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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

MP Prepared to Send Monks as Envoys to Kosovo

Destroyed Orthodox church in Kosovo… the USA turns its back and ignores it all. Thank you, Neocon Republicans! When you vote, remember that the GOP recognised the illegitimate Kosovo robber-state… and that they’ll return to that policy in full vigour, if elected in November. Reflect on the fact that Paffhausen and Potapov support the enemies of the Kosovo Serbs, and aren’t ashamed of it in the least. Shameful… utterly shameful… 


Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev, the head of the MP Department of External Church Relations, said that the MP’s ready to send monks as envoys to help Christians in Kosovo. Vladyki Hilarion is part of a large MP delegation headed by Patriarch Kirill Gundayev of Moscow and all the Russias, which has been in Bulgaria since Friday. In an interview for the Bulgarian National Radio on Sunday, Metropolitan Hilarion said, “We support this idea, and as we’ve said before, we’re ready to send monks to Kosovo. If we do that, we’re obliged to act in the interests of the Serbian Orthodox Church. The situation in Kosovo’s quite complicated, as some of the monasteries are in majority-ethnic-Albanian territory, which is hostile not only to Serbia and to Serbs, but also to their religion”. Vladyki Hilarion emphasised that monasteries in Kosovo have problems relating to security, preserving monastic life, and preserving Serbian cultural heritage. Ergo, the MP will cooperate with the SPC to help them through such a complicated situation.

29 April 2012


Sofia News Agency


Monday, 26 March 2012

26 March 2012. Serbia in 1915 and 2012… There’s NO Difference… The West STILL Wants to Dismember Serbia… WHY?


In 1915, Germany, Austro-Hungary, and Bulgaria dismembered Serbia, with the aid of Kosovo Albanian turncoats. In 2012, the USA and its EU lickspittles (led by Germany) wish to dismember Serbia, with the aid of Kosovo Albanian turncoats (whilst the UN bootlessly whines… but gets its “piece of the action”, too). Sounds eerily familiar, doesn’t it? The West has always used the Albanians as its bully-boys in the Balkans (to keep things riled so that the Orthosphere Balkan states remain weak). The English and Germans did so after the Congress of Berlin in 1878, the Central Powers did so in 1915, the Axis Powers did so in 1941, NATO did so in the ’90s, and the USA uses them as such today.

That’s why the recent visit of the Albanian Kosovar “president” to Boston and its fulsome publication on oca.org was so noisome and obnoxious. Of course, Lil’ Mizz Ginny’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but any Orthodox Christian knows that such publicity would complicate matters with our Serb co-religionists, to say the least. Most American Serbs were livid, and rightly so. So am I… it means that JP supports the American-supported occupation of Kosovo and Metohija and its illegal and immoral UDI. That’s shameful in the extreme. We should follow His Holiness and the Mother Church, and support our Serb brothers and sisters. The leadership and leading lights of the so-called OCA Albanians thrust a knife into the back of all Orthodox Christians. That’s not a good thing, is it? Remember this… although this was done with JP’s full leering approval, don’t condemn all OCA Albanians for this… they had nothing to do with the planning and execution of this abomination, I’m sure. However, do note that JP grins his approval of the American/NATO boot stamping on the faces of the Kosovo Serbs. That’s what this meant, kids…

The more things change, the more they stay the same… sadly enough, nicht wahr? However, Russia (and all of us in the Russian diaspora throughout the world, along with all REAL Orthodox Christians) stands tall for everybody in the Orthosphere… especially plucky little Serbia. We’ve got your back, guys…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 26 March 2012

Albany NY

Here’s Some Vox Pop Department:

A friend of mine commented:

Here’s the proof that the OCA’s riddled with phyletism… they put American nationalism above Orthodox solidarity.

All that I can say is, “Amen, amen, amen”.


Thursday, 16 February 2012

Kosovo Serbs Reject Rule by Priština


Serbian voters in northern Kosovo rejected ethnic Albanian rule in a referendum. Ljubomir Radović, a spokesman of the referendum commission, said, “Out of those who voted, 99.74 percent answered ‘No’ to the question” if they would accept rule from Priština. Radovic said  that In all four Serb-dominated municipalities in northern Kosovo, where 75 percent of voters cast ballots out of the 35,500 eligible to vote, only “69 votes were marked ‘yes’”. However, Belgrade and Priština, as well as the international community, dismissed the two-day referendum, saying that it lacks legal force. Neither Serbia nor local Serbs recognise Kosovo’s 2008 UDI.

16 February 2012

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

The American Enterprise Institute and the rest of the rightwing scream about “democracy“… well, the Serbs in Northern Kosovo want to be part of Serbia. The USA won’t allow it because it would discomfit its Islamist allies in Priština. That is, the USA believes in forcing people to live under Islamist rule who don’t want to be part of it. It puts the American caterwauling about Syria in a new light, doesn’t it?


Friday, 10 February 2012

Vuk Jeremić: Kosovo’s Reality… A Ghetto Behind Barbed Wire


On 8 January 2012, at the UN in New York, Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs Vuk Jeremić spoke out against the attempts of some members of the UN Security Council and of the so-called “Foreign Minister” of Kosovo to present a rosy picture of the situation in Kosovo. Jeremić made it clear that ghettos and barbed wire are what one actually sees today in Kosovo, the level of security for Serbs in Kosovo is worse than for any other people in any other European state. He said, “I invite the Security Council to come to Serbia and Kosovo, and see the situation. We must see things for what they are. Serbia’s ready to talk, we’ll avoid any kind of provocation, we won’t engage in any deception”. To confirm his words, Jeremić referred to reports of a number of international organisations, including the European Commission, which stated recently that there’s a flourishing culture of corruption, discrimination against non-Albanians, and political pressure on the judicial system, amongst other things, in Kosovo.

9 February 2012



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