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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Pervy Kanal Sez Ukies Iced Nemtsov… I Say They Don’t Have the Gelt… the Anglos May Have Used Them as Deniability

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Pervy Kanal and Vedomosti are pinning the blame for Nemtsov’s hit on the Ukies. I say that they lack the cash and brains to do it on their own… but that the Anglos might have used them for deniability purposes. It was a SLOPPY job… even Guido and Joey from Fort Lee would’ve done a better job. Trust me, the security around people like VVP and Rogozin is tighter than a gnat’s ass. You’d have to have a deep-level mole to get them. It was a provocation all ’round… I think that someone in Langley planned this… then, used somebody in the US Embassy in Kiev to hire some Ukie muscle from one of the oligarchs (they wouldn’t have used official SBU assets, as there are tons of Russian moles there who’d tip off the Russkies… VVP hates Nemtsov, but he hates disorder even more). It was a shoemaker job from top to bottom. They could’ve used a silenced SVD sniper rifle from a distance, and no one would’ve known who or what hit the jabronie. Here, you have something straight out of a badly-scripted Sopranos episode. Uncle Junior and Tony Soprano would’ve slapped somebody upside the head for even proposing such a hit.

However, my original comment still stands… this was an act of desperation. It’s the result of a generation of Anglo meddling in affairs not their own… remember Wimpy? It’s Tuesday…


How Do Ya Evade the Junta Draft in Podkarpatskaya? Why, Become a Magyar Citizen!

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Almost 94,000 people in Podkarpatskaya (now, under “Ukrainian” occupation) obtained Magyar citizenship through Hungary’s Simplified Naturalisation programme. Magyar media sources report that Árpád János Potápi, Hungarian Secretary of State, said that almost 670,000 people went through the naturalisation procedure. So far, more than 710,000 ethnic Magyars living abroad have applied for Magyar citizenship. Potápi explained, “66 percent of new citizens came from Transylvania, 17 percent from Vojvodina, and 14 percent from Podkarpatskaya”. The Bethlen Gabor Fund, which operates in several European areas, including Podkarpatskaya, supports the initiative. Budapest budgeted almost 17.5 billion Hungarian Forints (3.99 billion Roubles. 405 million Renminbi. 4 billion INR. 65 million USD. 81 million CAD. 83 million AUD. 58 million Euros. 42 million UK Pounds) for the Fund’s activities in 2015. This year, Hungary expanded the programme, targeting such countries as Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

27 February 2015

Sputnik International



One for All, All for One: Magyars Want to Protect Their Kin in the Ukraine

Obvious Langley Hit… USA Greases Pal Nemtsov in Broad Daylight in the Centre

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THIS is what smilin’ Anglos are really up to… mistrust Anglos, but REALLY mistrust them when they smile and tell you that they’re going to do you good. Be like George Bernard Shaw and jump out the nearest window. God will bless you for showing due prudence…


Read this. Nemtsov was a pro-American neoliberal (“conservative”) extremist. His following could fit in an old-fashioned phone booth with room to spare. It wasn’t a FSB hit… it’s not their style. I wrote a friend:

According to RT, a white car pulled up, shot him, and sped off. It smells like a Langley hit to me. They’re very desperate and are expending assets like crazy. They’re trying to destabilise the Centre. Nothing is working for them. This is part of that. Langley holds no life precious. It’s a sign of American failure. The worst is yet to come.

The FSB would stage an “accident”… he’d “commit suicide” in custody… he’d die of a “heart attack”. The FSB, like the KGB before it, doesn’t go in for ostentatious public “wet affairs”. It’s just not controllable… its nekulturny… too many things can go wrong. This has all the marks of an amateur hit ginned up on short notice to satisfy an insistent boss. It has all the fingerprints of a nervous case officer trying to assuage a nervous Langley bureaucrat. Right now, the American project is falling apart, and right smartly. Its plotting over the past 24 years is going down the shitter, and the Anglos are scrambling to save SOMETHING. Do note that the Russian officials are taking a pay cut… unlike Anglo Americans, they’re patriotic and are ready to do what it takes to win through in the latest crisis. They know that “positive mental attitude” doesn’t mean squat in the real world.

Cuba didn’t give in to sanctions… Iran didn’t give in to sanctions… why do the Anglos think that the Russians are going to cave? Remember the 900 Days…


“Kudryakov wasn’t a Notorious Hawk, Unlike Denisenko”

00 church in slavyansk. 18.07.14


On 24 February, “Metropolitan” M A Kudryakov of Kiev and all the Ukraine, the head of the schismatical “Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church” (UAPTs), died in Kiev at the age of 66 after a long illness. According to the UAPTs, F A Denisenko, the head of the schismatical “Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchate” (UPTs/KP), expressed condolences to the bishops, clergy, and believers of the UAPTs, and to the family and friends of the deceased. Kudryakov was born 11 March 1949. He graduated from the Moscow Theological Academy and .became a priest in 1981. The then-head of the schismatical UPTs/KP, V Ye Romanyuk, made him a “bishop” in 1995.

The UAPTs began on 19 August 1989 as part of the schismatical “Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church in the Diaspora”. The Local Sobor of 5-6 June 1990 elected “Metropolitan” M I Skripnik as the head of this “church”, after whose death some bishops of the UAPTs came under the MP’s jurisdiction, others went under the so-called UPTs/KP. On 7 September 1993, the second UAPTs Local Sobor elected D V Yarema as “Patriarch of Kiev and all the Ukraine”, who died in 2000. After him, the Local Sobor elected Kudryakov as head of the UAPTs. In the Ukraine, the UAPTs has 11 dioceses, led by a Diocesan Council. There were 556 parishes in 2001, served by 409 priests. The UAPTs is in canonical limbo.

The UAPTs in the Ukraine arose as a rebellion of disaffected priests banned by Denisenko from the ministry; they went into schism by setting up a structure headed by Yarema, who became the “patriarch” of the UAPTs. The breakaway priests realised that Denisenko had overstretched his powers. The only way they found to resolve the conflict was to kick Filaret out of the church. In recent years, the UAPTs, unlike Denisenko, didn’t take extreme Russophobic positions, so, it’s very difficult to predict what will happen now in this structure, because we didn’t particularly monitor them. I note that Kudryakov wasn’t a notorious hawk; he thought that Denisenko was responsible for the death of his predecessor Romanyuk. The UPTs/KP has three times as many locations as the UAPTs does in Ternopol, Lvov, and Ivano-Frankovsk Oblasts. However, the UAPTs is set in its ways, they aren’t working for union; they prefer to remain in schism. Yet, they’re not akin to Filaret’s mafia-like structure; unlike the UPTs/KP, they refused to seize UPTs/MP parishes violently. The UAPTs has explored routes for it to seek a canonical resolution with the recognised Orthodox Church.

25 February 2015

Vasili Anisimov

Head, Synodal Information Department, UPTs/MP

Russkaya Narodnaya Liniya


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