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Saturday, 21 May 2016

21 May 2016. A Point to Ponder From General Shoigu… Russians Take the LOOONG View

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Unlike Anglos, who are bratty juveniles with the attention-span of a gnat in heat during the mating season, Russians take the LOOONG view. General Shoigu looks beyond the near term… which Anglos can’t do at all; they’re arrogant toddlers who want everything NOW. This is especially true of “conservatives”… their greed (Crapitalism) pops out of every pore; their adolescent rebelliousness (“Libertarianism”) and toxic “religiosity” (“Evangelicalism”) infects large swathes of the USA. I’d say that the USA faces tough and competent foes in S K Shoigu and D O Rogozin… do note that the Anglos don’t (and don’t want to) realise that.

Bet on Red… as in “Red Banner”… that’s where the future lies…


21 May 2106. A Tale of Two Anniversaries…

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It’s been two years since the pro-American Maidantsy coup and the fascist overthrow of the legitimate Ukrainian government… the government apparat is in shambles, the military lacks the will to fight, goods and services have disappeared, the electricity and hot water operate only sporadically, and inflation is higher than official figures indicate.

It’s been two years since the Peoples Republics arose in Novorossiya… services are coming back to normal, the government apparat pays pensions and keeps order, the forces have high morale and good cohesion (they’re fighting the only war worth fighting… the defence of the holy motherland), the utilities operate, there’s enough food in the shops, and the rouble has replaced the worthless grivnya.

One of these things is not like the other.

Reflect on this… the American Establishment supports the first and opposes the second. I wonder why… indeed, it’s very strident and vociferous. I’d like to pass on a warning to all my readers… have a care with anyone connected with (or who once had such connections) with the American intel or defence apparats. They all repeat the Goodthinker Beltway Mantra mindlessly. If someone does that, block them and remove their Langley/Foggy Bottom claptrap from your blog or from your virtual wall. They’ve circled the wagons and closed ranks… to me, that indicates a coming defeat for the American Project in the Ukraine. Watch events closely…


Wednesday, 18 May 2016

18 May 2016. On Discerning the Worthy and the Unworthy… How One Can Tell the Difference

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In speaking of those worthy of respect, I should say that I’ve been privileged enough to have met blokadniki… those who survived the Siege of Leningrad (the famous “900 Days”). One notices serenity and wisdom in them… knowledge that only such a tremendous and horrendous event could bring one. I found this true of most VOV survivors… for the war marked all those in the USSR, as the war took place on its soil; it didn’t happen in far-off foreign parts. I should mention that President V V Putin’s older brother died in the Siege… he was one the fascists’ victims… he was only Untermenschtum (subhumanity) in Western eyes. By the way, that’s why the memory of the war is still green in the Russian soul… it wasn’t some faraway event… it happened right in the homeland, and it was, perhaps, the most vicious war of the 20th century.

Sadly, the Western “conservative” movement and its demented votaries are the antipode of the blokadniki. Western neoliberalism, both “conservative” and “liberal” has degenerated to a feral vicious level. Greed is its most conspicuous characteristic. Allied to that is a callous viciousness towards those that they consider “inferiors”. It doesn’t matter if a drone strike kills wedding partiers and not “terrorists”… they’re all just dirty Muslim wogs who support terrorists, anyway! It doesn’t matter that welfare payments aren’t enough to support someone… if they were any damned good, they’d be working and not a drag on the public! It’s OK to lie about foreign countries and leaders… America is Number One, always has been, and always will be! Russia and China are evil for not kissing our ass and telling us that we’re Number One and always will be!

Having met both sorts mentioned above, there’s no doubt in my mind that American Neoliberalism is satanic, and that anyone who supports Chilly Hilly (or any other Establishment Dem) or any Republican is either a dupe or they’re someone who bought into this ideology knowing how evil it is, but doesn’t care because it benefits them. The first sort is simply clueless and ignorant. The second sort has bought into evil with knowledge of what it is… but they’re successful, dontcha know! They’re respectable, dontcha know! They’re religious, dontcha know! They’re more moral than the rest of us are, dontcha know!

I have met both sublime people and loathsome people… all too many of the latter espouse “conservatism”. Have a care with anyone who either calls themselves “conservative” or issues favourable commentary on “conservative” talking points. They may very well get uncouth with you… it’s all too common amongst such sorts; they get extraordinarily nasty when vexed or disagreed with. Here’s a point to be especially wary of… many of the most wretched sorts are outwardly polite and “oh-so-nice”… that is, until you cross them… do have a care, the times aren’t good and they won’t get better for some time yet…


Saturday, 14 May 2016

14 May 2016. Our Home is the Donbass… It’s Not for Sale!

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