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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Junta Puts Ban on Russian Men in Place… IN TIME FOR THE EASTER HOLIDAYS!!


The Ukraine forgets… Russia has border guards, too… better-trained and better-paid than theirs are...


On Friday, the Ukrainian State Border Guard Service (GPSU) told RIA-Novosti, “Over the last 24 hours, we denied about 600 Russian citizens access to the Ukraine”. On Thursday, the GPSU announced that it was banning Russian men aged 16-60 from entering the country. Earlier, Aeroflot announced it’d received an official letter from Ukrainian authorities notifying the company of the restrictions. Aeroflot stated that exceptions to the ban include passengers traveling with relatives who’re women or children, or those who have documents confirming invitations from close relatives, or serious illness or death in the family. The GPSU said that the final decision on banning the entry of a particular person would occur at the border, saying, “I can say that we’d be particularly careful with Russian citizens of the indicated age. For example, if they’re well-built, they’d undergo a second screening”. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs requested an official explanation from the junta on the restrictions and said that it didn’t rule out retaliatory measures following the move. On Thursday, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, “We drew attention to the decision banning Russian men of a particular age from entering Ukraine. This is outrageous and doesn’t correspond with the atmosphere our Western counterparts aimed to create during the meeting. Obviously, this move is discriminatory and unfriendly”.

18 April 2014




They put this ban in place JUST IN TIME FOR EASTER to cause the greatest upset and mayhem. The junta’s not only a pack of lying sacks of shit; they’re juvenile bullies! What do you expect from a bunch that has Uniates, Evangelicals, New Agers, and schismatical Orthodox in it as its leading lights? They’re not only nasty mofos, they’re clueless as all hell.

JUST IN TIME FOR EASTER… shall the blasphemy of the junta NEVER end?


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Friday, 18 October 2013

18 October 2013. Sergei Yolkin’s World. Events of the Week in Cartoons by Sergei Yolkin: 7-11 October 2013

00 Sergei Yolkin. Events of the Week in Cartoons by Sergei Yolkin. 7-11 October 2013. 2013

Events of the Week in Cartoons by Sergei Yolkin: 7-11 October 2013

Sergei Yolkin



Dr Onishchenko is the equivalent of the US Surgeon General. Vladimir Klichko and Aleksandr Povetkin had a well-publicised match in Moscow last week, ending in victory for Klichko, although Povetkin showed much spunk and “heart”. Isaev resigned his posts with the United Russia party after it came out that his assistant Aleksandr Poglazov was kicked off an Aeroflot flight for drunken behaviour and Isayev threatened the cabin crew with dismissal and personal harm.



Sergei Yolkin peeks at the opposition between Klichko and Povetkin, Gosduma Deputy Andrei Isayev and Aeroflot, and Head Sanitary Doctor Gennady Onishchenko and Lithuanian dairy products.

11 October 2013

Sergei Yolkin



Thursday, 29 August 2013

Fidel Castro Denies that Cuba Refused To Accept Edward Snowden Due to American Coercion

01 Fidel Castro Ruz


In an article he wrote posted on Tuesday on Cubadebate, Fidel Castro Ruz denied information published in the Russian media that Cuba allegedly refused to accept Edward Snowden due to American coercion. Castro said, “Nobody has the right to speak on behalf of Cuba”. He also noted that he admired Snowden’s actions, saying, “In my opinion, he’s rendered a service to the world, revealing the disgusting, vile policy of a powerful empire that’s lying and deceiving the world”. He noted that Cuba resisted American pressure for 54 years; it isn’t going to surrender. According to an unconfirmed report, Havana informed Moscow that it’d refuse landing rights to an Aeroflot airliner should Snowden be aboard it.

28 August 2013

Voice of Russia World Service



Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Will “Sandy” Save Obama’s Campaign?


Hurricane Sandy’s hitting of the US East Coast could play a crucial role in the presidential campaign. Analysts believe that the storm can benefit Obama even better than all the members of his campaign team. Sandy can help Obama get a “permission” to reassume the presidency. This could happen during the final and most important stage of the presidential campaign, when less than a week is left before the elections. Until recently, opinion polls showed Obama and Romney sharing almost equal chances to win.

The storm will save Obama’s election campaign. Sounds cynical, doesn’t it? However, being cynical is part of any American presidential campaign. The participants forget all standards of behaviour, given what a great prize awaits the winner at the end. Sandy is a good example. Actually, according to meteorologists, it wasn’t a hurricane when it reached the USA, but a tropical storm. Obviously, it wasn’t the strongest hurricane in a decade. Prominent Russian political analyst Gleb Kuznetsov believes that the Obama team overdramatized the situation, saying, “In advance, Obama turned this hurricane into a catastrophe. Referring to Sandy, the Obama administration used such terms as ‘unprecedented’ and ‘horrible’ as if trying to get people prepared for a possible outcome. Sandy couldn’t have brought Obama any good, only harm. This is what he focused on beforehand, trying to prevent harmful consequences”.

The superstorm offered Obama a chance to use his administration’s potential to its fullest, to prove himself an effective president and rescuer without confronting the risk of facing accusations of politicking. The Obama team seems to have learned a good lesson from the 2005 Hurricane Katrina. Then-US President George W Bush faced blame for his slow handling of the situation, which resulted in his approval rating going down sharply. Pavel Tarusin, analyst for Lomonosov Moscow State University, said, “Voters have already compared Sandy to Katrina. In 2005, the rescue operation was really too late as Mr Bush and the Governor of Louisiana debated for 5-6 days on whether to allocate federal money on the rescue operation or not. In terms of this, Mr Obama finds himself in a better position now… we must admit that he has been quite active in handling the situation”.

Barack Obama cancelled all his remaining campaign appearances, as he’s busy monitoring the rescue operation in the northeatern USA. His schedule for Wednesday, 31 October, features a visit to the worst-affected New Jersey areas. On Wednesday, Republican candidate Mitt Romney is touring Florida, a state that wasn’t affected by Sandy. Can there be a better contrast between the two candidates? One monitors the rescue efforts, whilst the other continues to campaign as the US East Coast is in trouble. Barack Obama declared the states of New Jersey and New York the worst affected by the storm. He ordered the allocation of federal money to help people in these areas to cope with the aftermath of the storm. Even Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie admitted that Obama’s actions were “outstanding”. This certainly placed Mitt Romney in the background of the current political scene in the USA.

Hurricane Sandy, which hit the US eastern coast and Canada, is losing force, but the death toll keeps growing. The raging elements claimed more than 60 human lives in Caribbean countries before making landfall over the US East Coast and Canada on Monday night. preliminary estimates put the overall damage cost is at 20 billion dollars, but Japanese economists feel the cost may well rise to 100 billion dollars and gravely affect American economic growth. The US National Hurricane Centre believes that Sandy was the biggest-scale tropical cyclone in the North Atlantic since tropical cyclones began to be recorded in 1851.

Amidst enormous efforts to get back to normal life, New York City authorities are taking measures against a crime wave that could spill over the city. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg promised “a very heavy police presence” in blacked-out city areas. According to reports from the crippled city, police vans and patrol cars with their roof lights on are all over the streets. Although there’s been little sign of a crime wave so far, officials said that police made multiple arrests in the city on Monday and Tuesday. Charges included burglary, criminal mischief, and trespassing. Media reports say that New York began beefing up police patrols in the wake of Hurricane Sandy’s landfall, which triggered a rise of crime and violence in the city. Some hundred police were deployed to Coney Island to protect looted stores and banks, whilst residents of several blocks in Chelsea in Manhattan hired private security guards. Media reports say that New Yorkers fear that the storm could lead to a spike in crime amidst the power outages.

Russian air-carriers Aeroflot and Transaero cancelled their flights from Moscow to New York due this Wednesday because of Hurricane Sandy. Delta Airlines took similar steps. The situation is extremely involved at John F Kennedy Airport in New York. One runway is non-operational, since its navigation systems are flooded. Most of New York’s alternate airports have been closed. On Monday, Sandy made landfall over the US East Coast, killing more than 50 Americans to date. Some 8 million people are suffering from power outages. The damages are estimated at 20 billion USD. Earlier, the hurricane hit some Caribbean countries, so the overall death toll is about 120. The cyclone is currently moving towards Canada.

Life in New York is getting back on track after Hurricane Sandy hit the US East Coast on Monday night. The authorities said that the after-effects of the hurricane are unprecedented. Water in worst-hit lower Manhattan has receded, so housing and municipal services crews got down to repairing the storm damage. Groceries, cafés, and restaurants have reopened in downtown New York, with owners jacking prices up for top-selling goods.

Officials say the death toll from Superstorm Sandy has reached 50. There are widespread power outages in lower Manhattan. Utility officials say it could be days before power is restored and the subway system is running again. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said there was “no timeline” for when the subway would restart, but he hoped buses could begin running again on Wednesday. All New York area major airports were closed as their runways are flooded, but John F Kennedy Airport and Newark Airport in New Jersey are due to reopen at 06.00 EDT on Wednesday, with reduced service. Bloomberg said that it’s likely to be two or three days before power is restored to most of the city. Storm-caused deaths were reported in Connecticut, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. A Toronto resident, a woman, also fell victim to the hurricane.

According to the UN press service, the United Nations Headquarters in New York remains paralysed for the third day, as does the city itself after being hit by hurricane Sandy last Tuesday night. On 31 October, all meetings at the UN were cancelled and the UN’s website is also down. According to the authorities, Hurricane Sandy killed at least 16 people in New York and over 600,000 households were left without power. The restoration of power and public transport may take several days.

US President Barack Obama pledged to do everything possible to quickly deal with the effects of Hurricane Sandy. He stated that the difficulties were felt by the entire country and said that assistance would be provided free of red tape and bureaucracy. Obama also called on US citizens to be generous and donate aid to the victims of the hurricane through the American Red Cross. President Obama noted the courage of rescuers and authorities in New York, the city that suffered the most severe consequences of the storm. On Wednesday, US President Barack Obama cancelled all campaign events due to Hurricane Sandy making landfall on the East Coast. Obama was to hold a meeting with voters in Ohio, but decided to stay in Washington to coordinate the actions of the government forces in the aftermath of the disaster. Obama said his priority now is the early transfer of resources to local authorities. Meanwhile, rival Mitt Romney, said that his campaign will resume on Wednesday in Florida. According to his press office, the Republican is in Ohio, where he opened an endowment fund to victims of the hurricane. Earlier, Romney said that he considered it necessary to cut funding for the US Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Television reports said that Hurricane Sandy killed more than 30 people in seven northeastern American states. According to New York Mayor Michel Bloomberg, New York City was the worst hit with at least ten people reported dead. The total storm-related death toll in the state of New York is 17. Three people were killed in Pennsylvania and three in New Jersey. One of the reactors at the Salem 1 nuclear power plant in New Jersey was shut down because of the storm after four of its six coolant pumps stopped working.

31 October 2012

Vitaly Radnayev

Andrei Fedyashin

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

One of the more fluky “October Surprises” on record fatally damaged Willy’s campaign. There’s nothing that Willy can do of it… nothing. All that Barack Obama has to do is to attend to his duties and look “presidential”… and that will tilt most “undecideds” his way. After all, he made George W Bush look foolish, and everyone knows that Willy is nothing but Bush Redux. At present, Romney’s call to reduce or eliminate FEMA looks ridiculous. There’s nothing to do, the money of his fatcat supporters can’t help him. Barack Obama came across as cool and dispassionate… he hasn’t made a wrong move yet.

In short, the Romney campaign is going full-tilt for the abyss… it’s no horse-race. Most statistical researchers give the Prez a 70 to 80 percent chance of re-election. He has to fuck up royally to lose… and he’s not a gambler like John McCain was. The hurricane was an “act of God”… in more ways than one…


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