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Saturday, 28 February 2015

28 February 2015. Didya Know What “Nimoy” (Нимой) Means in English?

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The word Нимой in Russian means “mute”… “unspeaking”. There’s no doubt that Leonard Nimoy‘s people came from Grodno Guberniya (in present-day Belarus). You’d also like to know that his zayde was a passionate socialist, a keen reader of the Forverts (Jewish Daily Forward). For years, Leonard Nimoy hung out at the Science Museum in Boston… he was passionately involved with real science. He’s not the only famous actor with a Russian connection… there’s also David Duchovny (Духовний)… he starred in the spooky X-Files. His surname means “spiritual”… believe it or not! Hmm… Jack Palance of the spooky voice was actually Vladimir Palaniuk of Luzerne County in NEPA… just as Natalie Wood was really Natalia Nikolaevna Zacharenko of San Francisco CA. Her parents were from Siberia… they weren’t “Ukrainian” at all. Yes… she stayed a loyal Russian Orthodox Christian all her life. You see, some names do have meanings… for instance “Fireri” (of Guy Fieri of the Food Network) means “proud” in English… and Guy Fieri does have a whole lotta chutzpah and confidence.

My thanks to the Cabineteer who proposed this idea. Some of my best ideas come from my friends… I’m truly blessed…


Kharkov Photojournalist Killed in the DNR by Mortar Round

00 Sergei Nikolayev. Kharkov photojournalist. 28.02.15

They all had faces… they all had names… NEVER forget that…

No one is forgotten… nothing is forgotten…


На Донбассе погиб фотограф издания Сегодня Сергей Николаев. Он был ранен осколком мины в н.п. Пески.

Photographer Sergei Nikolayev of the publication Сегодня (Segodnya: Today) died in the Donbass. A mortar shell hit him in the village of Peski.

IT Sector Kharkov

Перемирие, говорите? Прекращение огня? Ну-ну…

They say it’s a truce? They’ve stopped firing? Well, well…



His colleagues said that a mortar shell burst in the DNR killed Kharkov Сегодня (Segodnya: Today) photojournalist Sergei Nikolayev. Multiple Ukrainian sources indicated that when the shell hit, Nikolayev was with Nikolai Flerko, a volunteer in a nationalist Right Sector battalion, in Peski, near Donetsk. Reportedly, neither man wore bulletproof vests or helmets; they took them to a local hospital, where doctors pronounced both men dead. Junta spokesman Andrei Lysenko said to Reuters, “We don’t know all the details, but there was shelling in Peski today”.

28 February 2015




Such is the Uniate “truce”… remember the UPA and its thousands of innocent victims. They killed without measure then… they do so now. They signed a “truce”… you can see the value of a Galician Uniate nationalist’s word. The apple sure didn’t fall very far from the tree, did it?

As for us, as Christians, the only thing that we can do is to light a candle for Sergei, say a prayer for his soul, and ask for pannikhida for him. Haven’t enough died to satisfy the bloodlust of Anglo America and its Uniate toadies? I truly have to walk away from this for a while… it’s too much of a muchness. Oh, yes… America is “exceptional”… it has a licence to kill and maim from God, dontcha know… ask the Native Americans, Mexicans, Afghanis, Nicaraguans, Cubans, Libyans, Syrians, and Iraqis, the families of the people killed in the firebombing of Dresden, and the kin of those incinerated by Yank A-bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki… there’s not an idle word in their testimonies…

Светлая Память! Вечная память, Сергей.


28 February 2015. Leonard Nimoy Dies at 81… Mr Spock Is No More… Shalom, Lennie

00 Leonard Nimoy. 28.02.15



Leonard Nimoy‘s roots were in Belarus… he spoke Yiddish as well as he spoke English (he acted in the Yiddish theatre in his younger years). We all grew up with him in Star Trek… another one of our adolescent icons bites the dust. I hope that he finds peace. You CAN light a candle for him tomorrow… there’s no limit on such things by private people. Say a prayer for his soul as you do so. We’re Christians, that’s what we do…

Вечная память

Live long and prosper…


Pervy Kanal Sez Ukies Iced Nemtsov… I Say They Don’t Have the Gelt… the Anglos May Have Used Them as Deniability

squirrel spy


Pervy Kanal and Vedomosti are pinning the blame for Nemtsov’s hit on the Ukies. I say that they lack the cash and brains to do it on their own… but that the Anglos might have used them for deniability purposes. It was a SLOPPY job… even Guido and Joey from Fort Lee would’ve done a better job. Trust me, the security around people like VVP and Rogozin is tighter than a gnat’s ass. You’d have to have a deep-level mole to get them. It was a provocation all ’round… I think that someone in Langley planned this… then, used somebody in the US Embassy in Kiev to hire some Ukie muscle from one of the oligarchs (they wouldn’t have used official SBU assets, as there are tons of Russian moles there who’d tip off the Russkies… VVP hates Nemtsov, but he hates disorder even more). It was a shoemaker job from top to bottom. They could’ve used a silenced SVD sniper rifle from a distance, and no one would’ve known who or what hit the jabronie. Here, you have something straight out of a badly-scripted Sopranos episode. Uncle Junior and Tony Soprano would’ve slapped somebody upside the head for even proposing such a hit.

However, my original comment still stands… this was an act of desperation. It’s the result of a generation of Anglo meddling in affairs not their own… remember Wimpy? It’s Tuesday…


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