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Saturday, 7 March 2015

7 March 2015. The Rada Election of 2014: Novorossiya and Malorossiya Clearly Delineated (Also Bukovina and Podkarpatskaya Too!)

00 Turnout in 2014 Rada election. 01.03


Do you want to know where Malorossiya is? That’s the area that’s mostly “green”. Do you want to know where Novorossiya is? That’s the area that’s mostly “orange-red”. These regions are easy to pick out, and they haven’t changed since 1991. The boundaries are those of the oblasts… do note that in the southwest two oblasts had lower turnout. The one with red is Podkarpatskaya, where the Rusin and Magyar hate the Galicians. The other, with slightly more voting, is Chernovtsy Oblast (Bukovina)… the Romanians hate the Galicians with the same intensity as the Rusins and Magyars do. Here’s the interesting point… virtually all groups, no matter on the level of their participation in the 2014 election, oppose the war and oppose the junta’s conscription campaign. They all evade the Voenkom. In other words, the junta didn’t unite anyone… on the contrary, they may have made things worse. This is a map to ponder.



Tuesday, 28 October 2014

28 October 2014. The Election Didn’t Deliver a Legit Government… Most of the Real People Boycotted It

00 ukraine map 04. 11.06.14

Here is the electoral map from the last real election… this pattern held for 20 years… the only reason that the present winners won was that many voters stayed home and the Uniate junta banned two opposition parties… Great Democracy!


The expected Uniate offensive hasn’t materialised yet. My contacts do NOT trust this lull. Mostly, I’ve heard that the Uniate junta is in disarray, as the Rabbit has turned on his former benefactor, Yuliya the Landshark. Is it on American orders? Yatsenyuk is stupid if he thinks that he can outsmart Yuliya Vladimirovna… she’s not a survivor for nothing, and he forgets that the only way that he got close to power was as her bagman. Some tell me that the Rabbit, Turdchinov, and Avakov (the Triumvirate) want to freeze out Yuliya completely from a “national unity” government. The present election actually showed the weakness of the Uniate junta… only 51 percent of the eligible voters showed up (the last real Rada election had a 58 percent turnout)… with higher numbers in the Lvovshchina and Kiev, but lower numbers elsewhere. One could say that Uniates, schismatical Orthodox, and Prods came out in greater than usual percentages, whilst the normal Orthodox population showed a lower rate of participation. Besides this, since the KPU and Regions were off the ballot, many of their supporters simply stayed away. To put it another way, a vast majority of minority elements showed up, whilst a majority of the majority refused to take part.

In short, this was a slippery corrupt election that even Cook County and Hudson County would repudiate. When you factor in the widespread ballot-stuffing… well, you can see where I’m going. The junta Rada is now LESS legit than it was. Look for the situation to become unstable and fairly quickly… Darlin’ Yuliya won’t appreciate being shunted to the side by the likes of the Triumvirate (the Rabbit’s sister DOES live in the USA and Langley could use her as a pawn). It won’t be boring…


Monday, 27 October 2014

Fascist Nutter Defeated in Lvov

Sergei Yolkin. Its Yet Another Election Day. 2012 (2)


On Sunday, the Central Elections Commission said that preliminary results after they counted 7.5 percent of votes showed that Irina Podolyak, the Samopomoshch (Self-Reliance) candidate for Rada People’s Deputy, won election in District 116 in the Western Ukrainian city of Lvov with 43 percent of the vote.  The incumbent Deputy, Irina Farion, an extremist of the Svoboda faction, came in second with 17.32 percent of the vote. Podolyak is the head of the Culture Branch of the Department of Social Policy of the Lvov Gorsoviet. Findings of an exit poll conducted by For A New Society suggested that Podolyak would win 43 percent and Farion would only get 13 percent. Farion is notorious for her frequent Russophobic statements, especially, her call to imprison “all degenerates who don’t speak Ukrainian”. She also stated that “no one can stop the spread of [ultranationalist Galician terrorist] Bandera’s ideology in the Ukraine”.

27 October 2014



Poroshenko More Loser than Winner in Rada Horse-Race

00 electoral fraud, 27.10.14


On Sunday, Oleg Ignatov, a deputy director general of the Russian Centre for Political Situational Analysis, said that first exit poll results after the early parliamentary elections in the Ukraine show that junta strongman P A Poroshenko is more a loser than a winner. Ignatov said, “If final results are close to those of the exit polls, the Ukrainian President will have little chance to form a coalition based on his party. I’d remind you that, towards the end of the campaign, Poroshenko claimed that he’d be able to form a pro-presidential coalition in the Verkhovnaya Rada and finally have a person from his team, probably Deputy Prime Minister V В Groisman, as Prime Minister. However, in the end, we see that the People’s Front of A V Turchinov and A P Yatsenyuk won more votes than expected. Therefore, it looks like Yatsenyuk will continue as prime minister, and conduct a policy independent from the president. Whereas, until now, Poroshenko favoured a less aggressive format towards relations with Russia and [Novorossiya], now, it’d be next to impossible for him, for he’d have to reckon with advocates of a harsher policy, the more so as other pro-war parties, such as Samopomoshch, the Radical Party, and Svoboda, won much support”.

Earlier Sunday, A K Pushkov, the chairman of the international committee of the RF Gosduma, wrote on his Twitter account, “It’s already clear that the election won’t trigger any changes in the power structures, but the authorities can’t do anything new… they have no financial resources. The Ukraine doesn’t have European integration ahead, but a complete loss of independence for the pittance that the USA and the EU would throw to it. The Ukraine’s future is miserable”.

According to results from national and international exit polls and a poll conducted by Inter TV, the Poroshenko Bloc won 22-23 percent of the vote. The People’s Front of Yatsenyuk and Turdchinov was next with 19.7-21.8 percent. Following were Samopomoshch (Self-Reliance) of Lvov Mayor A I Sadovy (11-14.2 percent), Yu A Boiko‘s Opposition Bloc (7/8-9.9 percent), O V Lyashko‘s Radical Party (about 6.5 percent), O Ya Tyagnibok‘s Svoboda (5.8-6.3 percent), and Yu V Timoshenko‘s Fatherland Front (5.6 percent). Other parties, including the radical Right Sector and the KPU, failed to overcome the five-percent barrier to win seats in the Rada.

26 October 2014




Correspondents told me that this election was as crooked as any local election held in the USA! Firstly, many ballots lacked communist candidates. Secondly, in many places away from the prying eyes of the Western media, the marking of ballots took place in public, so, there was crass voter coercion. Thirdly, there was no balloting in the DNR and LNR… even in most places under Uniate junta occupation. Regions wasn’t even on the ballot due to violence from Uniate nationalist nutters. Lastly, everyone believes that massive ballot-stuffing took place. In short, this was GIGO all round… but the USA and EU will brandish it as their justification for supporting the fascist neo-Nazi Uniate junta, just as they support the neo-Nazi racists in the Baltic States.

By the way… Clan Balogh didn’t help Poroshenko as ballot-box-stuffers and voter intimidators this time around. Could that be why Poroshenko did so “poorly?” Perspirin’ minds wanna know…

One last thing… the USA is putting extreme pressure on the Magyars. Are they getting to bale out of the US-led sanctions charade? It’s a possibility…


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