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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Zakharchenko Predicts Short Life for Current Kiev Junta

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In a news conference broadcast on Wednesday, DNR Head of Government A V Zakharchenko said:

The régime now ruling in Kiev, isn’t viable, primarily because it isn’t independent, and because it rests on distorted ideological principles. Therefore, it’ll be short-lived. Either an economic collapse or a political crisis like the last one will kill it. It’s just a matter of time and it’s going to happen soon. Power changes are usually provoked by tragic events involving the death of people. Terrible crimes committed on the Kulikovo Field and the Dom Profsoyuzov in Odessa paralysed the will of Odessa residents back in 2014. The crackdown on the Odessa residents was demonstrably ruthless. I miss Odessa and I’ll visit it when it’s free again. I love Odessa, the Arkadiya, and the embankment. I used to come there often. Sometimes, I stayed there for months. It’d be an enormous pleasure to be able to visit the free multiethnic Russian seaport of Odessa again, but first, we, together, should make it free.

Odessa, as well as the Donbass and Sloboda Ukraine with Kharkov, should determine their own future. Kiev has lost the moral right to make decisions for other Ukrainian regions. Maybe the regions would have to build the Ukraine anew, on another… federative or confederative… basis. The regions… with all their historical, cultural, and economic peculiarities… should themselves decide whether they want to remain within the Ukraine, and if they wish to do so, then, they should decide what kind of “Ukraine” they want. The people should decide this at regional referendums. The first step for the future Ukraine should be cleansing it of the evil that enslaved the country after the Maidan events. I think we should talk about denazification as a minimum. Of course, this should lead to the trial of the criminals, who staged an armed coup d’état and unleashed a civil war. Amongst the global first priority decisions it’s necessary to confirm the Ukraine’s neutral military status and start trilateral negotiations in the Ukraine-Russia-EU format. We need to resume negotiations to stabilise the situation in the country, to straighten out the tangle into which first Yanukovich (former Ukrainian President), and then Maidan dragged the country, making it an object of others’ interests and not the subject of its own.

4 May 2016



Tuesday, 3 May 2016

3 May 2016. Ukrainianism: A Scourge Upon Mankind

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One must differentiate between “Ukrainians” and Ukrainianism. The former are simply human beings like any other… the latter is a corrosive noxious ideology of hate and violence. Furthermore, not all Galician Uniates are fascists (as the high draft-dodging rates in Galicia testify to). However, those who are “Ukrainian nationalists” follow an evil creed. Our world will be the better once that ideology lies in the grave.


3 May 2016. The Anglos Think That They Threaten Russia

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Recently, the Pentagon announced that 4,000 NATO troops would go to the Baltic States. That’s equivalent to only ONE BRIGADE. That is, a derisory force of little actual military value. The only things that they could do if any Russian forces entered would be to show that they know how to die bravely or to show how fast their retreat would be. In short, it’s GIGO all around. The Republicans and Chilly Hilly want to stir up conflict with Russia… only Bernie doesn’t. Vote accordingly… after all, Russia has a LOOONG track record of whipping aggressors from foreign parts… Russia WILL be free…


3 May 2016. Russia Honours the “Immortal Regiment”… America Honours Crapitalist Filth like Steve Jobs and Warren Buffet… One of These Things is NOT Like the Other

00 March of the Immortal Regiment. 14.10.14



Now, on Victory Day, a new mass phenomenon occurs in Russia. It came about spontaneously… no one knows who started it or where it started. However, the “March of the Immortal Regiment” took Russia’s heart. People march with pictures of their loved ones who fought in the VOV or who toiled in the rear supporting the fighters. Russia honours REAL heroes… American “conservatives” honour godless greedy filth like Steve Jobs and Warren Buffet. One of these things is NOT like the other… America had best not touch what’s Russia’s… people who give respect to real heroes have the seed of heroism in themselves. American “conservatives” bow down low before Mammon… they have the seed of corruption and death within them.

Even a child can see that…


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