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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

3 March 2015. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… THIS is the Ukraine… ANY QUESTIONS?

00 ukrainian shop. 03.03.15


Look at the above image. Stratfor claims that RUSSIA is going down the shitter. I’d say that they’re not only lying sacks o’ shit with connections to the worst politicians in the USA, they’re thieves who take money under false pretence. Then again, they’re from Texas, which has the most crank political/business culture in the nation. Russia isn’t going down the chute… but the Ukraine is! There’s no run on the shops in Russia… there’s no hyperinflation… there’s no mega-unemployment. What do you do with lying Free Market buccaneer scumbags who pretend that they’re an intelligence agency? You don’t give them your business, that’s what! No small business with less than 200 employees is a “shadow CIA”… anyone who believes that is crackbrained and an ignoranus on the level of Rush Limbaugh and Rod Dreher. “Rush n’ Rod”… sounds like two sleazy used-car salesmen, doesn’t it? Reflect on the fact that that’s the sort of person that the Republican Party gushes over, and you’ll come a long way in understanding why Americans aren’t getting the present Ukrainian situation right.

Look at the above image. That’s Free Market Crapitalism at work… Rush n’ Rod are two of its biggest cheerleaders… connect the dots…


You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This… USA to Attempt to Train Unmilitary “National Guard” Thugs

00 Uniate fascists. 09.09.14


Read this. The so-called “National Guard” isn’t a real military organisation. It isn’t under the Minoborony Ukrainy… it isn’t headed by real military officers… it’s under the MVDU. They’re nothing but unsoldierly prison guards, internal security troops, a thuggish Gestapo that beats up unarmed civilians, and press-gang members. The US forces are going to “train” such trash?! It’s impossible. It’s trying to “pour a quart into a pint pot”… it’s inherently unworkable and lunatic. Frankly, I think that the Americans don’t expect anything of this mission. It’s all Kabuki… they’ve stolen the Ukrainian gold reserves and much of the forex reserves, so, there’s nothing much else left of value for the Americans to steal. Obama simply wishes to prolong the unviable American puppet state to forestall criticism from his domestic Republican rivals… it has nothing to do with anything on the ground in Novorossiya, Malorossiya, Galicia, Bukovina, or Podkarpatskaya. Ergo, the mission… I think that no one expects much of it, but the pols want it, so, the soldiers will go. There’s only one good point… if the patriots break out, you can count on the Anglos turning tail as they did in Gori in ’08. Americans are big talkers… but as for delivery… need I go on?


3 March 2015. Никогда Мы не Будем Братьями (объективная версия). We’ll Never be Brothers (Objective Version)

00 Kick Out the Galician Banderovtsy. 24.08.14



This is why Russian people have NOTHING in common with “Ukrainian nationalists”… what concord hath Christ with Belial… what more need I say?


3 March 2105. Charity Action “Feed the Hungry” in Donetsk

00 Feed the Hungry in Donetsk. 03.03.15


This charitable action took place in Donetsk, in Proletariata Raion. They don’t have much, but what they have they share. A post that I saw on Facebook on this had tons of comments from Galician Uniate nationalist swine. Can you believe that they were casting snarky aspersions on those who posted about this? The Uniate slimers deliberately attack civilian areas… the Orthodox leftists in Novorossiya share what they have. Whom would YOU call Christian… whom would you support? Remember what Our Lord Christ said… that His brethren were those who heard His Word and kept it. You can stand for Orthodox compassion and sobornost… or you can stand for Uniate aggression and racism. Choose well… godly socialism or godless crapitalistic greed… your choice WILL show your real character…


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