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Saturday, 5 March 2016

5 March 2016. Take NO Credence in OBVIOUS PhotoShops… It Demeans REAL Opposition to Chilly Hilly

00 hillary and bin laden 060316


The above is an obvious PhotoShop and fake. It’s a False Flag personified. It demeans opposition to Chilly Hilly. Therefore… it may come from the Clintonista camp… Chilly’s unscrupulous and without morals… she’d do ANYTHING for power and to smear her opposition. Reject all false opposition to Hilly… there’s enough REAL dirt on her, trust me. The people who did this were either stupid or calculating pro-Hilly sorts. Reject all false evidence… including those things that support your POV. It does you or your cause no good at all.


5 March 2016. Chilly Hilly Doing WORSE Than She Did in ’08… Where’s the Media? Are They ALL Corporate Whores?

00 krishnamurti hillary 011115


On Super Tuesday ’08, Chilly Hilly SWEPT the primaries… of course, she went on to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory… then, as now, she didn’t know how to keep her mouth shut. This time ’round, she only managed to split the ticket with Bernie… that is, she did MUCH worse now than then. Note the deafening silence of the news media, both “conservative” and “liberal” (both are simply two sides of the same rotten neoliberal coin). NO ONE IS MENTIONING THIS! Chilly took a pasting… she needed to win it ALL, just as she did in ’08, but she didn’t. In short, the media spin on this is atrocious and meant to confuse the people. I’ll confide this to you… it’s fooling no one. They’re all baying at the moon (both Fox and CNN), and NO ONE IS LISTENING. I know journos personally… all tell me that they report what their bosses want… otherwise, they’re on the unemployment line. We have a strange situation for the time being… Chilly Hilly and her devoted acolytes are denying reality… but that’ll change, trust me. Superdelegates such as Andrew Cuomo will turn on her after she loses more primaries. Remember, the good word on the street is that Andrew took down Elliott Spitzer… he hasn’t squawked much about such talk. Andrew Cuomo is the slickest and most amoral Teflon Don in politics. He’ll stab Hilly in public and say, “It ain’t personal; it’s just business”. When he does that, the rest of the superdelegates will follow him.

It’s Bernie vs Trump in November… 


Wednesday, 2 March 2016

1 March 2016. Super Tuesday Nailed It… Chilly Hilly Has No Tread or Cred Outside of the South

00 NO HILLARY! 081115


The results from yesterday’s primaries are clear… Chilly Hilly has no tread or cred outside of negro or upper middle “liberal” circles. Full stop. The latter is obvious, as they’re the group that benefited the most from her policies (along with the One Percent and the Affluent Effluent, of course). The former is strange, as Chilly Hilly is in the pocket of the private prison, insurance, and pharmaceutical lobbies. Nevertheless, without large negro or “liberal” voting blocs (the latter is far smaller than most think… concentrated mainly in the Northeast, which is why carpetbagger Hilly decided to run for Senate from New York State), she has no cred or tread. In short, if she had a scrap of patriotism or duty, she’d step aside for Bernie. However, as she’s the most self-centred narcissistic candidate in the pack, expect her to fight to the end for Bill’s Third Term (for that’s what’s really on offer). Bill’s first two terms gave us warmongering (the Easter bombing of Belgrade), giveaways to the Affluent Effluent and oligarchs (NAFTA), and a War on the Poor (“welfare reform”, anyone?)… do we really want a repeat?

“It ain’t over till it’s over”… the Yog was right…


Saturday, 23 January 2016

23 January 2016. Two “Star Wars” Endings Embody the Difference Between Bernie and Chilly Hilly

00 ewok yub nub 230116


Here’s the sanitised and crapola ending to Return of the Jedi from 1997


Here’s the real deal ending to Return of the Jedi from 1983


Even a child can tell the difference between the two. The first is sanitised, phony (it’s all computer animation), Oprahesque, and Deepak Chopra “positive”. The second is gritty, “party”, and LIVE. Chilly Hilly is phony and without reality… a computer animatron if there ever was one. Bernie’s a real guy who flies coach and doesn’t have a deep portfolio (sure, he’s not starvin’… but he sure ain’t as flush with boodle as Chilly Hilly or Butcher Biden are). Hey, Bernie… run the Yub Nub clip after you win in Iowa and New Hampshire… and pass the jug in public… now, that’ll rile up the terminally nice and politically-correct! It’d put a LOT of normal people on the Bernie Special.



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