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Friday, 10 November 2017

Brother Ajamu Speaks…


The North Koreans aren’t going to denuclearise (I may have made up a word) as long as they see the USA as an existential threat. Therefore, what this warmongering criminal is saying is that she supports an attack on that nation. Moreover, there’ll be others standing with her ready to send the working class and poor off to die for nothing… once again.

All hail the “Ministry of Truth” being called for by liberal Democrats where CNN, NYT, MSNBC, and Wash Post determine what truth is.

There’s a story and there are questions about hacking that aren’t  part of the discussion. During the campaign, my staff was hacked, both phones and computers. I had 12,000 emails stolen and the campaign and party had intrusions. Now, who had an objective interest in doing that… the Russians? We know who, but don’t have the evidence, so up to this message, we haven’t made a big deal of it. We always understood that this was just the dirty nature of a corrupt bourgeois politics that the ill-informed refer to as democracy. So later for that BS concern about the Russians from citizens of a state that hacks, murders leaders of other nations, overthrows governments, and allows its own citizens to be murdered with impunity by its police forces.

Ajamu Baraka



Saturday, 12 August 2017

12 August 2017. “Russian Hacking” Didn’t Defeat the Clintons… Their Shitty Greedster Record Did Them In, With No Help from Outsiders


NAFTA… “Welfare Reform”… the destabilisation of Federal Yugoslavia… the dismantling of reasonable New Deal restrictions on Wall Street profiteers… the aggression against Serbia in 1999… the deliberate bungling of healthcare reform… the sponsorship of the Kosovo gangster state… need I go on? The Clintons were feral “conservative” Repugs in everything but the name… ordinary people do have memories and did act on them. They knew that Trump was a buffoonish knave, but they also knew that the Clintons had proven themselves unscrupulous thieves and unrepentant muggers of ordinary folk. They voted AGAINST… they didn’t need “foreign meddling” to come to that conclusion. There IS a country that routinely meddles in the internal affairs of others… it ISN’T Russia…


Monday, 10 July 2017

10 July 2017. A Point to Ponder from Bishop Lazar

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The following encapsulates the evil programme of American neoliberalism (both Republican and Corporate Democrat). Note well that Orthodox konvertsy dance in glee about Trump’s Golden Calf (and call themselves “pro-lifers” to boot)…

To boast of being “pro-life” while acceding to the removal of health care from millions of people, many of whom, children in particular, will die from lack of adequate health care, is surely one of the most gross and egregious hypocrisies of our epoch.

It says it all about the neoliberals (and Orthodox konvertsy), doesn’t it?


Saturday, 8 July 2017

8 July 2017. A Thought on Healthcare in the Age of Corporatist Bloat

This is from 2012… Obama had many faults, but he (at least) signed the Affordable Care Act (do remember how Hillary (I think intentionally) flubbed it in the 90s)…


This says it all about Republican compassion and caring… and about the Clintonistas too…

I lay in the hotel room hearing my uncles discuss the price of feed corn and it occurred to me, not once but several times, that I am a fortunate man and thank you, Lord, for Medicare A and B and a good group health policy and for savings to cover any shortfall. The 23 million people who may lose their health insurance in the next few years if Congress does as the man wishes will face some high barriers between them and any sort of eye surgery. This doesn’t come under the heading of Kindness.

Eighty percent of evangelical Christians who cast ballots last fall voted for a man who seems as far from Christian virtues (humility, kindness, patience, etc.) as Hulk Hogan is from the Dalai Lama. These people pray for guidance. So apparently, Jesus got the story wrong. The rich man came to Lazarus who was covered with sores and asked for a tax break, and the rich man was rewarded and Lazarus went to hell. Do unto others as you’re glad they don’t have the means to do unto you.

Remember… the Clintons brought us NAFTA, “welfare reform”, and the repeal of limits on Wall Street. Any ordinary person who voted for Hillary Clinton was a boob, full stop. Upper-Middles? They voted their class interest. They profited under the Clintons the last time and anticipated more good times under Hillary. As for us, they not only don’t give a good goddamn, they never did.

The rest of the article from which I took the excerpt is here.


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