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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

24 May 2016. Mighty Rus… It’s Been Around For a Bit…

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In 988, Russia adopted Orthodox Christianity. In 1242, St Aleksandr Nevsky kicked the shit out of the Teutonic Knights. In 1380, St Dmitri Donskoi skunked the Horde on the Kulikovo Polye. In 1613, Minin and Pozharsky ran the Poles out of Moscow. In 1709, Tsar Pyotr Veliki whipped the Swedes at Poltava. Where was the indispensable USA? Yes, where was it? Answer that, and you know that Paul Wolfowitz (and all “conservatives”) suck wind. Russia has been around for a long time… the USA hasn’t been around as long. When it lasts as long as Russia has, then, they can talk. Now… they’re just bratty arrogant toddlers armed with nuclear weapons. That thought scares me… it should scare you, too. May God have His mercy on us all.


24 May 2016. This is Why Chilly Hilly is Calling for War With Iran and Russia… Follow the Money

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Follow the money… you can see why Chilly Hilly is bellicose towards Iran and Russia. Look at the nationalities of her donors. “He who pays the piper, determines the tune played”. You can see why the Inside-the-Beltway lot screams that Russia is to blame for the current troubles in Novorossiya… their political bosses got paid off. It’s an old story, no? Trust no one with ties to the Washington apparat… they’ve been told to lie, and like proper little goodthinkers, they do. Don’t argue with them, but if they post Langley rubbish on your wall or blog, block them, without mercy and without comment.

Have a care with Hilly’s Upper Middle Affluent Effluent supporters… they’re getting more strident with the day. Reflect on this… shitbirds of a feather flock together. Therefore, if they excuse Chilly’s evil, it’s clear that they may not have clean hands themselves… just sayin’…

Victoria Nuland was Chilly Hilly’s protegé… need I say more? Besides, how many of the Canadian donors were hardhead Ukie nationalists? Good question, no?


24 May 2016. They Call Themselves “Christians”…

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The atheist staring from his attic window is often nearer to God than the believer caught up in his own false image of God.

Martin Buber

Read this.

Read it? Good… these people consider themselves “Christian”… indeed, they see themselves as better “Christians” than the rest of us are (a rather common “Evangelical” conceit). This means that if there were a gay family member, this school could (and would!) expel non-gay family members because the gay family member contaminates the whole family. I find this abominable and reprehensible… I’m not alone. This is why so many reject Christianity. Yet, our official Church stands silent in the face of such vileness (in fact, many ungrounded ignorant konvertsy applaud it). That makes us accomplices for refusing to speak up. I am NOT a homosexual nor am I part of that milieu, but I find such obsessions pathological and without cause. Our Lord Christ would NOT have acted this way. It’s one thing to demand certain behaviour of someone enrolled in an institution or some social organisation… it’s quite another to punish them for another’s actions. THAT stinks to high heaven… I’m not alone in thinking that way.


24 May 2016. The Orthosphere is ONE!

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No, Oriental and Eastern Orthodox aren’t in communion, but we DO form a coherent historical, sociological, and cultural whole, especially, in relation to the heterodox confessions (and even more so in relation to the Antichristian “Evangelicals”). The Orthosphere exists… its cultural unity surpasses being out of communion and being theological opponents for centuries. Can we hope that our present disunity can find a solution in our time? God willing, it can!


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