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Friday, 29 May 2015

Zakharchenko sez Hope of Minsk Agreement isn’t Dead Yet… Yet, Junta Blatantly Spits On the Agreement

00 aleksandr zakharchenko. 30.05.15


DNR Chairman of the Government A V Zakharchenko said that a hope for a peaceful settlement isn’t dead yet, but the DNR reserves the right to respond to events with discretion because of egregious actions on the part of the junta. When reporters asked him about the future of the Minsk Agreement, he said, “You know, hope dies last. As regards the shelling of Gorlovka, once again, the Ukrainian side showed that it wouldn’t carry out the peace agreement. They prefer to violate it blatantly. Thus, Poroshenko’s signature on the Minsk-2 agreement was nothing but a deliberate deception, not only against us, but also against his country and the rest of the world. Until now, the DNR has plainly fulfilled all its obligations. However, we reserve the right to act at our own discretion”.

28 May 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


DNR Minoborony Reported 30 Junta Ceasefire Violations

00 dnr. donetsk pr. 01. 18.05.15


Today, the DNR Minoborony reported, “Over the past 24 hours, the enemy committed 30 ceasefire violations. The enemy fired at us four times from tanks, five times from AFVs, 16 times with mortars, and five times with RPGs and small arms. They fired at Donetsk (Donetsk airport), Gorlovka, Debaltsevo, Spartak, Zhabichevo, Belaya Kamenka, Novaya Marevka, Kalinovka, Tavricheskoe, Sakhanka, Shirokino, and Lozove. Currently, it isn’t clear whether there were civilian or military casualties”.

29 May 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



Plotnitsky Gave Medals to 87 RF MChS Personnel Who Participated in All 28 Humanitarian Convoys

00 lugansk. lnr. MChS. humanitarian convoys. 28.05.15


LNR Chairman of the Government I V Plotnitsky awarded 87 medals to RF MChS personnel who took part in all the 28 humanitarian convoys to the LNR. The formal ceremony took place at the LNR Government House; ten members of the RF MChS took part. The rest of their colleagues, who were busy unloading the latest convoy, shall receive their medals from the RF MChS leadership. Chairman Plotnitsky told the honorees, “The people call the Izvarino-Krasnodon highway the “Road of Life”. Its importance for our citizens is no less important than the “Road of Life” was in the siege of Leningrad during the Great Patriotic War. Our people realise the true value of the fraternal assistance of the Russian people. For us, it isn’t just supplies such as food and other material goods. Firstly, for us, its spiritual humanitarian aid, we understand that we aren’t alone, and that we aren’t forgotten. Eventually, we’ll have a united Russian and Slavic world. On behalf of our citizens, I express appreciation and gratitude to you for your assistance”.

For his part, Aleksandr Drobot, head of the LNR Recovery Management Centre (TsUV), congratulated his colleague, Rostov Oblast MChS head Valery Sinko, who had a birthday today, “We gave him a word of thanks to the RF MChS staff for the 28th humanitarian convoy. The time or the date didn’t affect their personnel, nor did they let personal difficulties deter them; they gave us aid, both in winter and in summer. Day and night, they fulfilled their duty to help the people of the LNR. Earlier today, Drobot reported that 43 MChS lorries arrived in Lugansk, delivering 44 tonnes of pearl barley, 490 tonnes of wheat, 100 tonnes of pasta, 60 tonnes of rice, 75 tonnes of vegetable oil, 44 tonnes of semolina, 40 tonnes of frozen food, 36 tonnes of wheat grains, 44 tonnes of barley grains, and 24 tonnes of buckwheat. Since August 2014, RF MChS convoys delivered more than 35,000 tonnes of humanitarian cargo to Novorossiya.

28 May 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre


Thursday, 28 May 2015

28 May 2015. Rasputin on His Siberian Homeland (NO… It Isn’t THAT Rasputin… It’s the GOOD Rasputin)

00 Altai. Teletskoe. V G Rasputin. Russia. 28.05.15


Don’t meddle with the people’s soul. It isn’t in your power to do so. It’s time to understand that.

V G Rasputin

On the people’s admiration of I V Stalin


No, this isn’t G Ye Rasputin, the historical figure associated with Tsar-Martyr St Nikolai Aleksandrovich. It’s V G Rasputin, the writer. Valentin Grigoryevich was from Siberia… from Irkutsk Oblast. He never lost his love for his mother Siberia, nor for his hometown of Irkutsk. He was both an Orthodox activist and a keen Red, a firm supporter of the KPRF. In his home of Irkutsk, he was one of the founders of the Nativity of the Mother of God Orthodox girls’ school. Also in In Irkutsk, Rasputin wrote for the Orthodox-patriotic newspaper Literary Irkutsk and was on the board of the literary journal Siberia. He was a close personal associate of G A Zyuganov, considering himself a Stalinist. Valentin Grigoryevich was also close to HH… he was on the Patriarchal Council for Culture (MP PSK) (where he clashed with Tikhon Shevkunov) and condemned Pussy Riot’s blasphemy clearly. He said, “My conscience won’t allow me to be silent”; Valentin Grigoryevich not only agreed with the band’s trial, he was very critical of the open letter of arts and cultural figure defending the band’s actions, describing them as accomplices of “dirty ritual crimes”. In 2014, he supported Russian moves in the Crimea and the Ukraine.

Therefore, the most patriotic elements in Russia are Red AND Orthodox. Those who follow American-style Me First “Texas Hold ‘Em” Crapitalism aren’t patriots and they worship Almighty Mammon. Hmm… that appears to be true of ALL the US Republican presidential hopefuls. After all, we’re talking of a faction that nominated a draft-dodging job-destroying spoilt oligarch as its candidate the last time around. If the Reds are the REAL patriots in Russia (and the real believers, too!), then, the same could be true here, too. It puts a new face on those who want to ally Neoliberal Greedster Fraud with Christ’s Church. “All men are brothers” or “Bow down before the Koch Brothers”… that be the choice. Choose well…

“Rasputin” is a common peasant name… it comes from the Russian word for “crossroads”, that is, “People from the crossroads”. There’s nothing mystical in the name, nor does it mean “dissolute” as some ignorant Westerns believe. G Ye Rasputin was a man of the people, that’s the real reason that many aristos in Piter hated him. “How dare such a peasant move in our circles”. Do remember that Yusupov, one of his murderers, was a notorious dissolute pervert himself… methinks that the KILLERS had much to hide… not the victim. Smearing the victim didn’t just start yesterday. After all, almost everything that we have on him comes from his enemies. How well would any of us fare if that was all that the world knew of us?


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