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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Kiev VOV Veterans said they Wouldn’t Allow Junta to Ban Victory Day


Victory Day in Kiev in happier days



As you read this, reflect on the fact that the Galician Uniate nationalists glorify the convicted murderer S A Bandera and the massacres of the UPA and Nazi collaborators in the VOV, and they support the present terrorist operation in Novorossiya. Such filthiness is truly beyond the pale. Their divorce from reality and lack of simple decency knows no bounds. More on this later…



Ukrainian war veterans think that the new law “On the Condemnation of the Communist and National Socialist (Nazi) Totalitarian Régimes in Ukraine and Banning Promotion of their Symbolism” is insulting… they fear that the government will ban the celebration of Victory Day. However, they’re not going to abandon plans to march on the Khreschatik, even if extremist rightwingers open fire on them.

Nikolai Martynov, the head of the Kiev branch of the Organisation of Ukrainian Veterans said in an interview with the Ukrainian edition of Golos (The Voice) that the “anti-communist law” adopted by the Rada robs the VOV veterans of Victory Day, saying, “The presidential decree abolishing the very idea of the Great Victory of the Great Patriotic War is nothing but a robbery… destroying the 9 May holiday to focus on 8 March… calling it the Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation. When V A Yushchenko came to power, he asked us about reconciliation. We said that the leadership of our organisation couldn’t resolve this issue by ourselves… we decided to ask the veterans. We interviewed them, at that time 99.9 percent of them told us that we couldn’t reconcile with them, we couldn’t rehabilitate them… that could never happen, they said. What is there to be reconciled, anyway? We signed a treaty with Nazi Germany… it surrendered”.

Martynov emphasised that the bill is unconstitutional, noting, “We’re against the law and against the decree. We veterans think that it’s unclear how they made such a decision without a referendum. How could they enforce it without having public opinion behind their decision? This “totalitarian communist régime” referred to in the bill defeated Nazi Germany and liberated most of Europe; after the war, the economy recovered and the Ukraine was amongst the top ten leading countries of the world in all respects. The ideology of the communists and that of the fascists were completely contrary to one another”. Martynov also observed that if junta strongman Poroshenko approved this ban, Defenders of the Fatherland Day would be the next to go in the Ukraine, saying, “Before and after the war 23 February was festival dedicated to our holy warriors and to the highest level of patriotism. They chose to move it to 14 October… the date of the founding of the UPA, which stabbed us in the back”.

The website Politnavigator reported that Martynov said that 33,000 VOV vets live in Kiev. In addition, he stated that if the veterans don’t hide communist symbols, there’s a risk of an attack from Right Sector rightwing extremists, “There’s a replica of the Victory Banner In my office… it’s the banner of the veterans. However, there are lowlifes hanging out in the city centre. Therefore, I’m afraid if the Right Sector showed up, these lowlifes would try to strangle me with this banner. We do feel intimidated. We fear provocations from the SBU or some other law enforcement agency”. Retired Colonel Dmitri Stadnyuk, a veteran frontline grunt (фронтовик), stated, “We’d never agree with the idea that we can’t celebrate 9 May… We’ll march openly on the Khreschatik. Let them try to shoot at us! We aren’t afraid. We’ll fight, if it comes to that”.

The Verkhovnaya Rada passed a law on 9 April “On the Condemnation of the Communist and National Socialist (Nazi) Totalitarian Régimes in Ukraine and Banning Promotion of their Symbolism”. The Rada’s website stated that they passed the law “to prevent the recurrence of crimes (sic) of Communist and National Socialist (Nazi) totalitarian régimes, any discrimination based on nationality, social, class, ethnic, racial or other grounds in the future, the restoration of historical and social justice, eliminating the threat of the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and national security of the Ukraine”. However, the Ukrainian website Vesti (News) pointed up that the true purpose of this “law” is to divert attention from the corruption investigation of junta “Prime Minister” A P Yatsenyuk.

15 April 2015




I agree with Colonel Stadnyuk:

We’ll never agree with the idea that we can’t celebrate 9 May… We’ll march openly on the Khreschatik. Let them try to shoot at us! We aren’t afraid. We’ll fight, if it comes to that.

Here’s your choice… you can glorify Nazi collaborators and pro-American terrorists or you can glorify the heroes of the Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army. That’s all that I’m going to say or need to say on that. If you support the US Republican Party, you support those who uphold those who glorify the Nazis and who wish to impose the Unia on an Orthodox land… if you support the commies, you uphold those who stand up for Holy Rus and Holy Orthodoxy… that be the choice, too.



Tuesday, 14 October 2014

14 October 2014. As Seen by Vitaly Podvitsky. We Have Long Arms!

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. We Have Long Arms! 2014


This is Podvitsky’s commentary on the “resignation” of Valery Geletei, the so-called “Defence Minister of the Ukraine”. Geletei wasn’t a military man (unlike most Defence Ministers on the post-Soviet space)… he was only a policeman who protected political figures. Yushchenko made him a Colonel General! Fancy that… it didn’t save him from rustication during Yanukovich’s time. Doglike in loyalty… yes… competent in military affairs… no. He claimed that Russia invaded the Ukraine… that’s absurd… Russian offensive doctrine wasn’t followed and there were no discernible Russian forces on the ground. There WERE plenty of junta troops who switched sides and joined the patriots, though! One of Geletei’s more quaint outbursts was that he claimed that Russia used nuclear weapons against junta forces. Yes… he did threaten to invade the Crimea… you can see why Podvitsky pictured him as a madman in restraints.

“Off with their heads!” One expects the Jabberwocky and the Queen of Hearts in Kiev… it wouldn’t surprise anybody…



Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Medvedev Fears Civil War in the Ukraine… McCain Rattles His Rusty Sabre… Thousands of Ukrainian Servicemembers Rallied to the Russian Colours

00 Slavyansk 01. 15.04.14

Patriot barricade in Free Slavyansk… the junta scummers still haven’t taken it


On Tuesday, Chairman of the Government Dmitri Medvedev wrote on his Facebook page that renewed bloodshed in the Ukraine presaged a civil war, saying, “This is very regrettable, the cause of Ukrainian tragedy is that the legitimate authorities didn’t even try to preserve law and order in the regions of the country when takeovers of administrative buildings started. That’s why no one respected those authorities. Now, on the contrary, illegitimate forces attempt to restore order, which they destroyed themselves, as they rose to power through an armed coup. They fell into their own trap. The action triggered counteraction. An offense against the state (the coup in Kiev) led to popular protests in the regions. It was a chain reaction of events, both political and economic. Today, many people understand the true intentions of those who seized power in Kiev. It means that the path to a just society is clear; the people should independently choose their destiny. They should have the means of expressing their will by legal means and to take part in forming a contemporary Ukrainian state with equality for all nationalities and languages. They should do this independently, without interference from usurpers, nationalists, and criminals… without tanks and armoured vehicles… and without secret visits from CIA chiefs”.


Speaking before the Rada, junta chieftain Aleksandr Turchinov claimed, “An anti-terrorist (sic) operation began this morning, in northern Donetsk Oblast, we’ll carry it out responsibly and carefully. The goal of this special operation is to protect people (!?). We must take decisive action in the Donbass during this operation, as we face a threatening and colossal danger, but we must keep it balanced and responsible. Most of the eastern Ukraine, in spite of everything, demonstrates stability, which is due to the current government’s abilities”.


There was no military action in Donetsk Oblast yet… NONE. Turchinov is lying… but to whom? The Russians know better… the patriots in the east know better… even the Americans know better. However, the Western media machine picks up and disseminates the junta’s lies. If you believe a word of it, on either CNN or Fox, you’re clueless and stupid.



US Senator John McCain (R-AZ), who is now on a visit to Estonia, spoke live on one of the local TV channels, “We should give weapons to the Ukraine so that it could defend itself”. McCain, the Republican presidential candidate in the 2008 election, believes that Russia threatens its neighbour, “Russia provokes the West by staging actions in the Ukraine’s East. Maybe, it wants to increase its influence on the South as well”.


John McCain was so stupid that if he weren’t an admiral’s son and grandson, he would’ve flunked out of Annapolis (he graduated near the bottom of his class). The US Navy refused to promote him to flag rank due to his proven recklessness and imprudence. Most probably, his juvenile carelessness and disregard for good sense led to his shootdown… ever since, he’s blamed Russia for that and his injuries. In short, McCain’s a brave but eminently foolish man… you should weigh any and all of his comments in that light.



On Tuesday, Aleksandr Ankvab, the President of Abkhazia, said at a news conference with Russian journalists in Sukhumi, the capital of Abkhazia, “We see with our own eyes that the country’s collapsing and that nationalist radicals are running the show. This is an illustrative lesson for everyone. I approve the recent territorial reunification of Crimea with Russia; this was fair from any point of view. A temporarily lost but integral part of Russia returned home”. The Ukrainian junta and the West claim that the all-Crimean referendum was illegal and refuse to recognise the Crimea as part of Russia, although Moscow repeatedly stated that the referendum complied with international law and the UN Charter, and was in line with the precedent set by Kosovo’s secession from Serbia in 2008.


On Monday, the MVDU official website reported, “Interior Minister (sic) (Arseny Avakov) decided to create special units to maintain public order”. The post gave telephone numbers for information in Donetsk, Nikolayev, Dnepropetrovsk, Lugansk, Odessa, Kharkov, and Kherson Oblasts, but gave no numbers for other entities. The headquarters also gave an e-mail address where all prospective applicants could send résumés; however, it didn’t publicise what criteria it’d use to select members of these units. The post, dated 13 April, said that they’d raise the first special units in the east and south, then, in the central and western regions, saying, “The MVDU wants to attract more than 12,000 people from across the country to the new special units. We’d provide weapons, kit, and command personnel”. In addition, Avakov ordered establishing the “Vostok” special unit in Lugansk Oblast.


00 Ukie fascists. 15.04.14

Fascist elements in Kiev… THIS is what America supports… and John McCain cackles his approval!


On Tuesday, First Deputy Defence Minister Arkady Bakhin said at a video conference at the situation centre of the Minoborony Rossii, “We employed 9,268 former personnel of the Ukrainian armed forces in uniformed positions in the Russian armed forces on a contract basis. All of them received Russian citizenship and all have already received Russian passports. Following instructions issued by Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu of 3 April 2014, we’ve organised refresher training for all former Ukrainian officers now in Russian service; starting on 13 May, they’ll receive upgraded professional training in their military specialties at Minoborony educational establishments. In most cases, the officers involved will have a year of retraining. In addition, units of the Black Sea Fleet now employ 7,050 former civilian personnel of the Ukrainian armed forces. Drills to upgrade the qualifications of former Ukrainian servicemembers have begun at the Nakhimov Naval School in Sevastopol. The main goal of the drills is to ensure adaptation of former Ukrainian personnel to the norms of the Russian armed forces and to teach them the operational, combat, and technical and mobilisation doctrine of the Russian armed forces”.


Thousands of Ukrainian servicemembers rallied to the Russian colours. NOT ONE RUSSIAN defected to the Ukrainians. NOT ONE. Draw your own conclusions. The junta isn’t long for this world.



On Tuesday, around two dozen demonstrators at the Rada building attempted to break in; they demanded that so-called “Interior Minister” Arseny Avakov resign. Some stipulated that all security functions go to First Vice-Premier Vitaly Yarema. Euromaidan roughnecks guarding the Rada building rebuffed the assault, preventing anyone from going in. Right Sector and Nastup (Offensive) extremists, who’d earlier demanded Avakov’s resignation, were presumably amongst those who attempted to break into the building.


Yarema is a brutal and vicious scumbag who headed the MVDU under Yushchenko; he aided the American extraordinary rendition programme in the Bush years. That is, he’s a known torturer and bully. He’s one of Yuliya’s most unsavoury confederates.



Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Antonov said that the Minoborony suspended handover of armaments and military hardware to the Ukraine from the Crimea to prevent munitions and equipment from being used against civilians, saying, “I’d like to point up that Russia complies with its international obligations under the Paris Charter, the Helsinki Act, and UN and OSCE resolutions… we’ve pledged to avoid supplying and display restraint on arms supplies to hot spots. The term ‘hot spot’ is a very proper description of the current situation in the eastern and southeastern Ukraine”. So far, Russia returned to the Ukraine 389 pieces of military equipment, including eight helicopters and three naval vessels.


On Tuesday, the Kremlin press service said that President Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Putin, noting, “Putin and Ban Ki-moon discussed the crisis in the Ukraine, aggravated after military operations initiated by the Kiev ‘authorities’ in the southeast. Putin emphasised that the Russian side expected the UN and the international community to clearly denounce these anti-constitutional actions”.

15 April 2014











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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The New Ukraine: Woe to the Vanquished

00 ukrainian rioter 02. 31.01.14


President Yanukovich lost and the situation in the Ukraine is developing according to the old rule known to the ancient Romans… “Woe to the Vanquished”. During the first day of its work, the Rada replaced a dozen ministers with Ukrainian nationalists, cancelled the regional status for the Russian language, even in areas where Russians are a majority, and declared the still legal President Viktor Yanukovich a criminal. This revolutionary logic makes current events very different from the so-called Orange Revolution of 2005. Then, the events weren’t entirely peaceful either, but at least no one died, and the victors didn’t talk of revenge from the first day of their rule. In fact, that revolution ultimately had two victors… Viktor Yushchenko and Viktor Yanukovich, both of whom later had a turn at trying the president’s wheel.

This time, the revenge is swift and cruel… not only Yanukovich, but also the Minister of Internal Affairs and the General Procurator could face criminal charges in the near future. Already, half of the oblast governors in the Ukraine tendered their resignations, fearing for their safety after rioters ransacked many government buildings and publicly humiliated many officials. What‘s especially worrying is that the so-called EU “mediators” seemed to be very untroubled by this development. In fact, the foreign ministers of France, Germany, and Poland forced on Yanukovich a deal that they formally guaranteed. When the opposition failed to fulfil its part of the deal and took control of government buildings, we didn’t hear a single word of reproach from France or from Germany. As for Poland, its Foreign Minister, Radosław Sikorski {he’s affiliated with the extremist Hard Right American Enterprise Institute in the USA: editor}, went even further, defining the events in Ukraine as “something that isn’t a coup d’état”, Well, what can you expect from a man who continued talking about some mythical “peaceful protests” even when tweeting his reports about “black smoke” and explosions near the presidential administration in Kiev? If anyone disgraced himself on these three days that changed the Ukraine, it was these three ministers… even to a greater degree than Yanukovich did. After these three high EU officials guaranteed this agreement, which lasted less than 10 minutes, who’ll view the EU as a reliable intermediary, a guarantor of anything, or, indeed, even a reliable partner?

Meanwhile, the Ukraine needs partners now. The country is in desperate need of money, and if Yanukovich talked about 20 billion dollars, the new rulers want 35 billion. The EU is nodding at the IMF and the IMF is nodding at the European banks. Formally, Russia could help, as it did many times before, but why should Russia bail out a country where an active anti-Russian minority forces its will on the majority? In addition, private investors may find it hard to trust a country where several hundred determined people with gasoline, stones, and small arms can bring the government to its knees. Therefore, the Ukraine will now spend a lot of time looking for willing capitalists to invest in it. Interestingly, the Western media suddenly developed a liking for old Bolshevik tricks… instead of seriously analysing whether the new “leadership” of the Ukraine was legal or not, it savoured the luxuries of Yanukovich’s presidential residence, now open to the public. Well, after 1917 the Bolsheviks also opened the Winter Palace to public as a “visible justification” for their coup. History didn’t justify it, though. It won’t justify this new Ukrainian coup either.

25 February 2014

Dmitri Babich

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

Babich wrote this two weeks ago, and things worsen every day. Why did the USA and the EU pull the pin out of this particular hand grenade? It ain’t over ‘till it’s over, and I fear that much bloodshed and devastation will come because of the West’s juvenile perfidiousness. Vladimir Putin did NOT set this up… Barack Obama, John Kerry, and Victoria Nuland did… they deserve to be in prison orange for this aggression… but they won’t be. One can only hope that their plans will be as fruitless as GWB’s were in South Ossetia.

We can only pray, pass the jug, and wait… and stay away from the elephant’s feet. God do preserve us…


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