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Saturday, 27 August 2016

27 August 2016. A Photo Essay… HH Visited Severomorsk to Bless the Fleet

00 kirill navy 01 210816


00 kirill navy 02 210816


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The Church, by tradition, blesses Christian warriors and their weapons prior to their going to war. At present, the USA thunders aggression… therefore, HH visits the forces and blesses them for possible conflict. I, for one, wish that no war ensues… however, that’s completely in the hands of the USA, for Russia doesn’t want war. The likes of Clinton, Trump, and Johnson give me no cause for optimism (the support given by clueless rightwing ROCOR sorts to Trump is ignorant self-hatred of the highest order)… Stein is the only peace candidate.

I pray for peace… but the juvenile fecklessness of toddler Anglo America gives me little hope… their greed, vacuity, and hubris knows no bounds…


Kombat DNR Legion Battalion: We’re Just Waiting for the Order to Advance to Kiev!

00 novorossiya patriot soldiers on guard 220516

Patriot soldiers on guard for peace at the front in the DNR facing the Ukrop aggressors…


Sergei Zavdoveyev, Peoples Deputy of the DNR Peoples Soviet and Kombat* of the Legion Battalion in the DNR forces, told us:

The discussion at the upcoming meeting on the fate of the Donbass by Russia with French and German leaders without any participation of Ukrainian President Poroshenko is evidence that inviting the Ukrainian strongman to peace talks has lost all meaning. There isn’t any point in inviting Poroshenko, as it really doesn’t solve anything. In the Ukraine, the president is just a figurehead. He’s nothing but a talking head, which carries out others’ orders. If he were present at this meeting, it’d only interfere with the negotiation process. Without him, there are more chances to reach an agreement. Probably, the attitude to the Ukraine changed after the attempted sabotage in the Crimea. Putin officially announced his position in relation to the Ukrainian leadership. He said that no one sees these people as the country’s leaders. He sees them as terrorists. Moreover, as the Russian President said before, he doesn’t conduct any negotiations with terrorists. The current Ukrainian leaders are terrorists; they terrorise their own people. If they want to, Europe can influence the Ukraine, as the Ukraine is fully dependent on European and US aid. As a soldier, I want to hear that the negotiations will end by recognising the Ukrainian government as a terrorist entity… for that will give us the opportunity to go onto the full-scale offensive and liberate the Ukraine from the fascists. I think such an outcome of the meeting would be the most desirable for many of us. All of us in the military are doing our duty. We beat the enemy then, we beat them now, and we will beat them. However, only time will tell us how things in the political arena will develop.

  • Kombat: Russian acronym for Battalion Commander

25 August 2016

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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

23 August 2016. Lest We Forget the Cost of Freedom…

00 Debaltsevo memorial 050716 (2)


This memorial honours the patriot soldiers who died fighting the pro-American Uniate aggressors in Novorossiya. Freedom isn’t free… especially, if one is fighting the Americans and their running-dog allies. Since 1945, the USA has never stood up for freedom… it has always been the aggressor in one foreign part or another, defending the interests of the fatcats and their Affluent Effluent flunkies. It continues today… only one major faction stands against the madness… the Greens. They ain’t perfect, but they’re the only peace party.

Orthodox people… by the way… some people pump up an American Solidarity Party… it’s like the German CDU, with the same ideological underpinning. That is, it’s neoliberal and belligerent at base. Don’t be fooled… they’re not in sync with the Church. Their ideology is papist to the bone and not of our tradition. Have a care… some amongst us are puffing it up. Follow HH… not the pro-life nutters. Remember, the CDU SUPPORTS aggression and sanctions against the Rodina, so, all things being equal, so does the American Solidarity Party… do have caution, charlatans are about and active… very few of them are actually agree with us (interestingly, some of the “seculars” are closer to us than some “religious” groups… show discernment!).



Tuesday, 16 August 2016

16 August 2016. The Heart of Christian Syria Still Beats

00 christian syria 160816


May my right hand wither if I forget thee…


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