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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

OFFICIAL Statement of D V Pushilin and V N Deinego on Donbass Elections

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We’re pleased to note that the proposal from the LNR to postpone elections in the Donbass until 21 February 2016 on condition that Kiev fully implements the political points of the Minsk-2 Accord met a receptive reception from the Normandy Quartet. We studied the statements and recommendations of Frau Merkel and M Hollande that came out of the 2 October Paris summit. Today, we held consultations in Minsk with representatives of the OSCE and Russia. Both A V Zakharchenko and I V Plotnitsky gave us direction. Therefore, taking into account the above stipulations, we announce that the DNR and LNR agree to postpone elections until 2016, instead of holding them on 18 October and 1 November.

During this time, the Ukraine must fulfil all the obligations of the Minsk Accords. Particularly, it must grant special status to the Donbass and forgo any prosecution and punishment of anyone who participated in the events in the DNR and LNR. It must also abrogate proposed amendments to the Ukrainian Constitution and replace them with items coördinated with us. We’re ready to work together with all parties to the Minsk talks to harmonise the special draft law on elections. However, we can only resume these negotiations after we get approval for the parameters for the mandate of the Contact Group and the Working Groups. We need to stipulate protocols in re disagreements and compromises. Moreover, we must clearly underscore what decisions we shall consider appropriate and what we shall consider inappropriate.

The lack of formal published decisions led to the fact that, until today, Kiev, either directly or indirectly, sabotaged the execution of the Minsk Accords by taking unilateral decisions or by distorting their intent. Therefore, the political settlement in February didn’t change a thing. For our work in Minsk to have permanent results, we need formal norms. We believe that all participants in the Minsk talks should formally initial the special draft law on elections, as well as any draft amendments to the Ukrainian Constitution, not to mention all other agreements that come out of the talks. If the Verkhovnaya Rada dares to change an agreed text, we should consider it an irregular and unacceptable violation of the Minsk Accords. The DNR and LNR reaffirm their commitment to the peace process for the sake of a dignified life and to protect the rights of the people of the Donbass.

6 October 2015

D V Pushilin

Chairman of the DNR Peoples Soviet

V N Deinego

Deputy Chairman of the LNR Peoples Soviet

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Monday, 5 October 2015

16,000 Junta Militants Deserted with Arms from Units in Novorossiya

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Anatoly Matios, the junta Chief Military Procurator, told TV 112:

The Ukrainian Military Prokuratura toted up how many deserters left units in the area of operations in [Novorossiya]. We opened cases on 16,000 deserters who left the area of operations; a significant portion skipped with their weapons. We declared them “wanted”, but the MVDU found no more than a thousand of them. Where did they go? They didn’t find them; they just went home. If lowly local cops won’t do their jobs, well, the whole system doesn’t work. The absence of inevitability of punishment undermines governmental authority.

In June, the Military Prokuratura said that only 400 soldiers received a fine or suspended sentence for leaving their units, only three soldiers received seven-year prison sentences.

5 October 2015

Teleradio Zvezda


Sunday, 4 October 2015

Zakharchenko Reopened Rebuilt Gorlovka High School Damaged in August 2015 Terror Bombardment

00 dnr gorlovka school reopening 01 041015


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Today, DNR Chairman of the Government A V Zakharchenko reopened the repaired High School № 14 Lider, rebuilt after the August bombardment of Gorlovka. Zakharchenko told the audience:

Today, we mark a joyful event. I want to congratulate you on the fact that we restored this beautiful high school. I can say that our children won’t learn in basements… the Ukrainians are deeply mistaken; we will study in normal schools, high schools, and universities. Even if they’re in ruins, we’ll make them even better than they were before.

Also present were Roman Khramenkov, the Head of the Gorlovka GMA*, school officials and teachers, students, and parents, totalling about 400 people. Khramenkov said:

On 25 August, I was here and saw this school after the attacks by the Ukrainian aggressors… it was completely in ruins. We pledged to restore it before 1 October, to admit students. We fulfilled these obligations. As you can see, today, the students of this school, albeit belatedly, sit at their desks and celebrate the Day of Knowledge.

  • GMA: State Municipal Administration, administrative apparat of a city

Lyudmila Isakieva, the Director of the School, said:

I thank those who helped restore the school. Especially, I’d like to thank the Gorlovka enterprise Stirol. Its workers are helping to repair housing in our city and to rehabilitate four other schools.

To mark the opening, Chairman Zakharchenko solemnly cut a ribbon; after that, he helped a student plant a young birch tree in the schoolyard. In conclusion, Zakharchenko made a tour of the repaired facilities.

Gorlovka High School № 14 Lider suffered damaged during terror bombardment by junta forces on the morning of 25 August. There were eight direct hits on the building, damaging the roof, floors, gym, and glazing. On the same day in Gorlovka, the junta aggressors fired at School № 16, Vocational School № 25, and Kindergarten № 14. According to the DNR Minoborony, the junta forces fired 12.2-cm and 15.2-cm artillery from positions near Maiorsk.

2 October 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Thursday, 1 October 2015

DNR Minoborony Reported 1 Junta Ceasefire Violation

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Today, the DNR Minoborony reported:

Over the past 24 hours, the fascist aggressors committed one ceasefire violation; the situation in the DNR remains relatively calm. The enemy fired small arms from positions near Peski on our positions near Zhabichevo. There were no human casualties or property damage reported.

29 September 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


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