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Monday, 16 April 2018

Former US First Lady Barbara Bush in “Failing Health” Opts Out of Treatment

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According to a statement from the office of her husband, George H W Bush (41st US President), Barbara Bush, wife and mother to two US Presidents, opted out of curative treatment, citing failing health issues; she’ll only seek palliative care. In a statement from the office of her husband, the former first lady will now “focus on comfort care”, leading to speculation regarding her legacy at the end of her life. A source at her husband’s office stated, according to People.com:

Following a recent series of hospitalisations, and after consulting her family and doctors, Mrs Bush, now aged 92, decided not to seek additional medical treatment. She’ll instead focus on comfort care. It won’t surprise those who know her that Barbara Bush has been a rock in the face of her failing health, worrying not for herself… thanks to her abiding faith… but for others. A family she adores surrounds her, and she appreciates the many kind messages and especially the prayers she’s receiving.

Notorious for her fiercely-held loyalty to her wide-ranging family, as well as to the Republican Party that supported her dynasty, many feared the former first lady but all respected her. Only two years ago, on her 90th birthday, she let everybody know that, unlike her husband, she wouldn’t celebrate the event by leaping out of an aeroplane and skydiving. People.com reported:

I’m too smart to jump out of a perfectly good plane. I’m not an idiot.

Her husband, now 93, recently received a diagnosis of vascular Parkinsonism; he was in hospital many times in 2017 fighting bronchitis and pneumonia.

15 April 2018

Sputnik International



Sunday, 15 April 2018

15 April 2018. Brother Ajamu on the Lamestream Media


The Clinton News Network and state-corporate press really think that the people are stupid. They’ll just assert something and we’re supposed to take it as truth. Now, Syria has “an arsenal of chemical weapons”… kind of like Saddam’s…

15 April 2018

Ajamu Baraka


A Statement Issued by the Greek Orthodox, Syriac Orthodox, and Greek-Melkite Catholic Patriarchates of Antioch on the Recent American Aggression in Syria


God is with us; Understand all ye nations and submit yourselves!

We condemn and denounce the brutal aggression that took place this morning against our precious country Syria by the USA, France, and the UK, under allegations that the Syrian government used chemical weapons. We raise our voices to affirm the following:

  • This brutal aggression is a clear violation of international law and the UN Charter, as it’s an unjustified assault on a sovereign country, member of the UN.
  • It causes us great pain that this assault comes from powerful countries to which Syria didn’t cause any harm in any way.
  • The allegation of the USA and other countries that the Syrian Arab Army uses chemical weapons and that Syria owns and uses this kind of weapon is an unjustified claim unsupported by sufficient and clear evidence.
  • The timing of this unjustified aggression against Syria, when an independent International Commission for Inquiry was about to start work in Syria, undermines the work of this commission.
  • This brutal aggression destroys the chances for a peaceful political solution and leads to escalation and more complications.
  • This unjust aggression encourages terrorist organisations and gives them momentum to continue their terrorism.
  • We call upon the UN Security Council to play its role in bringing peace rather than contribute to an escalation of the war.
  • We call upon all churches in the countries that participated in the aggression to fulfil their Christian duties according to the teachings of the Gospel, to condemn this aggression, to call their governments to commit to the protection of international peace.
  • We salute the courage, heroism, and sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army, which courageously protects Syria and provide security for its people. We pray for the souls of the martyrs and the recovery of the wounded. We’re confident that the army won’t bow before external or internal terrorist aggressions; they’ll continue to fight courageously against terrorism until they cleanse every inch of the Syrian land from terrorism. We, likewise, commend the brave stand of countries friendly to Syria and its people.

We offer our prayers for the safety, victory, and deliverance of Syria from all kinds of wars and terrorism. We also pray for peace in Syria and throughout the world, and call for strengthening the efforts of the national reconciliation for the sake of protecting the country and preserving the dignity of all Syrians.

+ Greek Orthodox Patriarch Youhanna al-Yazigi of Antioch and all the East

+ Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem of Antioch and all the East

+ Melkite-Greek Catholic Patriarch Joseph Absi of Antioch, Alexandria, and Jerusalem


Syrian Arab Republic

14 April 2018

Official Statement by President of the Russian Federation V V Putin on the American Aggression in Syria


On 14 April, the USA, supported by its allies, launched an airstrike against military and civilian targets in the Syrian Arab Republic. It committed an act of aggression against a sovereign state on the frontline in the fight against terrorism without a mandate from the UN Security Council, violating the UN Charter and norms and principles of international law. Just as one year ago, when Shayrat Airbase in Syria came under attack, the USA used as a pretext a staged chemical attack against civilians, this time in Douma, a Damascus suburb. Having visited the site of the would-be chemical attack, Russian military experts didn’t find any traces of chlorine or any other toxic agent. Not a single local resident was able to confirm that a chemical attack had actually taken place. The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons dispatched experts to Syria in order to investigate all the circumstances. However, in a sign of cynical disdain, a group of Western countries decided to take military action without waiting for the results of the investigation.

Russia condemns in the strongest possible terms the attack against Syria, where Russian military personnel assist the legitimate government in its counterterrorism efforts. Through its actions, the USA makes the already catastrophic humanitarian situation in Syria even worse and brings suffering to civilians. In fact, the USA panders to terrorists who’ve tormented the Syrian people for seven years, leading to a wave of refugees fleeing this country and the region. The current escalation around Syria is destructive for the entire system of international relations. History will set things right, and Washington already bears a heavy responsibility for bloody outrages in Yugoslavia, Iraq, and Libya. Russia will convene an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the aggressive actions by the USA and its allies.

14 April 2018

President of Russia


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