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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Poland Recognizes Mass Killings by Ukrainian Nationalists in the VOV as Genocide

00 polish memorial volyn massacre. 280715


Read this. This is something EXTREMELY hateful and displeasing to the Yanks, as it discomfited their Galician Uniate running dogs. It means that the Poles are willing to piss off the USA… they might even be thinking of taking the Lvovshchina, which was under their rule in the days of the Second Polish Republic. Is the Ukraine ripe for dissolution? This would seem to indicate that… for if the American project in the Ukraine were to succeed, the Poles wouldn’t do this. Look for the junta to launch an offensive shortly, and for it to fail miserably. You see, the junta has to do exactly what its Anglo puppeteers tell it to do, and the Anglos don’t give a damn if the Ukraine lives or dies. I’d say that the storm clouds are gathering… that doesn’t bode well for the junta squatting in Kiev…


RF Minoborony Comment on Wall Street Journal Reports of Attacks on Western Base in al-Tanf

00 bomb explosion. 06.09.13


The RF Minoborony commented on a report in The Wall Street Journal about airstrikes by our forces against an insurgent training camp near al-Tanf:

Only the military command of the anti-ISIS coalition is responsible for the fact that its Special Forces units were subject to threats, as they were in the zone of operations of the Russian Aerospace Forces. Constantly, we appealed through all channels to our partners to give us information about locations of the so-called “moderate opposition” groups under their control. However, instead of that, post factum, we heard reproaches and accusations that the Russian Aerospace Forces “shouldn’t have hit” some regions and targets. After an airstrike on an insurgent training camp near al-Tanf in June, our American colleagues said, “Don’t attack those targets that you just hit!” Moreover, taking into account the report of The Wall Street Journal, our pilots now have to guess (from an altitude of several kilometres) whether there are Western Special Forces units present, trying to see if there are “sandbag constructions peculiar to American and British military bases”. We’re confident that there’s a simpler method of solving the problem. Our partners should move from words to deeds and start joint actions against international terrorist groups active in Syria. Only in this case would we be successful in preventing such incidents and endangering our personnel, who are performing tasks aimed at fighting terrorists in Syria.

Earlier, The Wall Street Journal, referring to sources in the Pentagon and the White House, reported that on 16 June Russian combat aircraft struck a secret base of American and British special ops troops in al-Tanf, on the border with Jordan.

23 July 2016

RF Minoborony


24 July 2016. WE are the Church… NOT the Bishops… NOT the Priests… NOT the Monks and Nuns… WE ARE

00 ephhesians. procession. 280715


Recently, a friend lamented to me that the bishops aren’t doing enough to stem the onrush of rightwingers into the Church. According to our Apostolic theology, the bishops FOLLOW the People… they aren’t papistical monarchs nor are they self-appointed Proddie tin-pot dictators. Here are two excerpts that illustrate this.



The Russian Church is contained entirely in its liturgy, and to understand it there’s no point reading books: one has to go and see the Church at prayer. The Russian Orthodox service is an emotional experience. The entire spirit of the Russian people, and much of their best art and music, has been poured into the Church, and at times of national crisis, they’ve always turned to it for support and hope. The liturgy never became the preserve of scholars or the clergy, as happened in the medieval West. This is a people’s liturgy. There are no pews, no social hierarchies, in a Russian church. Worshippers are free to move around… as they do constantly to prostrate and cross themselves before the various icons… this makes for an atmosphere not unlike a busy market square.

Orlando Figes

Natasha’s Dance: A Cultural History of Russia (New York: Henry Holt & Co., 2002 ISBN: 0-312-42195-8)

From Chapter 5, In Search of the Russian Soul, p. 297


From its dawn to the present-day, our Church has been the People’s Church, inspired by love, embracing all, without distinction of class. The faith sustained our people in times of privation and calamity; only one thing can sustain, strengthen, and regenerate them… the faith, but only the Faith of the Church. They reproach our people with ignorance in its religion; they say that superstition defiles its faith, that it suffers from corrupt and wicked practises, and that its clergy is rude, inactive, ignorant, and oppressed, without influence on its flock. Then, what is essential? I’d say, the love of the people for its Church, its conception of the Church as a common possession, as a congregation common in all things. There’s a total absence of social distinctions; the people are in communion with the ministers of the Church, who spring from the people, who don’t differ in manner of life, who share their virtues and failings, who stand and fall with their flocks. This soil brings forth rich fruits with good cultivation. It has less concern for the amelioration of life than it does with the betterment of the soul; it has less concern for the number of churches than it does for the fact that it should satisfy the spiritual needs of the people.

K P Pobedonostsev

Oberprokurator of the Most Holy Synod



That is, the bishops will move when WE tell them to. The Apostolic Church will overcome the rightwing slimers trying to take it over. Truly, they won’t amount to much in the long-term, but they’ll be a huge pain in the near-term. They’ll leave us when they realise that we won’t put up with their monkeyshines and juvenile antics.


Gazeta Wyborcza Reported Despair Amongst Ukrainian Soldiers in the Donbass

00 Job. dead ukrainian soldiers, Krasny Partizan 01. 06.06.15


The minder of the Polish journalists was a junta officer with the call sign “Fidel”; he graduated from officers school four months ago and immediately went to war. He said that the positions of patriot forces were just 500 metres from those of the junta forces. That’s a very small distance, so patriot snipers are an increasing threat to junta soldiers. Junta militants told the journalist:

The day before your arrival, a heavy shell struck and damaged an APC. Our positions are constantly under fire from heavy automatic weapons and grenade launchers, and at night, mortars also join in, but our units only fire in cases where there’s an immediate threat to life.

One of the junta officers complained to the Polish journalists:

We have to just watch and wonder what to expect, when they fire at our soldiers. These trenches have many fragments of unexploded ordnance. Therefore, it’s normal for us to face direct threats to life on the frontline.

Another junta militant said:

From time to time, their scouting parties attack us at night, our positions are only a short distance away, so, I don’t know what the point of these attacks is.

Junta intelligence officers warned us that the patriot forces sent a new unit to the front, a battle group that everyone calls the “musicians”. A junta volunteer, 40-year-old Valentina, told the Polish reporters:

This means that at night we have to wait for them to start firing, to begin the “concert”. However, life at the front it is easier than in the rear.

She volunteered to fight in the war in 2014, after having taken part in the Euromaidan riots. Subsequently, she joined one of the junta volunteer battalions. She went on to say:

The worst part is the waiting. Many wait for demobilisation; others wait for reinforcements. We hear that they’re planning to send us to the front. It’s high time, as many started to drink out of boredom; this, combined with easy access to weapons, is very dangerous. Even amongst the volunteers, patriotic fervour is ending. In 2014, I didn’t think about death… if I die… well, so be it, if it’s for a free Ukraine, but now I wonder what kind of war this is… if it’s frozen, why do your friends still die?

22 July 2016

RIA Novosti


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