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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Russian Rockers and Rappers Drew More than 10,000 to Donetsk Concert

00 dnr donetsk pr rock concert 300815


V R Samoilov in Donetsk


Yu D Chicherina… Please… in memory of the murdered children of Novorossiya


Yu S Andreyeva with Arkhipelag in Donetsk on Victory Day (9 May 2015)


Today, young people flocked to a large festival concert in Shcherbakov Park to celebrate Day of the Miner and City Day (30 August). On the main stage, rockers and rappers, both local and from Russia, appeared, amongst them, Yu D Chicherina, Yu S Andreyeva with Arkhipelag, and V R Samoilov (founder of Agata Kristi), as well as musicians from St Petersburg, Samara, and other Russian parts. The event was truly massive… it filled the entire park; several thousand surrounded the stage. Despite this, the situation remained calm and friendly. An entertainment programme preceded the concert. The first number was a show called “Extreme Power”, put on by Donetsk homies and visitors from Taganrog. Anyone could show off their skills, to see who got the most interest from the crowd. Then, the bikers roared in. The crowd went nuts over the Donetsk branch of the famous Night Wolves MC. Their presentation wasn’t as large as planned, because there were so many people in the park that there wasn’t enough space to put it on in its entirety. However, the main draw of the evening was V R Samoilov, the founder and frontman of the famous band Agata Kristi. Every time that he tried to leave the stage ended in a long photo-op with the crowd. Vadim Rudolfovich is one of the most popular musicians in the DNR; he just couldn’t deny his fans. Local pols and figures gave their greetings and speeches; all those taking part in the festivities expressed their desire for peace and gave encouragement to the Donetsk homies. D V Pushilin, Vice Chairman of the DNR Peoples Soviet, addressed the audience, “We have a dual holiday… Day of the Miner and City Day. Needless to say, for us, our miners and their work are fundamental to our republic… greetings, Donetsk, our mining land, on your holiday!” Currently, the concert is still going on. Meanwhile, the older generation is waiting for tomorrow. One of their faves is appearing in Donetsk, the Generalissimo of Crooners, Peoples Artist of the Russian Federation and of the DNR, I D Kobzon {click here for Somewhere Far Away, the theme to the famous TV show, 17 Moments of Spring).

29 August 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



Wednesday, 6 May 2015

6 May 2015. Some of My Favourite Things… Oleg Gazmanov’s Latest Vid… FORWARD RUSSIA!

00 Mother Bear. 28.04.14



Russians are united and patriotic; they have a charismatic and competent leader. The leading elements in Anglo America are self-absorbed and anti-patriotic; it has no leadership in power in either political party. That’s why so many Americans are lining up behind Bernie Sanders. They sense that he’s a patriot, has character, and, above all, he has HEART. V V Putin has HEART… that’s what both Russians and Americans want in a leader. They don’t want a genius… they don’t want a manager… they want HEART… that very special thing that the REAL Rocky had.

Americans want their country back… shall we get it? We’ll have to choose. I have. Have you?

For the moment, listen to this kick-ass song… this is the country that the Republicans are lusting to go to war against…


Thursday, 20 November 2014

20 November 2014. Video. An Ass-Kickin’ Song From the Ass-Kickers of Novorossiya

00 Donbass Arise! 24.05.14



My Thanks to the Cabineteer who translated this for me. This “work” isn’t an individual thing… other hands are involved… thankfully so!




sung by “Kuba”

Mama, well, how are things in the land of the steppes?
I heard that the enemy has come to our land,
And wants to destroy everyone as fast as possible.
Mama, every city here I have known for a long time since childhood,
Droozhkovka, Slavyansk, Kramatorsk are now on the news reels,
Donbas save your children!

Rise up Donbas, rise up my native land,
Rise up Donbas we will drive out the junta together.
Rise up Donbas, Mother Russia is with you,
Rise up Donbas, you will become the new Brest! (fortress)

Mama, how are the workers and miners doing?
While they were rioting on the Maidan
Our people were working and feeding the slackers.
Mama, Slavyansk and the holy mountains will help them.
And they are our cities, and they will be ours forever.
We will not give them up to the enemy!

Rise up Donbas, let’s drive out the junta together,
Rise up Donbas, you will become the new Brest (fortress),
Rise up Donbas, rise up my native land,
Rise up Donbas, Mother Russia is with you.

Mama, life continues from Donetsk to Odessa,
And the cities turned green, trains transported coal,
Smokestacks belched smoke as always.
Mama, like in 1941 when demons came to us from the West,
They stand at every door, shoot women and mothers,
Burn people alive.

Rise up Donbas, let’s drive out the junta together,
Rise up Donbas, you will be the new Brest (fortress),
Rise up Donbas, rise up my native land!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

The KPRF Held a Rock Festival in Kaliningrad on Che Guevara’s Birthday

00 mother-russia, kaliningrad. 15.06.14


This ain’t your grandpa’s Communist Party… hard rockers under the red star… Dom Sovietov at last year’s Che Guevara festival 


In downtown Kaliningrad, near the Mother Russia monument, the KPRF sponsored the Seventh Che Guevara Birthday Rock Festival. Che Guevara chose to fight for the rights of the oppressed, so, he died a heroic death, although he could’ve lived in honour for many years. The rock band Dom Sovietov (“House of the Soviets”) performed a new song, С нами Че, с нами Фидель (s nami Che, s nami Fidel: Che’s with Us, Fidel’s with Us), and the festival audience joined in. The Baltic gave a big high-five to the Island of Freedom!

14 June 2014


KPRF official website


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