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Friday, 22 May 2015

22 May 2015. A Thought from St Dorofei of Gaza

00 Convent of the Iveron Mother of God. Donetsk. ruins. 13.03.15


Bear this fact in mind… Novorossiya did NOT invade the Lvovshchina and deliberately destroy Uniate churches and Galician civilian neighbourhoods. However, Galician Uniate nationalists DID invade Novorossiya, they DID deliberately target Orthodox churches, convents, and monasteries (as the above image proves), and they DID deliberately target civilian neighbourhoods. Now, we know that their American “advisors” approve of such terrorism, as it’s related to the American indiscriminate use of aerial bombing and drone strikes against civilians. Whom would YOU call guilty? The aggressor or those simply defending their motherland?

Look at this image. They did it deliberately. Galician Uniate nationalism is EVIL. Bear that in mind as you read Western apologias for their putschist pals. I know where I stand… where do YOU stand?

If this is what Galician Uniate nationalists mete out to their fellow-man, their professions of Christianity aren’t only false and mendacious, they’re a mockery and blasphemy…


“Last Bell” for 28,000 Kids in Lugansk… Finished the School Year

00 dnr. donetsk pr 02. 05.05.15


Today, at a media briefing in the Lugansk GMA*, Valentina Kiyashko, head of the Lugansk Municipal Department of Education, stated, “This academic year, our schools in Lugansk enrolled 19,000 children, and our kindergartens had about 9,000 children. Compared with the previous year, the wartime conditions considerably decreased the number of students (in 2014, there were 33,000). We had a decline in the number of pupils in kindergartens. Last year, there were nearly 13,000; this year, there were about 9,000. Today and tomorrow, 130 Lugansk educational institutions will hold official ceremonies marking the end of the school year. On 22 May, celebrations will take place in five-day school-week institutions, and on 23 May in six-day school-week establishments. During the summer of 2014, the fighting destroyed 93 educational institutions in Lugansk. Besides this, four institutions suffered damage during the January 2015 bombardment of the city. Today, we’ve fully restored one-third of the buildings. We’ve been able to only partially repair some buildings… rehabilitating roofs, walls, and window glass. Restoration of buildings not only benefits staff and parents of pupils, but also the residents in surrounding neighbourhoods. The recovery process will continue through 2016. Frankly, we’ve only been able to rehabilitate a few Lugansk educational institutions completely. We’ve already submitted proposals to the Ministry of Construction and Housing to include projects to repair 82 educational objects in the DNR capital budget”.

  • GMA: City Municipal Administration, administrative apparat of a city

22 May 2015

LITs Lugansk information Centre


Lugansk Will Operate 42 Children’s Camps this Summer



Today, at a media briefing in the Lugansk GMA*, Valentina Kiyashko, head of the Lugansk Municipal Department of Education, stated, “Our department will operate 37 sleepover camps with three meals a day. Five camps with two meals daily will operate in non-educational institutions. We’ve already received 1,700 applications from parents of Lugansk kids. This year, we’ll provide free vouchers for camp stays, and we’ve increased the average stay from 14 to 21 days. We’ve already sent a request to supply food to the camps to the LNR Centre for Recovery Management. The norms for this are 35 Grivnya (85 Roubles. 10.50 Renminbi. 108 INR. 1.70 USD. 2.05 CAD. 2.15 AUD. 1.50 Euros. 1.10 UK Pounds) per child per day with three meals a day and 25 Grivnya (60 Roubles. 7.50 Renminbi. 77 INR. 1.20 USD. 1.45 CAD. 1.55 AUD. 1.10 Euros. 0.80 UK Pounds) with two meals. Organisation of activities in schoolyards and out-of-school camps would be in the hands of local teachers, directed by the LNR Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Youth. The DNR Government also provided fuel so that we can transport children to camps and to health and cultural institutions”.

  • GMA: City Municipal Administration, administrative apparat of a city

21 May 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre



Even under wartime conditions, the Peoples Republics are caring for their children… unlike the notional “Ukraine”, which kicks ordinary people in the teeth and deprives them of necessities so that oligarchs like Taruta, Kolomoisky, and the Klichkos can party hearty (and so religious phonies like Shevchuk and Denisenko can live high and gallivant to the West). That’s not so different from the world of their US Republican sugar daddies, is it? Like calls unto to like and shitbirds of a feather flock together… need I say more?


DNR Subsidised Bread Sales Limited to One Loaf Per Customer Per Sale

00 russian bread. 24.04.15


Today, the DNR Ministry of Economic Development reported, “In accordance with our decision of 20 May 2015, adopted by a committee of the DNR Centre for Recovery Management, ‘Republic’ (subsidised) bread sales will allow no more than one loaf per customer per sale. This measure provides bread at an affordable price to more DNR residents, whilst at the same time it reduces the likelihood of black market speculation”. As previously reported, production of affordable subsided “Republic” bread in the DNR involves eleven bakeries, which receive flour from humanitarian aid for this purpose. “Republic” bread sells for 2.80 Grivnya per loaf (7 Roubles. 0.90 Renminbi. 9 INR. 0.14 USD. 0.16 CAD. 0.17 AUD. 0.12 Euro. 0.09 UK Pounds).

22 May 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



The Peoples Republics are cracking down on speculation. Speculation has been the heart of the Western pseudo-economy since the time of Slobberin’ Ronnie. The Republican Party has made it its True God. That’s why the Peoples Republics will never rejoin the present “Ukrainian” pseudo-state… it embodies anarchy, speculation, and inequality as its “goods”. I’d observe that those are objective evils. It says much about the “Ukrainian” pseudo-state, its supporters, and its US Republican sugar daddies, doesn’t it? It makes a statement about their character… actually, their lack of same…


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