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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Moscow Condemned Murder of Serbian Politician in Kosovo



I’d bet that the Americans had a hand in this. They’re “making America great again”… please, do spare me…


On Tuesday, the MID RF said:

We resolutely condemn this cowardly act. Attempts to settle political scores using such methods are fraught with exacerbation of atmosphere of terror and recurrence of the interethnic conflict in the region. We call on all international missions in Kosovo to use their mandates to take exhaustive measures to prevent possible incidents in the region. We hope that corresponding structures will conduct a thorough investigation of what happened to expose those responsible and duly punish them.

On Tuesday, Oliver Ivanović, 64, the leader of the Kosovo Serb party Freedom, Democracy, and Justice, was shot dead as he entered his party’s headquarters in Kosovska Mitrovica. A fellow party member said no one heard any sounds of shooting and a neighbour who was returning from shopping found the wounded politician. Police later found a burnt car without an identification number, which the killers allegedly used. Ivanović was taken to hospital with five gunshot wounds to his chest. Doctors tried to save his life but to no avail.

Earlier, Ivanović served as the State Secretary of the Ministry for Kosovo and Metohija in the Serb government. In January 2016, he was sentenced to nine years in jail for alleged war crimes against Albanians in 1999. In February 2017, the first-instance court’s verdict was overturned and a new trial began. Ivanović was under house arrest and in April 2017, he was allowed to defend himself in court at liberty.

16 January 2018



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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Council of Europe Report Includes Data on Destruction of Heritage in Kosovo

destruction in Kosovo


In Strasbourg, Marija Obradović, member of National Assembly delegation and of the Culture Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (CoE) (PACE), said that Serbia couldn’t allow the adoption of a CoE resolution that doesn’t include data on a decade that saw more than 150 Serbian Orthodox churches destroyed in Kosovo. She noted, according to a release from the Serbian National Assembly, “We insisted that the draft report include facts about the destruction of Serbian cultural heritage, especially of those buildings not damaged in the pogrom in Kosovo from March 2004. I informed the members of the committee that 34 Orthodox churches and other cultural and religious buildings were damaged in that event alone”. Obradović remarked that Serbia’s opinion was received well by the other members of the committee, and by the rapporteur, especially considering that more than a few of those buildings had UNESCO protection, and that many were constructed in the Middle Ages, concluding, “The adoption of a resolution on this is expected early next year, and we’ll monitor closely its creation until then”. On Friday, the Committee on Culture, Science, Education, and Media of the PACE discussed a preliminary report on cultural heritage in crisis and post-conflict situations, included in the fourth part of the plenary session.

3 October 2014



Sunday, 16 December 2012

Church and Ethnic Greeks Reject Results of Albanian Census


Greek minority to the Albanian government… GET ROOTED!


The Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Albania stated that the official census figures from 2011 in Albania are unacceptable and unrealistic. The Democratic Union of the Greek Minority (Omonoia) asked the Albanian government and the international community not to accept the published results. Omonoia believes that the results were falsified to the detriment of ethnic Greeks and other Orthodox minorities such as Macedonians and Montenegrins. The Church announced that it’d release an official statement signed by Archbishop Anastasios Yannoulatos of Tirana and all Albania. Omonoia has announced that it’d carry out a parallel census in order to prove that the released results aren’t genuine.

According to the official census, Albania has a population of 2.8 million. It claimed that there are 24,360 Greeks (0.54 percent of the population), whilst Greek is a mother tongue of only 0.15 percent of the citizens. Media and certain officials claim that there are 300,000 Greeks in Albania. The information that there are 8,000 Roma and Cincars in Albania is under question as well. The census claims that 98.7 percent of the population speaks Albanian as their mother tongue. Greek media sources believe that the Albanian census isn’t truthful. Albanian political parties welcomed the results of the census, claiming that they “unmasked the pretensions and chauvinistic manners of Athens and its servants”.

16 December 2012



Editor’s Note:

Albania has the most kleptocratic junta in Europe, let alone the Balkans. Yet, the USA supports it to the max, and the Americans use it to undermine the position of Serbia in the region. This is a case where Orthodox Christians MUST oppose the American government and media punditocracy… our confrères in the Orthosphere are under American attack (mostly political, but its boiled over into military action at times).

The Albanian census is a joke. Friends tell me that the Albanians only counted the Greek-born as “Greeks”, whilst it counted Albanian-born ethnic Greeks as “Albanian”. In short, its typical Balkan legerdemain, but Albania’s going to get away with it, as it’s the most-dependable American ally in the area. The Americans don’t care that the Albanian government’s thoroughly-corrupt and that most Albanians live in crushing poverty… Albania supports their designs on the Balkans, and that’s that.

By the way, the Church of Albania has 909 parishes… that means that if the Albanian government’s figures were correct, each parish would have less than 30 members! That’s certainly true of many OCA konvertsy conventicles, but it’s not true elsewhere in the Orthosphere (and Albania’s no exception). I think that the estimate of 300,000 Greeks/Orthodox (the two groups overlap, by and large) is the best figure that we’ll have (it gives 335 believers/parish, a credible number).



Tuesday, 1 May 2012

MP Prepared to Send Monks as Envoys to Kosovo

Destroyed Orthodox church in Kosovo… the USA turns its back and ignores it all. Thank you, Neocon Republicans! When you vote, remember that the GOP recognised the illegitimate Kosovo robber-state… and that they’ll return to that policy in full vigour, if elected in November. Reflect on the fact that Paffhausen and Potapov support the enemies of the Kosovo Serbs, and aren’t ashamed of it in the least. Shameful… utterly shameful… 


Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev, the head of the MP Department of External Church Relations, said that the MP’s ready to send monks as envoys to help Christians in Kosovo. Vladyki Hilarion is part of a large MP delegation headed by Patriarch Kirill Gundayev of Moscow and all the Russias, which has been in Bulgaria since Friday. In an interview for the Bulgarian National Radio on Sunday, Metropolitan Hilarion said, “We support this idea, and as we’ve said before, we’re ready to send monks to Kosovo. If we do that, we’re obliged to act in the interests of the Serbian Orthodox Church. The situation in Kosovo’s quite complicated, as some of the monasteries are in majority-ethnic-Albanian territory, which is hostile not only to Serbia and to Serbs, but also to their religion”. Vladyki Hilarion emphasised that monasteries in Kosovo have problems relating to security, preserving monastic life, and preserving Serbian cultural heritage. Ergo, the MP will cooperate with the SPC to help them through such a complicated situation.

29 April 2012


Sofia News Agency


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