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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

America to Demolish New Never-Used 34-Million-Dollar Military Base in Afghanistan

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 A government watchdog reported Wednesday that the USA would likely demolish a never-used American military base in southern Afghanistan. It said that the full-equipped military facility cost some 34 million USD (1.12 billion Roubles. 26.4 million Euros. 22.8 UK Pounds). John Sopko, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, said, “Based on these preliminary findings, I’m deeply troubled that the military may have spent taxpayer funds on a construction project that should’ve been stopped. Unfortunately, it’s unused, unoccupied, and presumably will never be used for its intended purpose. One senior US military official told me that this facility was designed for a military division that was never deployed, and, subsequently, a decision was made not to construct the facility, but inexplicably the building construction started and is now complete. In addition, I was told that the US military officials expect that the building will be either demolished or turned over to the Afghan government as our military presence in Afghanistan declines and Camp Leatherneck is reduced in size”.

Both alternatives to resolve this issue are troubling… destroying a never-occupied and never-used facility, or turning over what may be a “white elephant” to the Afghan government that it may not have the capacity to sustain. Sopko’s report said, “According to a senior US military official, as the footprint of Camp Leatherneck decreases, the building could be outside the security perimeter, thereby making it unsafe for the US military to occupy it. This leaves the military with two primary options… demolish the building or give it to the Afghan government”. NATO, coalition, and American forces destroyed hundreds of small and medium-size military camps and bases as they prepare to withdraw.

10 July 2013

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

This is one of the reasons for the Republicans’ enormous deficits… they give out gigantic sweetheart contracts to their Corporate paymasters, which advance the true defence of the USA not one bit. THIS is what the Republicans defend and refuse to cut from the budget. It doesn’t aid one iota to the defence of the American heartland… it does add BILLIONS to the already-stuffed boodle bags of the Affluent Effluent. None dare call it TREASON…

Oh, yes… they want such wasteful contracts to continue, and they want to cut the taxes of those who rake in the payoffs for these contracts… none dare call it THEFT…




Thursday, 20 September 2012

As John Robles Sees It… Afghanistan: Spinning Failure as Success


The number of green-on-blue attacks in Afghanistan is increasing amidst widespread rioting over the American film Innocence of Muslims as the USA attempts to make a face-saving drawdown of troops from the country. Cooperation between “coalition” troops and the Afghans is being cut back as the attacks continue, yet the USA is still trying to paint a different picture of their failure in Afghanistan. Western media reports this year alone noted that there were 37 attacks on American forces and their NATO and want-to-be-NATO allies, all part of George W Bush’s “coalition of the willing” engaged in their endless world war on terror.

Just like at the beginning of the invasion, when the American and the Western media reacted with horror and indignation anytime the Afghans fought back, branding them enemy combatants, then, terrorists, and hauling them off to their illegal torture prison, outside of the jurisdiction of international law, in Guantánamo Bay Cuba, the Western media still don’t seem to get it. They continue to react with shock and indignation whenever their Afghan “allies” (yes, that’s what they now call the country they invaded) attack the “coalition” forces.

Let’s stop for a minute here and put things into a proper perspective. Unlike the USSR, whose intervention was officially requested by the Afghan Government, the USA and NATO were never asked to enter the country, that’s one… two, the invasion of Afghanistan, and that’s what it was no matter how the West hates to admit it, was never sanctioned internationally, or even in the USA… Afghanistan never threatened the USA, never committed an act of aggression against the USA warranting invasion, and, last, and most importantly, was never involved in the questionable events of 9/11.

The Western media said that the attacks by their Afghan “allies” killed 51 “international service members” this year, with 12 attacks in August, leaving 15 dead. Yet, nowhere can you find an accurate body count of the innocent Afghan people, including women and children, who’ve died at the hands of the coalition. This is simple to explain, it’s part of the American propaganda war; the people back in Kansas don’t want to hear about it, the Afghan people are an abstraction, less than human, their lives don’t count as much as those of the “coalition” forces. If the American people were to find out what the USA is really doing in Afghanistan, they might become upset and call for an end to the military adventure.

The USA’s vested interest in hiding the truth, including that about Afghanistan, is obvious by the American reaction to Wikileaks, Bradley Manning, yours truly, and anyone else who gets too close to the truth. The war should be over soon, you may think, at least, that’s what they want you to believe, not hardly, despite the fact that the USA is to announce that 33,000 troops who were part of the “surge” three years ago, have left the country, this actually means nothing. The number of troops will remain at close to invasion-level, with 68,000 US troops still incountry. That is a great pull-out? The Western media doesn’t mention this very real and provable fact, they continue to complain about Afghan “attacks”, either they just doesn’t get it or they actually believe what they are writing when it comes to Afghanistan.

This is completely understandable, no one in the USA wants to hear that they illegally invaded and decimated a country for no real reason, or at least not for the reasons they were lied to about and led to believe. No one wants to hear that their presence isn’t wanted and that they’re aggressors and invaders… invaders who attacked one of the poorest and most defenceless countries in the world illegally and on false pretexts, and, then, stayed there for more than a decade killing the population without being able to claim any kind of a victory. The media in the West complains that the spike in “insider” attacks is somehow souring relations between the USA and its Afghan allies who are fighting side by side. Against whom? Against other Afghan people. The once-CIA-backed Taliban? The reality is that the USA invaded their country, and is killing their people, so, how is it that an Afghan could, in their right mind, fight alongside the invaders? Well, apparently, many are now taking the first chance they have to fight back, not against their Afghan brothers and sisters, but against the invaders.

This is something the USA just doesn’t seem to understand. Even if there weren’t thousands of cases of innocent civilians being killed, even if there weren’t constant unpunished “scandals”, and even if American soldiers didn’t urinate on corpses and collect body parts as trophies and the like, the USA would never be welcomed in the country. They’re invaders. The latest in a spate of what are now called “green-on-blue” attacks an Afghan soldier in Helmand Province opened fire on a vehicle he believed was driven by NATO soldiers slightly wounding a foreign staff member. Also on Sunday, an Afghan police officer shot and killed four American troops in Zabul Province, and on Saturday, a member of a government-backed militia killed two British troops, also in Helmand.

Of course, officials and the press are painting the escalation in violence and attacks against the Americans in a different light. Instead of admitting that they’re completely losing control of the country and that the situation for them is growing worse by the day, people like US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta are attempting to paint the increase in attacks as a sign of the decrease in power by the attackers. Panetta said while visiting Japan that the “… insider attacks are the last gasp of a Taliban insurgency that hasn’t been able to regain lost ground”. So, the fact that the Taliban’s attacking more means that they’re in fact weaker? Ahem. Okay, but sorry, if you call a black kettle white it’s still black.

Further underlining the failure of the American military adventure in Afghanistan and of their meddling in the Muslim world in general, on Tuesday, 18 September, a woman wearing a suicide vest blew herself up on a minibus in Kabul, killing 12 people, including seven foreigners. According to reports, the dead were mostly Russian and South African nationals. Apparently, the attack was in protest of the infamous film Innocence of Muslims. In Kabul, thousands of protestors clashed with police over the same film, in violence that was even worse than the outbreak that occurred at the beginning of the year over the burning of Qurans by American troops.

On Monday, NATO reported that it’s cut the number of joint operations with Afghan soldiers and policemen in order to lessen the chance of insider attacks. This is the second such order given recently, which further flies in the face of the claim that they are fighting “shoulder to shoulder” with the Afghans. According to CBS News reports, the Pentagon, for its part, “suspended most joint field operations with Afghan forces because so many Americans are being killed by the men they’re training”. This comes on the heels of a decision to end all joint patrols and operations without first obtaining approval from the command structure. If they call that winning, I’d hate to see what they call losing.

19 September 2012

John Robles

Voice of Russia World Service



Wednesday, 29 August 2012

As John Robles Sees It… USA in Afghanistan: Who’s the “Savage?”

America’s “gift” to Afghanistan… reflect on this, Wafflin’ Willy wants to increase such…  that’s EVIL…


Another case of the American Forces desecrating remains ended with a slap on the wrist for some of the perpetrators, whilst others received no disciplinary action. On the same day, another military tribunal brushed off the burning of Korans, with those guilty also escaping serious punishment. Against a backdrop of increased Afghan resistance to NATO and the beheading of 17 partygoers by Islamists, the question as to who really are the “savages” in Afghanistan begs to be asked. Once again, as with almost every case involving egregious misconduct by American troops, committing what can only be characterised as war crimes, those involved received nothing more than the proverbial slap on the wrist, and such cases are in the hundreds, if not thousands. We don’t know the real figures, as most such events remain unknown and unreported.

This time, one could call the events in question benign by American standards. For some reason, probably to minimise backlash, both judgments came at the same time. One was a ruling on cases of soldiers urinating on Taliban corpses, and the other concerned soldiers burning the Koran. on Monday, reports indicated that in the case of the Marines urinating on Taliban corpses, some of them received unspecified administrative “discipline”, despite American claims that it was a “huge” embarrassment causing a Naval Criminal Investigative Service investigation, as well as condemnation and an apology from United States Secretary of Defence Leon Panetta, and even US Secretary of State Clinton, who vowed that they’d find and punish the culprits. The other judgment also released on Monday, involving the burning of Korans by American troops, an event that caused widespread riots, multiple deaths, and calls from the Taliban and Islamists to kill foreign troops in Afghanistan and Americans in order to defend Islam’s Holy book. Despite the outrage and deaths caused by their actions, nothing “criminal” really occurred, according to the USA.

Like I said, these were benign events by American standards, after Abu Ghraib and similar events in Iraq, the mass murder of almost 20 civilians whilst they slept in their homes earlier this year by a “deranged” sergeant, cases of cutting off body parts as trophies (including the cutting off of fingers, noses, ears, and even the peeling off of faces), families being set on fire, denial of medical care to large numbers of civilians leading to their deaths, snipers posing with Nazi symbols, multiple cases of rape and sodomy, and massacre after massacre after massacre, for sure, Marines simply urinating on corpses seems almost comic. The Taliban aren’t very much better, however, they trail far behind compared to the overall creativity and level of atrocity of NATO’s finest. Their savagery is just as brutal as that committed by some of the NATO forces, but less widespread and frequent. The latest event attributed to the Taliban, but denied by them, and, quite possibly, carried out by “insurgents”, was the beheading of 15 men and 2 women for having a party with dancing and music, something they view as immoral and un-Islamic.

The Afghan authorities has launched an investigation with President Hamid Karzai saying,”…the attack shows that there are irresponsible members amongst the Taliban”. The beheading of the partygoers occurred in an area of Musa Qala District that’s almost totally under Taliban control. Governor Nematullah Khan of Musa Qala said, “They were having a music party and the Taliban came, killed them, and cut off their heads”. On the same day, to the south, ten Afghan soldiers were killed at a checkpoint and an Afghan soldier killed two NATO soldiers whilst they were on joint patrol, bringing the number of NATO victims of Afghan soldiers to 42 this year alone. Now, so-called “green-on-blue-killings” are a further sign of the utter failure of almost 12 years of “coalition” occupation. These are facts the West would rather hide, because, in Afghanistan as in Iraq, every move against the citizenry and every bomb dropped was done illegally. Both of these countries were attacked in illegal acts of military aggression for involvement in events they had nothing to do with, namely the events of 9/11, as both countries never threatened or even posed a threat to the USA, yet, they’ve paid the price and been illegally occupied, so it isn’t surprising that the people are fighting back.

Going back to the subject of slaps on the wrists for those committing atrocities, for me, the reason why they never pay the price for their illegal behaviour has been clear for a long time. How on earth could the American judicial system or the American military deem anything their own killing machine does to be illegal, if the whole war and occupation of Afghanistan is in-and-of-itself illegal to begin with? The truth is an extremely dangerous thing, especially, when it’s something that might end plans for world domination, and that’s what it’s all about, but it looks like they may be failing. In Afghanistan, a country decimated by close to 12 years of war, the truth’s hidden on a daily basis, and, as sites such as Wikileaks have found out (the hard way), reporting on the facts is something that the US Empire won’t allow.

The destruction and atrocities that the US unleashed on the Afghan people continue on a daily basis, and they’re something the US has attempted, time and time again, to hide. As they continue, so will the response from the Afghan side. In Afghanistan, the USA obfuscates, hides, and doctors the facts at every turn, so that even finding an accurate count of the number of civilian deaths in the country is almost impossible, with numbers ranging from about 10,000 to the millions. Yet, one thing is crystal clear… the USA has failed in Afghanistan, and there’s little likelihood that there’s a way out for it. One question that I feel truly begs to be answered is quite a simple one… who, in fact, are the real “savages” in Afghanistan?

28 August 2012

John Robles

Voice of Russia World Service



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