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Saturday, 25 April 2015

25 April 2015. The Very Stones Cry Out!

00 broken gravestone. donetk pr. 21.04.15


One of the reasons why the junta forces fail in Novorossiya is that they’re wasting their resources. They use their artillery for terror bombardments of the civilian population instead of using it to support their attacks. Particularly, they like attacking Russian Orthodox churches, monasteries, cemeteries, and facilities. Reflect on this… the so-called “Ukrainian Orthodox” and “Ukrainian Catholics” bless those who carry out this enormity. They’ve NEVER condemned “Knife the Moskals (Russians)” or “The Ukraine for Ukrainians only”… indeed, some of their clergy have said such with straight faces here in the USA and Canada.

This is evil. Are you an Orthodox Christian? Then, support your coreligionists! Don’t support American politicians or political parties who support the Uniate/schismatical assault on our Church. Our family in Christ suffers and bleeds in Novorossiya… shall you swallow a kopeck’s worth?


25 April 2015. Follow the Asses!

00 follow the asses. 25.04.15


The Republican Party is full of anti-patriotic asshats who want to rob the country blind. They refuse to serve their country in the forces, yet they scream for war incessantly. The next time that you hear Rush Limbaugh rant, the next time that you read Rod Dreher’s “conservative” drivel, or watch Bill O’Reilly broadcast more bullshit, reflect on the fact that all three were yellow cowards who refused to serve in the forces… they’re not alone by the way. Ya wonder where the yellow went? They all became Republicans and send other people to suffer and die for their profit.

None dare call it evil…


LNR MChS sez Junta Forces Fired RPGs at Trains… Injured Two Crew

00 russian locomotive. 06.04.15


The LNR MChS told us, “Today at 7.20 on the Popasnyansky line, someone fired RPGs at two locomotives”. The incidents occurred on the 47-kilometre stretch between Sentyanovka and Shipilova. The attacks injured two train crewmen, badly damaged the locomotives, and tore up some railroad tracks.

25 April 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre


25 April 2015. Woe Unto Them That Call Evil Good

00 burning russian church in novorossiya. 25.04.15


Denisenko and Shevchuk bless those who burn down Orthodox churches… ’nuff said. Woe unto them that call evil good… that goes for their American and Canadian enablers and cheerleaders as well…


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