the Church.

Firstly, note that Professor Tabak uses the strong word раскол, which always takes the meaning “schism” in Church contexts. This means that the ROCOR has a responsibility to abjure, publicly and without guile, its Cold War schism, which was the result of Hard Rightwingers hijacking it, not having a basis in matters of faith at all. In terms of “classical” heresy, it was closest to Donatism, with VERY STRONG elements of actual Sergianism (in its abject dog-like devotion to the woollier elements of the Mammon-worshipping US Republican Party). That is, “Sergianism” didn’t exist in the USSR, but it did in the USA (interesting titbit that, no?)!

The degree of pollution from rightwing politics depended on where one “came from”, in Australia and on the US West Coast, the people came from the interwar China ROCOR, which meant that they were less contaminated with the contagion brought by the Vlasovtsy and KONR collaborationist pigs than people in the Eastern US and South America (the worst pesthole of neo-fascism) were. Jordanville was the centre of this soulless rot in many ways (and the centre of great holiness at the same time… go figure… the flowers of Holiness and of Evil grew up together). Jordanville in its Classical Period (1948-2007) had all too many Fruit Loops rightwingers… they accepted Langley’s money freely; they lied about the existence of a crackbrained Fairy Tale “catacomb Church” (something that Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn debunked in the ‘60s).

Yet, what the ROCOR has most to bow in repentance for is its filthy theomachistic actions after the Fall of the Soviet Union (it advanced the cause of the foes of the Motherland and the Church, in exchange for filthy lucre). I remember the fanatics at Jordanville saying, “The communists are still in charge”… and they savaged anyone who advocated reunion mercilessly, in the most unchristian and nasty manner. I know… I advocated reunion, then… I expect never to hear, “I’m sorry” on this side of the veil. NEVER… it’s why it shall take another generation or two for the break to heal properly. The ROCOR refuses to repent for its consecration of schismatic filth such as Valentin Rusantsov and Agafangel Pashkovsky, it refuses to repent for its uncanonical formation of an anti-Church on the canonical territory of the Mother Church, and it refuses to repent for its collaboration with godless forces such as the Nazis and the CIA. It does NOT undo the holiness that’s obviously there… but it DOES delay proper healing by adherence to manifest lies (such as the refusal to admit that Vitaly Ustinov was booted out… he did NOT resign).

We must stand for the truth… but that’s HARD, so, we’ll probably take the “easy route”. That’s why the healing is going to take so long… because we will it so by our actions. God have mercy on us all.


Saturday, 21 April 2012

On 22 April His Holiness Will Serve Molieben at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Defence of the Faith, Desecrated Holy Places, the Church, and Its Good Name


On 22 April 2012, in the 2nd week of Easter, On the Sunday of St Thomas, Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias will celebrate Divine Liturgy at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour at 09.30 MSK. After the Liturgy, he will serve a molieben in the defence of the Faith, desecrated holy places, the Church in General, and its Good Name. Before starting the molieben, Patriarch Kirill, bishops, and clergy of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour will process with reliquaries with a piece of the Lord’s Robe and a particle of the Holy Cross, as well as holy objects subjected to desecration… the veneration cross from Pokrovsky Cathedral in Nevinnomyssk (Stavropol Krai), an icon from the Church of St Prokopy the Righteous in Veliki Ustyug (Vologda Oblast), and Kazan Icon of the Mother of God from the Church of St George in Veliki Ustyug, shot through with bullets in the early 1920s.

The molieben will begin at 14.00 MSK. The public procession (on Volkhonka Street) will start at 11.00 MSK on Gogol Boulevard (near the Kropotkinskaya Metro station (Sokolnicheskaya Line… bright red “line 1” on most maps)) and from the A S Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. Multiple screens installed in front of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour will broadcast the Liturgy and the molieben. In addition, clergy will serve moliebens in all the cathedrals of the MP dioceses in the Russian Federation. On 3 April 2012, the MP Supreme Church Council resolved to serve moliebens in the defence of the faith and for desecrated holy places.

18 April 2012


Official MP Website


 Editor’s Note:

There was NO mention of this on the official websites of the OCA or the ROCOR. In the case of the OCA, it’s understandable, as its metropolitan is an unhinged rightwing nutter who favours the konvertsy lunatic fringe elements. In the case of the ROCOR, it’s shameful, as it shows that Potapov controls the official website (or, at least, he controls Perekrestov, who’s in charge of it).

Every Russian Orthodox parish in the diaspora should be serving moliebens, as well… in repentance for the attacks of Western elements against our Church. The main culprits are in the USA, but Western Neoliberalism (“conservatism” in Anglosphere terms) is a ravening beast intent on rending Christ’s Church (and the Orthosphere in general) because it stands against the greediness and hubris of “Me First” Vulture Capitalism (as embodied in Mitt Romney, Darrell Issa, and Stephen Harper). We should stand in repentance for what the US and British special services did at the Phanar (deposing a patriarch for his political stance), and for what Langley’s attempting on the former territory of the USSR. It isn’t subtle; it isn’t hidden. The USA’s attempting to decapitate Russia and make it a running-dog lackey of Western multinational corporate interests (with Navalny as president? C’mon, be serious…).

We should bow before Almighty God and ask forgiveness for those amongst us who’ve become loyal servants of Mammon… not just Paffhausen (who’s always been a Far Right Nutter, I’m told)… not just Potapov (who was/is a high US government official in a CIA-front organisation with an official passport)… but for our general torpidity towards the cosiness of certain elements in the diaspora Church and the “Conservative” Rightwing.

Prelest infected us in the Soviet times, blinding us to the real situation. Prelest infected us in the Nasty Nineties, leading to the ROCOR’s stab in the back against the Mother Church and a prideful insistence that the Mother Church “repent”… of what, pray tell? Of having survived a state-imposed official atheism and persecution? They did better than we would’ve done under similar circumstances. Why? Look at us today… all too many of us cooperative with the godless “conservative”, “Evangelical”, and papist enemies of Christ’s Church. In short, prelest infects us still, and it’ll persist until we look in the mirror and SEE it.

Therefore, we need to join the Mother Church in public prayer tomorrow (and have more need of the same than the Mother Church does, as too many of us cooperate with the West’s attack on Christ’s Church in the name of “conservatism”). However, I doubt that we shall. I’d be pleased if a single priest and parish did so… but I’m a realist… sad world, ain’t it. Pass me the jug, please, I know that the world’s crank and crook, but this?


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