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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Ten Countries that Threaten World Peace More than the DPRK Does


The DPRK doesn’t pose a critical threat to the world. However, these countries have done so and still very much do. Often, people portray the DPRK portrayed as a rogue state that endangers its region and according to some, the world. Nevertheless, the DPRK hasn’t engaged in a hot conflict since the ceasefire that ended the Korean War in 1953. There’s little evidence that the DPRK is actually as menacing as it often pretends to be, let alone as menacing as others claim it is.

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You can’t say the same for the following ten countries:

1. The USA

Since 1998 alone, the USA conducted unprovoked illegal aggressive attacks on the following countries:

  • Iraq
  • Yugoslavia
  • Afghanistan
  • Iraq (again)
  • Libya
  • Sudan
  • Somalia
  • Yemen
  • Syria

During this time, the USA also funded and provoked an illegal coup in the Ukraine. If invading and overthrowing governments in countries that haven’t even attempted to invade the USA isn’t a danger to world peace, I don’t know what is.

2. The Ukraine

Since 2014, the Ukrainian régime has fought a genocidal war against ethnic Russians in the Donbass. The war hasn’t ceased and the Kiev régime constantly violates the Minsk II ceasefire agreement. The war has seen the use of chemical weapons on civilian targets as well as the deprivation of food, medical supplies, and electricity to the Donbass. The DNR and LNR never sought to attack Kiev, merely to defend their democratic socialist republics against aggression that hasn’t ceased since 2014. This is an attempt at ethnic cleansing that the world should’ve condemned and put a stop to a long time ago.

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3. Israel 

Israel has continually occupied lands recognised by the UN as Palestinian territory since 1948. Israel has illegally occupied Syrian territory since 1967. In 1982, Israel invaded and occupied Lebanon and only left in 2000. Combined Lebanese forces, primary those of Hizbullah, stopped an attempt to invade Lebanon in 2006. Israel continues to illegally invade and bomb Syrian territory, thus exacerbating the current crisis in that country. Israel’s Yinon Plan is a long-term strategy that many in Israel’s government and deep state plan to execute in order to annex further land among Israel’s neighbours.

4. Turkey 

Turkey illegally occupied Northern Cyprus since 1974. Under President Erdoğan, this will almost certainly not change. Erdoğan’s forces continue to occupy parts of Syria and Iraq. The Turkish jihadist proxy militia FSA is guilty of numerous atrocities against civilians in Syria. In the most populous regions of Syria, the FSA is an even bigger throat-cutting and car-bombing menace than ISIS or al-Qaeda.

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5. The UK

British Prime Minister Tony Blair made NATO’s illegal invasion of Yugoslavia something of a personal crusade, where for Bill Clinton it was to a great extent, merely an opportunity to get Monica Lewinsky out of the headlines. Blair was the only major leader apart from George W Bush to make passionate pleas for Iraq’s invasion. Since then, Britain has followed the USA into every major illegal conflict in the Arab world and beyond.

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6. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) 

The KSA is the world’s leading sponsor of Wahhabist terrorism. A long time sponsor of al-Qaeda, now the KSA supports ISIS covertly too. The KSA’s aims for the Arab world are nefarious to, say the least. With oil prices plummeting, the KSA turned to imperialism, fought not with a regular army, but conducted by infusing money into extremist causes including and especially, violent terrorism.

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7. Qatar 

Qatar is guilty of many of the same crimes as its larger neighbour, the KSA. In particular, part of Qatar’s motivation for funding jihadist killers in Syria is a desire to build a gas pipeline from Qatar to Turkey. In order to do this, the pipeline would need to go through Syria. Qatar’s war is there for gas war in the guise of blood-soaked jihad.

8. France 

The most profound trail of blood left by France in the Arab world was in Algeria, where the French murdered and tortured Algerian freedom fighters between 1954 and 1962. France’s footprint on its former mandate/colony Syria is also widely hated by all Syrians. Under Nicholas Sarkozy, France led the public charge for war on Libya and under President Hollande, France committed war crimes in Syria, its former colony. The audacity is incredibly insulting to Syria. France’s intervention in Mali in 2013-14 also received wide criticism as a duplicitous post-colonial exercise.

9. Germany 

As the de-facto leader of the EU, Germany was essential in helping to foment the illegal fascist coup in the Ukraine. In 2014, along with Poland and France, Germany authored an agreement that was supposed to ease tensions in Kiev. In reality, the agreement bought time for the extremists who finalised their coup against the legitimate Ukrainian President, V F Yanukovich, on the following day. Germany also illegally bombed Syria as part of the US coalition in the region. One could legitimately describe Germany’s actions towards Greece and Cyprus in particular as economic warfare.

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10. Albania 

Although one of NATO’s smallest and poorest members, Albania is a swamp, from which a constant threat of war in the Balkans looms. Since the late 1990s, Albania transformed itself into a hotbed of regional imperialism as well as radical political Sunni Islam. Albanian leaders seek to create a so-called Greater Albania by annexing parts of Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, and even Greece. Recently, the Albanian Prime Minister threatened to annex part of Serbia if the EU didn’t fulfil Albanian demands. Likewise, the infamous Tirana Platform is essentially a blueprint for an Albanian-led breakup of the Republic of Macedonia. In spite of its name, the original draft of the Tirana Platform was drafted in English, written in the West, and then passed to Albanian authorities in Tirana, who themselves then passed it onto extremist Albanian insurgents in the Republic of Macedonia (they can’t read a word of English). Nevertheless, they’re already slowly executing the plan.

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Each of these states threatens the world far more than the DPRK ever has or likely ever could. However, these countries all share something that the DPRK doesn’t. They either are all NATO members or otherwise, very close US allies.

30 April 2017

Adam Garrie

The Duran



Friday, 27 September 2013

Dačić Visits Serbian Army Memorials in Greece

00 Serbian patriots on Vido. Greece. Serbian war memorial. 27.09.13


Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dačić visited the Greek islands of Corfu and Vido and laid a wreath at a mausoleum on Vido dedicated to the World War I soldiers of the Serbian Army. The mayor and citizens of Corfu and delegations from the Church of Greece, military, and police attended the commemoration of the day in World War I when the Serbian Army landed from Allied transport ships on the Greek islands after retreating through Albania. Dačić said in his address, “This is where Serbia was dying, and it’s where Serbia should be remembering (its history). Here, Serbia should live, live for those who gave their lives for it”. Recalling the events of the retreat, Dačić said that the undefeated Serbian army and some of the civilian refugees found refuge in a well-disposed Greece, which opened its heart and embraced the heroes of the new century. He pointed up the historical fact that only one in five of the 750,000 Serbian soldiers who went to war managed to reach Corfu, and that victory cost Serbia more than a million deaths and the loss of half of its male population. A large portion of the Serbian soldiers who reached the Greek islands died from exhaustion, food shortage, and various diseases and most were buried at sea near Vido, at the mouth of the port of Corfu. Dačić said, “An entire Serbia was buried nameless in this blue grave. It was a war in which Serbia became famous, a time when (Mustafa Kemal) Atatürk and (Eleftherios Kyriakou) Venizelos compared it to the Spartans, when German Emperor Wilhelm said that he’d like to have Serbia as an ally, and the French parliament resounded with the words ‘Long live Serbia’. The Albanian Golgotha and the stay of the Serbs on Corfu and Vido from 1916 until 1918 are woven into the collective conscience of our people as a period of ancient tragedy, unselfish heroism, and true humanity”.

27 September 2013



Sunday, 16 December 2012

Church and Ethnic Greeks Reject Results of Albanian Census


Greek minority to the Albanian government… GET ROOTED!


The Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Albania stated that the official census figures from 2011 in Albania are unacceptable and unrealistic. The Democratic Union of the Greek Minority (Omonoia) asked the Albanian government and the international community not to accept the published results. Omonoia believes that the results were falsified to the detriment of ethnic Greeks and other Orthodox minorities such as Macedonians and Montenegrins. The Church announced that it’d release an official statement signed by Archbishop Anastasios Yannoulatos of Tirana and all Albania. Omonoia has announced that it’d carry out a parallel census in order to prove that the released results aren’t genuine.

According to the official census, Albania has a population of 2.8 million. It claimed that there are 24,360 Greeks (0.54 percent of the population), whilst Greek is a mother tongue of only 0.15 percent of the citizens. Media and certain officials claim that there are 300,000 Greeks in Albania. The information that there are 8,000 Roma and Cincars in Albania is under question as well. The census claims that 98.7 percent of the population speaks Albanian as their mother tongue. Greek media sources believe that the Albanian census isn’t truthful. Albanian political parties welcomed the results of the census, claiming that they “unmasked the pretensions and chauvinistic manners of Athens and its servants”.

16 December 2012



Editor’s Note:

Albania has the most kleptocratic junta in Europe, let alone the Balkans. Yet, the USA supports it to the max, and the Americans use it to undermine the position of Serbia in the region. This is a case where Orthodox Christians MUST oppose the American government and media punditocracy… our confrères in the Orthosphere are under American attack (mostly political, but its boiled over into military action at times).

The Albanian census is a joke. Friends tell me that the Albanians only counted the Greek-born as “Greeks”, whilst it counted Albanian-born ethnic Greeks as “Albanian”. In short, its typical Balkan legerdemain, but Albania’s going to get away with it, as it’s the most-dependable American ally in the area. The Americans don’t care that the Albanian government’s thoroughly-corrupt and that most Albanians live in crushing poverty… Albania supports their designs on the Balkans, and that’s that.

By the way, the Church of Albania has 909 parishes… that means that if the Albanian government’s figures were correct, each parish would have less than 30 members! That’s certainly true of many OCA konvertsy conventicles, but it’s not true elsewhere in the Orthosphere (and Albania’s no exception). I think that the estimate of 300,000 Greeks/Orthodox (the two groups overlap, by and large) is the best figure that we’ll have (it gives 335 believers/parish, a credible number).



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