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Sunday, 25 October 2015

25 October 2015. Translated Russian Demot… They’re CHAMPIONS!

00 russian paralympians. 251015


They’re CHAMPS. Full stop. Not “disabled” champs… not “inspirational” champs… CHAMPS, that’s all! To put it bluntly, most of us can’t do as well, and that’s that. The Russian government SUPPORTS its Paralympians (and Olympians) with real cash… dinero… money, honey. The US Government, due to the thievery and warmongering of the amoral godless Republican greedsters (aided by grasping corrupt “Democratic” semi-Repugs such as the Clintons and Obama), doesn’t give its Paralympians a tenth of what the Russian government gives its sportsmen. That is, a talented poor kid has a better chance of making the Russian team than they’d have in making the US team. Fancy that. How fuckin’ EXCEPTIONAL… I gotta find a corner to be sick in…



Monday, 3 March 2014

VOR Presents… Paralympic Flame Lit in Russia, Torch Relay Kicks Off in Yekaterinburg in the Urals

00 Yekaterinburg Paralympic Relay 01. 03.03.14


00 Yekaterinburg Paralympic Relay 02. 03.03.14


00 Yekaterinburg Paralympic Relay 03. 03.03.14


00 Yekaterinburg Paralympic Relay 04. 03.03.14


00 Yekaterinburg Paralympic Relay 05. 03.03.14


00 Yekaterinburg Paralympic Relay 06. 03.03.14


00 Yekaterinburg Paralympic Relay 07. 03.03.14


00 Yekaterinburg Paralympic Relay 08. 03.03.14


00 Yekaterinburg Paralympic Relay 09. 03.03.14


On Friday, they lit the torches of the Paralympic Flame relay-race in Yekaterinburg from a stylised forged flower, inside the cup of which flame from blast-furnaces and open-hearth ones of five metallurgical mills in the region were burning. Governor Yevgeni Kuivashev of Sverdlovsk Oblast said that the forthcoming relay-race would be an opportunity once again to introduce Sverdlovsk Oblast to the world, to show off its abundance of its sport, cultural, and spiritual traditions, and show its achievements in fostering a non-barrier environment and creating conditions for a full and active life for all people in the region.

Earlier, Vladimir Vlasov, First Deputy Head of the Oblast Administration, told a news conference that Anton Shipulin, a biathloner, Sochi Olympic medal winner, and Yuliya Skokova, a bronze medallist in speed skating, were going to take part in the relay, saying, “This is yet another occasion to admire the successes of our fellow-countrymen who worthily represented Sverdlovsk Oblast at the main sporting event of the season. At the same time, we expect that our Paralympians, who’re getting ready for the Games in Sochi, would also be able to gladden our hearts with their triumphs. I emphasise that the successes of Olympians and Paralympians are of equal value. However, we also know that the road to success and to sports medals is much harder for handicapped people”.

The overall length of the Yekaterinburg route of the Paralympic Flame relay will be 21 kilometres (13 miles). 100 torchbearers will carry the flame through the streets of the city, including handicapped people, prominent Urals sport personalities, coaches, athletes, and public figures. 230 volunteers will help onlookers and torch-bearers with orientation along the route. The main festive celebration will be at 1905 Square in downtown Yekaterinburg.

2 March 2014

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

Russia gives the same awards to Olympics and Paralympic champions. THE SAME… the same titles… the same monetary awards. They both receive the same treatment from the state and from the Church. That’s a GOOD legacy of the Sov period.

This is unlike crapitalist America. Just you watch… the neocons will try to pull some gnarly shit. The Weekly Standard, the National Review, and the Washington Times will all cry for MEANINGFUL ACTION (that is, to refuse American Paralympians the right to compete under their own national banner). I say… “Let the Paralympians go and compete. You have no right to take that away for perverse and petty political aims”.

I hope that the USA will keep its blood-drenched hands off the Paralympics… however, I don’t have much hope… the Amerikantsy are feral and spoilt…



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3 March 2014. Are the Posturing Neocon Pigs Going to Try to Fuck Up the Paralympics in Sochi?



It’s amazing how Washington is standing behind the criminal junta in Kiev. The Rump Rada keeps people out using Svoboda toughs, yet the USA slobbers all over them. Today, the USA refused visas to an agricultural mission. Yeah, to a bunch of farmers, agronomists, and scientists… good going, Obama! You’re really showing resolve… by banning people who have nothing to do with fucking up your attempt to stab the Ukraine in the back!

Amerikantsy are self-righteous smarmy bastards who think that the entire world has to kiss their ass or they get their nose out of joint. Who kills civilians in the Hindu Kush using drones? It’s NOT Russia! Who destroyed the Christian community of Iraq through a war of aggression? It’s NOT Russia! Who keeps the most political prisoners in the world (in the Gitmo Gulag) and has the larger per cap imprisonment rate in the world? It’s NOT Russia! Who kidnaps people throughout the world and brings them to its country for kangaroo court show trials? It’s NOT Russia!  Who’s put a vindictive trade embargo on Cuba since 1961? It’s NOT Russia! Who ran “black sites” in compliant foreign countries (including the Ukraine!) where they tortured people that they didn’t like? It’s NOT Russia!



Which has become the “Prison House of all the Nations”…

Why does Obama have his knicks in a knot? Oddly enough, this is uniting people of all spectrums, both in the USA and Russia. Everyone’s seeing how the Wall Street-controlled cabal in Washington is a bunch of terrorists in suits. Don’t get me wrong… they’re polite… they’re well-dressed… they’re not loud… they don’t cuss in public, smoke, or take a drink. Yet, they’re evil to the bone, they make Osama bin Laden look like a Boy Scout. I’ll betcha that the next stunt that the neocons are going to pull is to try to fuck up the Paralympics. They’ll make a big fuss and won’t allow American athletes to take part. That’s what they’ll do, the heartless bastards, I’ll betcha. They don’t give a busted rat’s ass that these folks have worked their hearts out for years… that doesn’t matter to greedster perverts who want to make the world safe for Wall Street. That sickens me most of all. The USA is acting like a spoilt child… and we get tarred with the blame for being its citizens. Note well the deafening silence from “progressives” (such as  the sleazy crowd at The Nation)… that’s why I generally don’t like “liberals” (in the Anglosphere sense). They’re just Lite Neoliberals who have no intention of giving up their ill-gotten gains and perks as upper-income upper-middles (“conservatives” are at least honest… they don’t coat their greed and grasping with a treacly and offensive exterior).

We hung people after World War II for running concentration camps, torturing people, and waging aggressive war. Methinks that it’s time to get out the noose again (and have a bipartisan gallows on K Street… let’s get ’em ALL whilst we’re at it).

Don’t be silent!


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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Golden Time for Silver Age Volunteers at the Olympic Games

00 Sochi Olympics. 18.02.14


If you’re in Sochi for the Winter Olympics this month, you might notice elderly men and women telling foreign visitors where to see the sights in town, manning the areas where big screens show the Game’s events, or even filling empty seats at Olympic events if needed. They’re all part of Leonid Lyubimov’s Silver Age volunteers, which started up three years ago, and now has more than 500 members. The group, with members aged between 46 and 85, organises from 35 to 40 events a month, from helping to clear waterways of trash to cleaning local landmarks and fixing up badly planted trees. Lyubimov, an energetic, grey-haired 71-year-old, said in an interview in the small office where he sat with his two deputies in downtown Sochi, “People usually feel that the elderly need to be helped, but we decided to do the reverse. We help ourselves, organise ourselves”.

Now retired, Lyubimov spent most of his professional life at a scientific institute in Novosibirsk, in Siberia, but he always dreamed of moving somewhere warm. He had maps of Crimea on his wall, almost moved to Cyprus, but eventually plumped for Sochi. He said that when Sochi became the venue for the Winter Olympics it provided a push to start the volunteer movement, “It’s interesting for us to live in a city where the Olympic Games will take place”. He said that the Silver Age volunteers all remembered the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics, adding, “To live through that was great, but to see another such event is super”.

He’s particularly proud that the group came up from the grassroots and not by government command, although Silver Age gets support from the city and local governments. With a structure that harks back to the Soviet Vladimir Lenin all-Union Pioneer Organisation, Lyubimov said that his group could drum up a few dozen volunteers in less than an hour. Many of them had English lessons in preparation for the Games “so at least we can explain how to get to the toilet”, as well as lessons in dealing with the public and with foreigners… skills not well honed in Soviet times.

Lyubimov said, “We love the city; although it’s no secret that many people in Sochi say, ‘Why do we need the Olympic Games?’ But we’ve built a new city”. Seventy of the volunteers shall take part as actors in a Chekhov-inspired part of the Paralympics opening ceremony slated for March. One member, a retired doctor, wrote an anthem for the group and the Silver Age has its own flag too. Lyubimov sees the group as for not only the Games, saying, “The Olympics will end, but we’ll continue to work. Our main aim is to wake up those who have become indifferent”.

7 February 2014

Kevin O’Flynn



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