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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

24 May 2016. The Orthosphere is ONE!

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No, Oriental and Eastern Orthodox aren’t in communion, but we DO form a coherent historical, sociological, and cultural whole, especially, in relation to the heterodox confessions (and even more so in relation to the Antichristian “Evangelicals”). The Orthosphere exists… its cultural unity surpasses being out of communion and being theological opponents for centuries. Can we hope that our present disunity can find a solution in our time? God willing, it can!



Saturday, 23 April 2016

23 April 2016. Greetings From the Evil Empire! Kids Should Be in Bed by Ten to Nine

00 Konstantin Zotov. Kids Should Be in Bed by Ten to Nine. english. 1964

Kids Should Be in Bed by Ten to Nine

Konstantin Zotov



Greetings and felicitations from the Evil Empire! SHUDDER!

Isn’t that a bit ridiculous… yet, both shades of Neoliberal filth (“conservative” and Liberal) broadcast lies about the USSR and about socialism. In fact, the Soviet people wanted peace… they had a disastrous war on their land and they didn’t want another. However, the Western corporate nabobs wanted MORE… so, the USSR had to defend itself against Western aggression and lies. They had to put much of their economic potential into defence to ward off Anglo threats. This is what Soviet people wanted… a peaceful life for their kids… a dignified retirement for their oldsters… a fair deal for everybody. Did they get that? Not completely… but the Anglos never tell you that the Affluent Effluent and the One Percent took more than their share of the West’s national wealth… so, things weren’t as rosy here as some claimed. However, it wasn’t as bad as the Neoliberal Hell ushered in by Reagan and cemented by the Clintons.

THIS is the true face of the USSR… aren’t you ashamed of having fallen for crapitalist lies about it (I am… I’m honest enough to admit it, too)…


Saturday, 12 March 2016

12 March 2016. Why the Stars n’ Bars Aren’t Just “Southern Heritage”

00 hate speech texas 01. 18.01.15

These are the sorts who fly the Confederate banner proudly… I need add nothing…


Let’s keep it simple for the simple-minded… SLAVERY. The Confederate banner is a symbol of oppression and human degradation. After all, the CSA did instigate and fight a war to extend slavery’s existence and extent… Lord Palmerston told Slidell and Mason that if the CSA abolished slavery, Britain would break the blockade. Note well that human bondage was so important to the CSA that it chose national death as it couldn’t bear even the thought of abolishing it. Ergo, the CSA was objectively evil, and all those who praise it share in that evil.


Sunday, 14 February 2016

14 February 2016. The Mountain Laboured Forth and Gave Birth to… a Mouse

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My comment on FB on the late meeting of Kirill and Francisco:

In any case, nothing of substance occurred. Kirill didn’t even let Francisco join him for any public events in Havana. In short, GIGO on a massive scale. Note well that the CHOSEN venue was well away from any American interference or monitoring. What did they say in pectore?… perspirin’ minds wanna know…

Both Francisco and Kirill wanted to make a point to the EU and the USA… both by their declaration and by their choice of venue. Otherwise, it wasn’t anything to comment upon, as nothing beyond a PR stunt occurred. However, the wording is more “Russian” than “curial”… something to think upon…

Note this well… there was no meeting of the two men before the public, even though Cuba’s a Catholic country. Now, that’s unusual… but no one seemed to comment on it. They didn’t even “break bread” together. Things DO get “curiouser and curiouser”, don’t they? HH is still in Cuba… he’s going the rounds. Again, note well that he didn’t allow Francisco to share in ANY of it. It does give one the clear impression who was the “top dog” in this, doesn’t it?


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