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Friday, 31 July 2015

31 July 2015. A Thought from Fr Vsevolod… On Our “Little Brothers”… and a Chat on Real Authorities

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People shouldn’t listen to windy poseurs like Rod Dreher, Josiah Trenham, Patrick Reardon, Elijah Borek, or John Whiteford… they should listen to solid authorities such as Fr V A Chaplin and Professor A I Osipov. For instance, both Fr Vsevolod and Professor Osipov make it clear that artificial contraception is acceptable. They both correctly point up that the choice is between abortion and the “pill”… if that’s the choice, the Church allows the use of the “pill”. Have a care with all self-appointed “diaspora gurus”… most lack the creds to be speaking on any issue (some even lack Orthodox seminary!). That is, if you lack a kandidatura from an Orthodox institution, don’t set yourself up as an authority (Fr Vsevolod has a kandidatura from the MDA and Professor Osipov has a Doktora Nauka (an even more rigorous degree) from the SPDA). I’m certainly not that… but I can point you to those who are authoritative and point up who’s not such. Don’t listen to unqualified diaspora asshats!

One last thing… when Fr Vsevolod (or any other Russian, for that matter) uses the word “liberal”, they mean it in the European sense of the word. That is, European liberalism is the same as American “conservatism”. Conservative in European discourse means a commitment to Tradition, Hierarchy, History, “blood-and-soil” Patriotism, and Authority… NO American “conservative” fits the definition, American “conservatives” are really a species of Liberal, indeed, they’re Radical Liberals of the very worst sort (European conservatives consider American “conservatives” lying opportunists with no roots and no commitment to Tradition). THERE ARE NO CONSERVATIVES IN THE USA. Comrade Zyuganov is more conservative than any of the posturing American “conservatives” (no European conservative would have anything to do with vacuous filth like Sarah Palin, Wet Willie Romney, Donald Trump, or Rand Paul). Ergo, virtually all the knovertsy misread Russian sources as they’re so ignorant that they don’t realise that Russian political discourse has different definitions for terms than those used in the USA. When Fr Vsevolod attacks liberalism, he’s attacking what we call “conservatism” in the USA. Be careful with many sources (Whiteford’s the most egregious, as his lack of background knowledge skews all of his conclusions)… don’t argue with fools, but don’t attend to them either and don’t spread their rubbish…



Thursday, 28 May 2015

28 May 2015. What the Church Thinks of the Soviet System and of the Free Market… Fr Vsevolod Speaks!

00 V A Chaplin. USSR. 28.05.15


Fr Vsevolod, along with Metropolitan Varsonofy Sudakov and Archbishop Mark Golovkov, is part of the “inner cabinet” around HH. HH, if you remember, willingly cooperated with the foreign intelligence arm of the KGB as the vicious and barbaric inequality in the West disgusted him (as it would any decent human being). The Church blesses Soviet communalism… it condemns Me First narcissistic Crapitalism! That’s why the Church blesses the Peoples Republics in the former eastern Ukraine.

There are many in diaspora Orthodoxy who want to ally the Church with the most feral, selfish, vicious, and brutal factions of the US Republican Party (or the Liberal Party in Australia or the Conservative Party in Canada and the UK). They’re in the wrong 100 percent. HH is tight bros with the Castros. ‘Nuff said… he doesn’t hang around godless filth like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Antonin Scalia (“Mr Torture”), Rick Santorum, or Lil’ Mizz Sarah (or any other Republican greedster fraudster). Keep that in mind the next time you read rants by Rod Dreher, Victor Potapov, Jonas Paffhausen, Josiah Trenham, Patrick Reardon, Elijah Borek, or anyone like them. They’re trying to influence you to support a political faction that not only opposes the Church’s ethos, they want you to support a faction that wants to rip apart the ancestral motherland so that papists and sectarians can run riot. Nice people, aren’t they?

You read what Fr Vsevolod said… you know what these other jabronies say… it’s up to you to choose. Those are the two choices… there are no others…


Friday, 3 April 2015

Fr V A Chaplin Sez that Russia Should Combine Aspects of Socialism and Monarchy

04c Kirill and Zyuganov

Fr Vsevolod with KPRF leaders (Comrade Zyuganov is directly opposite him)… the Church and the Party are on one wavelength. The Church is compatible with collectivist socialism… not with Republican oligarchic anarchy… fancy that…


On Thursday, at a roundtable in Moscow, Archpriest V A Chaplin, the head of the MP Synodal Department for the Coordination of Church and Society (OVTsO), thought that Russia must implement a political system that combines elements of strict centralised power (централизованной власти) and a socialist state (социального государства), saying, “Statehood (Державность), justice, and solidarity… we need to use these three values as a foundation for a system that would combine monarchy and socialism (монархию и социализм). It’s clear that the people have sympathy to both the ideals of socialism, and to the ideals of monarchy. In this context, we must defend our right to have a strong central authority and to have a socialist state, not just focused on the needs of the common man, but in also on the opinion of the conciliar voice (соборный голос) and of our collective intelligence. The people and the government in Russia have always felt themselves as one. The idea of the opposition of the people and the government is an alien idea, imposed from the outside. However, this unity of the people and the government is impossible without faith, which is why the value of faith is paramount”.

2 April 2015




Some of the konvertsy want to ally the Church with such godless anti-Christian “conservative” ideologies as Libertarianism, Neoconservatism, and the Free Market (the whole rotten Neoliberal megillah). Such an effort is evil and beyond the pale. Vsevolod Anatolyevich points the way… godly people will want socialism AND monarchy… Christians will want the Cross AND the Red Banner. No Christian should vote Republican. That’s clear. Anyone who advocates such spits on the Lord Christ, who CHOSE to be incarnate in a workman’s home… He didn’t CHOOSE to be incarnate in a priestly or merchant home… do reflect on that.

One last thing… Vsevolod Anatolyevich is the closest confidant to HH… often, his public utterances are HH’s. It gives HH deniability… no bad thing that, is it?


Sunday, 1 February 2015

Fr Vsevolod Chaplin Calls for Crackdown on Scientology and JW Cults

04c Kirill and Zyuganov

Fr Vsevolod with KPRF leaders… the Church and the Party are on one wavelength. The Church is compatible with collectivist socialism… not with Republican oligarchic anarchy… fancy that…


On Friday, Archpriest V A Chaplin, the Chairman of the MP Synodal Department for the Coordination of Church and Society (OVTsO), told us that the authorities shouldn’t trust adherents of Scientology and Jehovah’s Witnesses (JWs), saying, “From my point of view, it didn’t surprise me that they searched the office of the Scientologists as part of a fraud case”. The media reported that the police raided Scientology headquarters in a building on Taganka Street in Moscow. Fr Vsevolod noted that this wasn’t the first time that Russians asked, “Why does this pseudo-religion, tightly controlled from the USA with a strict chain of command, collect data about our citizens, storing it in a massive storage system? The authorities should investigate not only the Scientologists and JWs, but also other similar sects, and so-called expert and humanitarian structures, subsidiaries of American corporations and think tanks, which don’t engage in Russia in expert or humanitarian activities, but rather in propaganda. For example, they assert the alleged inevitability of the Western model of democracy and of financial-oligarchic capitalism, and so on. We should investigate these sects and experts, as the majority of our people reject them; after all, honest, free, and self-respecting people don’t want to deal with them. If the JWs come knocking on your door, don’t open it; tell Scientologists that their beliefs are incompatible with Christianity, refrain from further conversation, don’t go to their Soros-financed seminars… if they offer you money for renting a hall, don’t accept it… if they throw about the term ‘domestic violence’, ask them why someone so concerned about the family allocates so much money on one thing, allocating much less money on violence in prisons, on the streets, in markets, and in military units”. Fr Vsevolod stated that in an environment where America calls Russia a major threat, “It’d be strange to extend to these organisations preferential treatment, especially since many of them openly say that they’d like to change the consciousness and the historical path of our people. They don’t listen to our will; they often openly challenge it”.

30 January 2015



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